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Calling Trump Ouster Step One, Sanders Says: 'We Cannot and Must Not Go Back to Business as Usual'

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2020/11/03/calling-trump-ouster-step-one-sanders-says-we-cannot-and-must-not-go-back-business


Progress, it does a Planet and Her Inhabitants good.

Bernie Rocks!


First things first, let’s see us through this battle and bring calm to the troubled waters that is the USA today. Trump has been a powerful catalyst for hatred and deep bewilderment in our nation’s history. Denying science and opening nation’s preserved lands to oil and gas extraction in the age of global warming. All just to create an appearance of inventing new jobs and economic prosperity at the expense of our shared ecosystem destruction. Ocean temperatures are at unprecedented levels killing ocean life, snow levels are higher and higher every year, massive ground water and air pollution killing off all life forms. Storms and hurricanes are abnormally powerful, rain falls in some areas flooding cities and towns like never before yet other area of the planet are experiencing prolonged droughts. I agree we are way passed due for a course correction in stopping our plastic waste and curtailing human population and human activity planet wide.


Good luck to all my fellow posters and staff of CD. I won’t be staying up to follow the election, but hope i am met with a positive (if not complete) result in the morning here in Spain.


"We cannot go back to business as usual "

“Insanity is repeating the same mistake and expecting different results.” - NA


May all who read my words find the courage and strength to make their mark on this most important day in our country’s history. Vote the fascists out! Peace


Health care must go far beyond what’s been proposed so far. The country and struggling families can expect huge opposition from both incumbent parties.

The cost of minimally adequate healthcare in the US per person exceeds that of housing over one’s lifetime.

Health insurance costs more than a fairly nice house in most of America. The figure I have now is from around 2006 and we all know its gone up a lot since them. Covid 19 is likely to increase it, by how much we don’t know (people doing less offsets it somewhat)

I would suspect its in the mid to high six figures.

Please be aware that Bernie left out a treaty we signed “GATS” which turns health insurance and banking into a mine field of problems for anybody who would want to improve anything at all.

Not just problems, traps, as I have already gone into.

The Obama/Biden era trade agreement, TISA is “like GATS on steroids”.


Honesty is the best policy, Bernie.

You should use the word “single payer” rather than “Medicare For All” because single payer is less ambiguous.

Simply expanding Medicare in any way that competes with health insurance
triggers changes that would actually kill it’s ability to get subsidies.

Source: the Annex on Financial Services, filed in Geneva in 1998.


Bernie will have as much leverage with the next president as he has with the current one. As Biden points out his party beat Bernie, and nothing will change.


Bernie, you are telling me that the war monger and Wall Street Stooge, with the well deserved moniker Mr. Master Card is not business as usual? Yes, that is the definition of insanity!.


I was going to post David Sirote, The Daily Poster, article Back to Brunch which is quoted in the body of the article - He/they have a free feed & a subscription - I have been happy to read it as often as I read here on Common Dreams - another great news source for us to pull from for our --ahem, letters -

Got that candle lit for our future in all this ?


Sanders should have thought of this before he gave up all leverage, surrendered and betrayed not only his supporters but the whole nation.


Biden has already stated repeatedly that it will only be business as usual from his administration.


Right on point progressives and our job “we the people” is to hold the Biden administration to real change and gives everyone a good education, opportunities and justice for all. This will entail that the rich might have to pay more than their fair share for awhile as the policies of the several decades have given them more than the millions of people who do the work for them.


Should a MIRACLE happen; the overwhelming majority of horrified posters will be SO RELIEVED (I know, I will) that everything is “back to normal,” for affluent white folks, who don’t have to ride packed subways or drive in bumper to bumper in dilapidated cars to 1099 gigs devoid of beloved ACA plans, scores-of-thousands in debt… that we’ll just smoke our 30% THC dope, drink REAL ale, with great food we’d plenty of time and money to make & enjoy it, fucking while streaming Good Lord Bird (waiting for some POOR “essential” to deliver our next several Amazon packages?) Whatever happens down-ticket, despite DS/ CCC, can you IMAGINE who the next “far worse than Trump,” or “Trump, but with a 3-digit IQ” boogie man will be? As Antifa and indentured white kids abandon BLM to the OathKeepers & 60K more soon-to-be abandoned wells are fracked, IN and around Pittsburgh and all through the Catskills & Poconos.

I’m guessing, neither party will BOTHER with any subtrafuge after, pulling the exact same blatant bullshit twice in a row?


I truly hope Biden is smart enough to embrace the progressive movement and Bernie & the other progressives… currently I will keep my fingers (and toes) crossed … I voted for Biden (becuz I felt I had to) BUT I don’t trust him –


I trust him to be just like Mitch McConnell, as the policies the two support are the same. After 50 years, I would count myself irredeemably gullible if I expected Joe to change as he drifts into senile dementia.


Might as well have clicked on to a trump site this afternoon. Probably a lot more upbeat than this one.
Bunch of negative Nellies here.

progressives have openly guaranteed their vote to biden thereby surrendering any leverage

2016-2020: eleventy billion steps back
2020-2024: two steps forward


People have been projecting their beliefs onto Sanders for years. His version of revolution is Hope and Change 2.0. If he had a revolutionary bone in his body he would have spent the last 4 years building a viable third party. There’s also his support for Israel. You can’t be a socialist and an imperialist at the same time.


I totally agree with you, even decades before Obama