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Calling Trump Claim 'Delusional,' Iran Says US May Have Shot Down Its Own Drone by Mistake

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2019/07/19/calling-trump-claim-delusional-iran-says-us-may-have-shot-down-its-own-drone-mistake

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Just like the wmds in Iraq were a mistake, or the Nayirah story, or the USS Maine, or the gulf of Tonkin, or the chemical attacks in Syria and so on and so forth…


I believe Iran is half right. The U.S. likely did shoot its own drone down but it wasn’t a mistake. They are doing everything in their power to justify a war with Iran. False flags galore.


You didn’t “Remember the Maine!”


On the other hand, why bother actually shooting down your own drone, just make the claim. After all, why lose the money. They are expensive. Several Trump golf games worth.

Heck, for that matter, why bother with the whole build up thing. Just make up a war and claim we beat Iran in like 24 hours. Then we can say we are so graceful in triumph that we decided not to occupy Iran. That would take care of follow up questions, assuming there is ever a press conference or inquiry again. Trump could have a really, really, really big military parade in DC just to celebrate the grand 24-hour victory over Iran. Maybe even a special table in the White House with toy terrain and toy tanks so he could “explain” all to his kid, you know, by getting up on the table, pushing the toy tanks around and going “VRRRROOOOM, BOOOOOM, GRRRR.” After that, he could go golfing, having put off his game for 24 hours for patriotic reasons.

If Iran tries to tell the truth it would just be fake claims. After all, who would believe liars?


Yosemite Sam blows off his own foot–blames Bugs.
That’s All Folks!


Yeah, my first thought as well…

Let’s not forget the Lavon Affair nor the USS Liberty nor that fact Israel’s close ally, Saudi Arabia did 9-11.
One of the Viet Tonkin attacks was true, one was fabricated. I know a man who was serving in the Navy at Tonkin in 1964, plus Robert McNamarra admitted this later in his life.


Yes, “delusional” is the right word (among many others) to describe the demonstrated pathology of the orange cretin.

A pathological liar at the head (ostensibly) of an equally pathological regime in every word and deed. I cannot point to one single decent thing the ugly jobby has done during his entire malignant tenure!.

The overt lies by this clown ((over 10,000 and counting!) - filmed and proven lies! - that he then denies, show a deranged personality disorder that in any sane world or state would lead to immediate removal. Of course that requires people in power that themselves are not also deranged liars and corrupt tools!

The clear lie regarding trump’s Greenville “youth rally” racist “send her back” chant, encouraged and fomented by der trumpenfuhrer, as well as a rally in Green Bay, saying “Democrats support giving mothers the right to execute their newborn children, a claim that has no basis in reality”, clearly.illustrate the extent of his delusions and pattern of pathological lies - his mental health (perhaps spirochete disease caused deterioration?) - he may not be able to differentiate between hate-filled vindictive lies/delusions and reality or truth, and that alone should be more than enough reason for his impeachment and immediate removal!

Alas, we are living in a time of the Big-Lie as the political norm, driven by big-money, supported by craven collusion and cowardice, and big-threats for all others!


Interesting contrast on the news this morning,

WGN (Chicago) reported Iran’s claim that they did not have any drones in the area and that all of their equipment was accounted for

NBC (Today Show) reported the drone shot down story and never mentioned Iran’s side of the story

I tried CNN but they never got to this story during the time I could stomach watching them

Point, WGN I guess.


Totally awesome WiseeOwl, you just gave me the first friday smile!! Thanks.

The most unsurprising aspect of this incident: Someone noting that Trump is delusional.

The saddest aspect: A clearly delusional, bigoted serial-liar is “leader of the free world.”


Hossein Naghavi Hosseini sez:
“Trump’s claim is not endorsed by anyone, because it is not true.”

Well, that seems a right slanderous claim about a guy with an unbroken track record of credibility.


Trump is walking a strange tightrope, perhaps in his own tiny mind. His martial announcements always sound strangely detached and monotone – as if he’s getting an unpleasant recitation out of the way. Or maybe when he tries to sound serious, he only sounds half-asleep. He’s a coward, angling for UK to get something started, since he can’t quite give the go-ahead to bomb Iran. Not just yet. I don’t have this puzzling scene figured out, not by a long shot.

And we must never forget another mistake from that Farce for Good when the USS Vincennes shot down Iran Air Flight 655 over the Strait of Hormuz in 1988 murdering all 290 people aboard.


…and openly supported by one Party, and given cover by the “other” Party

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Ha! that’s rich! I think it’s more like Th-th-th-that’s all Folks. Then of course the tune, ♪Merrily we roll along through the years.♪

What’s the score now? Sounds like a football match.

Humor, the best medicine!

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Looks like a false flag to me, not a mistake. The fascists will have their war with Iran sooner or later…no doubt about it in my mind. And will continue to provoke Iran until they get what the war mongers want. And the sad thing is if they attack Iran, they could murder thousands of innocent people and Trump and his fellow Fourth Reich… fascists will never be held accountable for their war crimes just like Bush the dimmer lied about WMD’s in Iraq and should have been sent to prison and too many more Amerikan, Fascists to list here!

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