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Calling Trump a 'Clear Threat to Our Democracy,' Civil Rights Group Sues Admin. Over Voter Intimidation

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2020/10/21/calling-trump-clear-threat-our-democracy-civil-rights-group-sues-admin-over-voter


Goon squads at the polls. What’s next? And folks wonder why I say voting is pointless. 2016 was my last election. As if the Green’s ever have a chance in hell.

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Hi Olhippy:
sigh—but no one wi have a “chance in hell,” if Trump is relected. : (
BUT, I am happy that Trump is being sued over his miserable actions to save his own skin.




Voting rights groups warn that mixed messages around a witness requirement and a new bar on ballot curing could lead to disenfranchisement.


We need to prepare for the worst and to rumble.


Democracy - A government in which the supreme power is
vested in the people and exercised by them in direct or indirectly
through a system of representation usually involving periodically
held free elections.

And I add to definition: for candidates chosen by plutocrats, oligarchs
and hedge fund managers.

Trump is no threat to this f***ed up system. But he is a threat
to mankind and must be removed from office.


I plan to take an umbrella, lawn chair, a can of bear spray and Sebastian Haffner’s book “Defying Hitler” with me when I get in line to vote November 3rd.


There are over 3,300 american counties. This is where election discipline needs to be held. Not this nothing burger law suit.

If a local election official is voiding incoming mailed ballots without cause - jail the person immediately. The judge can determine that the action is a felony and place a high bond that keeps the culprit in orange jump suit for a few weeks behind bars. This applies for both party members and officials.



Without actual consequences, why would a bully ever behave?


Grateful for the lawsuit. We MUST keep speaking out and doing what we can to turn this current (Trump and allies) catastrophe around.


Now folks are receiving threatening e-mails allegedly from the Trumpsters, saying, “We know who you are and where you live. If you refuse to vote for Trump, we’re coming for you.” Servers appear to be foreign. Proud Boys claim it’s not from them, yet the earmarks are there. FBI is working with local police.
Lock and load, folks, lock and load. If you get one of these, be sure to contact security in your Internet Provider and do a reverse email to see all the details. Also immediately call your local FBI office(in southeast Michigan it would be Detroit) and your local police. We need to nail these people hard.
And Trump needs to call them out, publically vilifying them. And not with weasel words and saying there’s bad stuff coming from the left.


A companion piece to that book would be They Rule: The I % vs. Democracy by Paul Street.

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With all the curtailing of votes going through the courts and voting decisions being made by courts including,already, the Supreme Court, this close to a presidential election, does it make any kind of real sense that a single one of the Supreme Court justices would have any legal standing in the vote count after the election? I mean, shouldn’t they ALL recuse themselves since the issues have already been settled? And at such a rapid pace in what is otherwise a very slow moving system typically? (Congressional subpoena power?)

You know, I’m shit out of luck if things come to arms. No gun.

Could take a baseball bat and wear a bowler hat to the polling place to offset the possible right-wing intimidators.

Strong arming voters in the good ole U.S.of A.
We haven’t fallen that far, yet.

I’ll stake out the church where I vote and if it seems safe, I’ll venture in and vote. Lol.

The FBI is claiming) the emails are from Iran and Russia … I see a real horror show after Nov 3.

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You don’t have early voting in your state? The lines might be a bit shorter.

On Reverse Emailing:



once again common citizens step up to the task that the Democrats have refused to do–since they went to sleep after passing the VRA and have been MIA in protecting our voting rights ever since–to the point I have come to believe that they are no more interested in everyone voting than the Republicans–why?? because the people might elect a socialist or some damn thing


The racists that run this shithole of a state won’t allow it.