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Calling Trump's Space Force a Violation of Global Consensus, China Condemns US 'Weaponization of Outer Space'

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2019/12/23/calling-trumps-space-force-violation-global-consensus-china-condemns-us

We would gladly take cuts in social security and medicaid to fund a secretive Space Force. NOT.


Trump seems unable to perceive secondary and tertiary consequences


Apologies, but this video really has me in hysterics:

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For anyone that might be wondering what Trump took up in college, the answer’s, space.


No…he just doesn’t GIVE A SHIT!

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And most of us here didn’t think the Trump administration had done any work on our countries infrastructure. This story proves us all wrong, they replaced the big pipe between the Pentagon and MIC contractors with an even bigger pipe, that money will flow like water down.
Who’s DIA think their kidding, China and Russia have surpassed the US and NATO countries with new weapon systems that NATO forces can’t stop, and did it without breaking their banks. They have no reason to weaponize space.
The US taxpayers have been robbed by our contractors since the Cold War began, not only are we spending way too much for “defense”, the systems being produced fail at a very troubling rate, and cost much more than they are worth.


Donald Trump is an excellent fit for Commander in Chief of the US Space Force. After all nobody knows more about Space then Donald Trump given nobody has as much space between his ears as that idiot.


If China is so concerned (and they should be) they should cease dealing with us, refuse to ship us products and organize a worldwide boycott and divestment until we rejoin the community of civilized nations ending our militarization of space, our selling of weapons, our military presence in other countries, destroy our nuclear arsenal and improve our human rights at home.


ONE party! One YUGE Kabuki Theater called a “Republic”!

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They only cuts things that benefit human beings.


Space force/homelessness. synonymous

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As if China isn’t building a satellite fire control network for its ICBMs and the mysterious super hypersonic carrier killing missiles.
If you want to know about the Chinese, get to know the Vietnamese and Filipinos well.

We were building a space force during the Mercury missions, the astronauts remained on active duty as military officers. We had no or very little homelessness. The difference as I see it today, 70 to 90% tax on the richest in the “Good Ol’ Days” vs. less than an effective 20% today. Plus millions upon millions of manufacturing jobs offshored or entirely automated out of existence.

Hi wingsofadove:

LOL, but you know I really like the INTERNATIONAL SPACE STATION—where science, America, Russia and others get along quite well. Hey, wait a minute, maybe Trump should be our first space president---------tweeting around the world—and well away from Earth! : )


Vulgar. But true.

Space=Void. Emptiness.

Should but won’t. Your suggestion is so romantic and attractive. Right out of the 60’s, redolent w innocence and conviction. And I wish they could. Wish they all could.

Well stardust i was going to suggest something on those lines. He could look down from outer space and with just one of his grimaces turn whole countries to stone.

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Now figure the tax necessary for the military and its support apparatus.