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Calling Trump an "Embarrassment," Sanders Says Organized Labor Key to Nation's Future


Calling Trump an "Embarrassment," Sanders Says Organized Labor Key to Nation's Future

Common Dreams staff

As part of a multi-stop tour through midwest states this week, Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-Vt.) addressed organized workers in Indianapolis, Indiana on Monday and told them that even as President Donald Trump is an "embarrassment" for equivocating on white supremacy and racism, it will take a re-energized labor movement to take the nation back from the billionaire class and powerful corporate interests that now grip the nation's Republican-controlled government.


In addition to reviving the labor movement, progressives need to abandon the utterly corrupt and irredeemable Democratic Party. All the Democrat leadership can give us is the dangerous and disingenuous Russia-gate baloney. They are against universal health care. They are against progressive tax reform. They are for an “all of the above” energy policy and will not pursue a strong climate policy. The Dems are for neoliberal trade agreements like TPP, TTIP, TiSA and a NAFTA that will continue to screw the working classes. They are for war, drones, and confronting the Russians on their borders. They are loyal only to their corporate contributors. They could give a crap about ordinary folks. Their record is quite clear.

Bernie should leave the Democrats, start a new party and recruit candidates against both Democrats and Republicans wherever there are no genuinely progressive candidates running. To start, progressive candidates refuse to take corporate contributions,as well as corporate PAC and super-PAC money. Progressives seek and accept individual contributions. I don’t see that happening among any Dems running in my area.

The Democratic Party as currently led is as much a part of the problem as Trump and the repubs. If Bernie leaves the Democrats, millions of youthful voters will follow as will many of we older folks who worked with the Dems for years and now are totally fed up and will not vote for a non-progressive Dem regardless of who their opponent happens to be.


The promise that the awakening of the people here in the US is not “american” for the history of the USA, “America”, was founded on white supremacy and capitalism thereby engendering the genocide of the indigenes and enslavement of the African to create the enormous ill begotten wealth of this nation. No, this will not due. This cannot be tolerated.

All monuments and symbols of this history need to be removed as a first step starting on Wall Street with the removal of the bull sculpture celebrating all this history of plunder and murder. Next, a collective demand that all people, with a special place for the original victims–Native Americans and African Americans-- at a common table to discuss and implement the establishment of a new nation with new symbols of true equality.


But to evaluate your argument, we don’t know who is a disgruntled ex-Democrat or who is a shill for Koch here to divide and conquer.


Dream on.


“Bernie should leave the Democrats, start a new party and recruit candidates against both Democrats and Republicans wherever there are no genuinely progressive candidates running.”

… recruit candidates against both Ds and Rs - period … The new cache under OR is to recruit folks to run as Ds under a “progressive” banner - but as long as they hitch their political fortunes to the DP, they will be, and will discover, that they have signed a dance card with the devil - they can boogie a bit, but step on his toes and there is hell today - Sanders himself knows that, he has said he “knew the rules”


Sorry, Bernie - can’t deal with the problem piecemeal …


This is silly. Even if Kenecon was “a shill for Koch” (which based on past posts I’m certain he is not), the argument can be evaluated on its own merits. And I agree with him.


Though I’m thrilled to hear the word “union” finally come out of a politicians lips after a 4 decade hiatus, I still couldn’t help but chuckle at the first picture I saw. A muslim woman, an hispanic man and a black woman standing behind Bernie while an old white guy is holding an umbrella over him while he speaks. Brietbart and Faux Noise will rejoice in the optics. NOTE: Would the AFL-CIO please throw the IUPA, the police union, out. The police are cops first, workers second, and will always side with the corporations and state against their brothers sisters and will always be standing on the wrong side of the picket line. It was IUPA members who shot rubber bullets at and sprayed freezing water on the Water Protectors at Standing Rock. Notice at the recent demonstrations, the cops have their backs to the Nazi gun toters and are facing the antifascist protesters instead. Tells you who they consider the threat.


I agree with you Ken about the Democrat Party.

For over 30 years I blindly supported them until 2003 when many in Congress gave W his little war.

Never again.

I also agree that Bernie must not run again as a Democrat. The Democratic Party Establishment is not to be trusted.

There is a progressive party out there whose not bought by the Corporations. Their slogan is like their mission statement : People, Planet, and Peace over Profit. This party even offered Bernie the top of the ticket last year and he dissed them. “Yuge” mistake.

Bernie was my guy last election, until he gave up and made a deal with the Devil (Democrats).

I’ll never be able to trust him again if he sides with the Duopoly party.

The Duopolys Empire is eating our country alive, draining our treasuries and murdering innocent people all over the globe.

Supporting the Duopoly is a total rejection of World Peace.

There’s no money in Peace for them.


Natureboy, I’m a 30+ year ex-Democrat, disgruntled, sure, pissed off, absolutely.

After what they did to the surging Bernie last year, so that they could push the weaker, corporate candidate, damn right I’m disgruntled.

Am I here to divide you all? Hell no. Go ahead and keep voting for the same party expecting a different outcome. After all, that’s the definition of insanity.

Now, let’s check your credentials.

Are you a shill for the Death and Destruction Duopoly? Recruiting new folks for Empire maintenance?

Lots of Bombs and Bullets to be made and used in the name of Democracy.

The Devil’s work is never done.


Bernie’s calculus is simple. You will get farther with the democratic party than without it. While his logic is reasonable, so is the counter argument of starting a new progressive party. Personally, I don’t want to get caught up in this debate. Bernie has to been true to his beliefs and politics for 40 years and I trust his judgment and his heart. But I make no bones about it, I have no loyalty to the democratic party without Bernie. Tread carefully corporate democrats, there are millions just like me.


Ask former Salt Lake City mayor Rocky Anderson how difficult it is to start a new progressive party. How long did the Justice Party last? Bernie fits in almost perfectly with the Democrats on foreign policy. That is a key reason why I think he will stay with the Democrats.


That’s a blatant lie. The current DoD budget is north of $660 Billion. Sen. Sanders called for cuts of $100 Billion. That’s about a $468 Billion. Do the math, please.
It’s people like you who like mayhem and murder for money, that’ll get us all killed.


The goal of the Third Way Democratic Party was to undermine organized labor.

In this, Clinton and Obama were successful. This is one of the main reasons Trump is the president today.


The trade deals were enacted at least in part to undermine organized labor. Clinton and Obama are directly responsible.


Wall Street has an actual golden calf as a symbol. You cannot make this shit up, as someone said.


There are two very large differences. One Bernie has a huge following and is by far the most popular politician in the US. He polls +50 in every demographic whereas the rest is seen as same old same old. Two, everyone including the paid shills sees right through the corporate sellout wing of the democratic party. No vision, no ethics but plenty of corruption and moral rot. The democratic party is simply dead without Bernie. He is the substance this party so desperately needs and God help us if the corporate democrats trot out identity politics again (which they will because they are that stupid and disconnected). Steve Bannon was right about identity politics being a gold mine for Republicans.


You’re right about the difficulty of starting a new party.

That’s why Bernie should ally with the Greens and put some energy into revitalizing them.

Many progressives will happily abandon the Dems and jump on that bandwagon.


Well actually, the current DOD budget is larger than 660 billion as there are parts of the budget which are blackout from public view. The general consensus is that when you add DOE (which produces our nuclear weapons), DOD, veteran affairs, the national security apparatus (17 security agencies) we get something between 1.5 and 2 trillion dollars. It is an complex that is eating up America’s wealth and future talent. This will not end well.