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Calling US Postal Service 'A Joke,' Trump Demands Four-Fold Price Hike for Customers Amid Covid-19 Pandemic

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2020/04/24/calling-us-postal-service-joke-trump-demands-four-fold-price-hike-customers-amid


Ever projecting the insecurities instilled in him during his “upbringing”, ever notice that most everything not Trump is a “joke”, “crook” or some other pejorative. The pathology is legendary. That there have been “people” tolerant of him to this day is even more frightening.


The GOP launched its war on the US Post Office during the Nixon regime by dismantling Postal Banking thereby giving birth to the predatory lending industry (payday lending) that gives Congress lots of bribes, followed by renaming it the US Postal Service (USPS) thereby kicking the Postmaster General out of the cabinet and requiring USPS to operate without taxpayers’ money. Unfortunately Congress relinquished none of its authority to mandate USPS keep money losing offices open and other travesties.

The 2006 Congressional mandate to fund pensions/medical insurance fifty years out was intended to put USPS into a death spiral. COVID provided the opportunity for the GOP to come in for the final kill.


Postal service is a public service that predates the Constitution! It is a lifeline, not a joke.
In this time of social distancing, how on earth will people get supplies they need?
Given Trump’s recent comments about disinfectants to supposedly heal the coronavirus and lack of competence in dealing with this crisis, it is the President who is a (very dangerous) joke! It is time for removal under the 25th amendment.


The 1% and their corporations are able to afford and get tax breaks using private couriers while the 99% will be stranded.

An NPR reporter today mentioned that the GOP can’t get rid of the USPS because “it is in the constitution”. The reporter failed to mention that there aren’t many parts of the constitution the GOP has not yet undermined, perverted or conflicted with.


when is somebody gonna go “postal” on this asshat? the world awaits…
there is a hero somewhere out there, right?


If only the Democrats controlled at least one chamber of Congress, they could call Trump’s bluff on this.

Oh, wait…





If only that would make a real difference…


Not mentioned:

“As U.S. Postage Rates Continue To Rise, The USPS Gives The Chinese A ‘Free Ride’” --Forbes, May 10, 2017

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Biden is not calling on a 400% increase in shipping rates. That will destroy the US Postal Service. And it will be a disaster for many poor and rural Americans.
There is a difference between Trump and Biden. America’s “greatest living intellectual” has acknowledged as much. LISTEN to NOAM CHOMSKY.He basically endorsed Biden over Trump recently Friday 4-10th on Democracy Now!


It looks like time to respond to any Republican politicians request for a donation with “The check’s in the mail.”

Then, if you decide this should be truthful, write a check for $0.01, with a note saying that it can only be cashed for a politician who isn’t worth two cents. Mail it.


The “joke” is the very stable genius who is much smarter than everyone else; a legend in his own mind, but a floating turd in actuality.
What’s also a joke, and not a very funny one is the possibility he could rule for another 4 years. Why would anyone even contemplate that? Anyone who doesn’t see the very great need to rid the nation of this malignant menace is a joke. Yeah, unca joe dementia and the DINO corporate whores are lying scum too who betray the people and republic at most every turn, are corrupt war-whores, but have some small sense of decency in some areas, but nothing to be lauded or respected or supported, but fought…
The countless threats to life, liberty and happiness, the racism and bigotry, global and national environment destruction, and the USPS, from trumpenstein & co are existential threats, potentially and actually to all life on Earth. Fighting against all the evil ugly threats and corruption from politicians and those that control them must accomplish something if its to matter - there are voices that seem to want to accomplish nothing, but I loath trump and his daily atrocities so very much I feel that would be accomplishing something tangible and continue to fight the power after he is in his political grave.


So what the SOBPOS is really saying is that he wants the postal service to kill its own self so to say, or he will just kill it on his own with his tiny little hands. He gotta GO. Myself and 629,999 other people make their living here, so he is threatening peoples’ lives and livelihood, he is threatening “Blue” states to be cut off entirely from federal funds that were generated in those states but the parasitical red states are to still get their cut from the Blue states. He is destroying every facet of the usa, and especially the states that might ever have aspired to actually become what the fake image of the usa is.



Hi WiseOwl:
HA! I bet this is the real notorious Trump plan! : )

Trump is holding out and blackmailing the Post Office to make a New stamp. In fact it would be the only stamp that the Post Office could sell. The stamp would feature a picture of TRUMP( where he would own the copyright)-----and of course, the copyright fee would be equal to the price of the stamp!
MAGA MaKe Americans GRIFTERS Again. : )


Fast forward to 2024…

Trumpie Boy switches to the Democratic Party and wins its nomination for president. The GOP reanimates the corpse of Adolph Hitler and nominates him as its candidate for president…

1EdBenti appears in Common Dreams comment threads and writes, “Vote blue no matter who!”


Here is another joke - trumps criminal and treasonous conflicts of interest that steer his mental aberrations. One of interest (no pun intended) is his debit to state-owned Bank of China to the tune of tens of millions The debt derives from a 30% share trump owns in a billion-dollar building on the Avenue of the Americas in Manhattan, which falls due in 2022, offering “astonishing leverage” to Beijing"

  • how is that tolerated by even the most extremist republicon scum? - or DINO corporate whores?



This is an EMERGENCY RELIEF FUND to offset the COLLAPSE in mail volume as a result of the CORONAVIRUS PANDEMIC. Trump’s own board of governors rejected bulk shipping rate increases and they supported the $13 billion in relief grant aid. That was shot down by trump who then signed a $10 billion loan. But now they are holding that up! THE ECONOMY HAS TANKED!! RAISING SHIPPING RATES 400% DURING A COLLAPSED ECONOMY WILL GUARANTEE THE USPS WILL FAIL. SOMEBODY HAS TO STOP THIS MONSTER.


The USPS doesn’t have to own its facilities. It simply contract our the service. The govt will retain its constitutional responsibility. But, the services’ revenue will be retained by the contractor. The only way this can be made true, though, is for the USPS rates to be no lower than those of private industry. If, however, USPS’ rates are become equal to, or only a penny or two lower than FEDEX or UPS, there’s no financial rationale for the feds to incur the expense of runny its own postal service, when they can farm it out and stop paying the postal workers’ salaries.

I agree, as far as that goes. But Biden’s not going to champion Medicare for All which is the only rational solution to the healthcare crisis. He’s unlikely to treat climate change as the imminent disaster that it is. He’s unlikely to stop the insanity of student debt (remember he championed exempting it from bankruptcy protection).

In short, he’s an empty suit and increasingly looks empty-headed as well (I guess this is the “no matter who” part of your battle cry). He’s the “I’m not Trump” candidate, reminiscent of Hillary, and unlikely to win the election in any event.

I’m still looking for the public appearance where he doesn’t speak in half sentences, incomplete thoughts and mid-thought diversions or sudden lapses of thought and speech altogether.