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'Callous Attack': Trump DOJ Drops Protections for Transgender Students


'Callous Attack': Trump DOJ Drops Protections for Transgender Students

Nadia Prupis, staff writer

President Donald Trump has dropped a pending legal challenge against an injunction that bans transgender students from using school facilities that correspond to their gender identity, ending an effort mounted by the Obama administration to protect LGBTQ youth.

The move was announced Friday, coming amid other signals that Republican-led states are seeking to dismantle recent gains for LGBTQ rights.


I don't want to downplay this issue, but shouldn't you be paying at least some attention to the potential catastrophe underway in California right now?


This issue is important! It is symptomatic of the repression we can all look forward to under the Clown. It is reprehensible, and I sure hope it drives even more people into the streets. 'For every action, there is an equal and opposite reaction,' SO BE IT!


"...hundreds of thousands of students who simply want to be their true selves...". Here's the problem, a corporation doesn't work well if people are themselves. Trump will never grasp tjis as CEO of America. His brain has never functioned that way. Allowing people to be themselves will be seen as a weakness, unlike acting out like a child with the tweets and upsetting diplomatic situations not understanding why they are allies.


And now on to the important work we are called upon to implement by our Verrückt im Kopf Führer (Sieg Heil!!), that is, the dismantling of all laws protecting anyone at all (except, of course, the uber-wealthy). Just think of how great we can become with no law at all to restrain our behavior!!! It is a jungle out there, and the law of the jungle is simple, clear, and does not confound the simple mind of Der Verrückt im Kopf Führer (Sieg Heil!!). And think of the savings! No police, no firemen or women, no more federal agencies, no nothing to protect us against the ravages of the strong. Darwin is dead wrong about the evolution of our species, but boy is he ever right about how the weak do not deserve to live. So let's prepare to rip every last dollar from this dying Earth, hasten the demise of all, and hope the next world is better than this.


May the Kopf of der Fuhrer explode with angst caused by the widespread disgust, displeasure, and denial of his leadership worldwide. He cannot handle rejection and his penchant for revenge will invade his entire being and he will implode/explode/disintegrate. And, as I have said before, not soon enough. Wonder how his cabinet anointees and their families are enjoying the people's abhorrence of them. Probably not the anointees themselves so much as they have reached the pinnacles of sociopathy bordering on psychopathy in their rise to power and are pretty much immune to naysayers.

T-dump may think he and his trash tribe are immune to the disastrous consequences of his inhumane, mean-spirited, and outright evil dictates but the reality is they, too will suffer. The tragedy is that we all will feel the sting much sooner and much deeper.

My heart goes out to transgender, LGBTQIA students...T-dump, the Biggest Bully of all, has set the tone for targeting, abusing, beating, and marginalzing these beautiful people. And he has declared an open season of terror on them all.

The loathing I feel toward this tyrant expands with every headline.


sure we're all worried, let us know how it turns out


I am a transgender woman who moved to North Carolina in 2014. I moved here to finally live out my life in peace, as the woman I finally have become...in a place where nobody knew my past. Then HB-2 had to happen. And I could not stay silent.

I gave up the precious anonymity I had in order to fight this thing...for the students of today. You see, in 1998, I was denied a college education over the stupid restroom issue. FIVE DAYS after Matt Shepard was KILLED for being gay on college campus, I was told I could only use men's restrooms on campus. They basically wanted to make ME the next Matt Shepard!

I did the one and only thing I could...I dropped out - choosing my personal safety over pursuit of higher education...and my life has been made "less than" ever since. Less than it could have been, anyway. Things have worked out fairly okay...but for every one of me for whom things work out okay...but greatly diminished...there are thousands of others for whom it does not.

The suicide rate for trans people is ten times that the national average...and it has EVERYTHING to do with the horrible treatment we are accorded by an unfeeling, uncaring society. I did not want the students of today...to have to make the same horrible choice I did back in 1998...and for that, I gave up everything I had hoped to build here. All because our legislators can't mind their own business...and feel like they gave a right to demand a peek up MY SKIRT....and they have the nerve to insinuate that I am some kind of perv?

They say that this is a choice. The only choice I made...was the choice to live as the woman I always WAS....or die by my own hand as the man everyone THOUGHT I was. And I chose to LIVE. That was the only choice I made. I did the one and only thing that could give me internal peace, and thus any chance at happiness! For that I am hated, I am disparaged, I am discriminated against and I am treated like garbage!

It would seem that some would truly prefer me DEAD than happy...because the one and only thing that could give me any chance at happiness...makes them just a tad uncomfortable. What this tells me is that, for these people...their "comfort" is nore important to them...THAN MY LIFE!!

What does this say about them?

With no trial...I was accused and convicted by my own state legislature...along with every other transgender citizen of this state...of being a pedophile, predator or pervert. Incredible. So now...when I go to the bathroom...I am ASSUMED to be there for nefarous purposes...treated as a de-facto criminal...and assumed to be guilty till I can prove myself inocent...and that is not how America is supposed to work.


You are downplaying it. Thanks for letting me know how much my life and the lives of my transgender sisters and brothers mean to you.

Had they wrote an article about the dam...I would not have posted up stuff about how trans people are being killed and assaulted every day somewhere in the comments on that thread...and then claimed to not be trying to downplay the issue.



One of the main obstacles transgender people face is that relative to the general U.S. population they are an average percentage of only about six tenths of one percent. Nevertheless this figure represents about 1,400,000 people nationally.
One way they might be better accommodated might be to move mostly into one state, preferably with a smaller general population A least in that state they will matter. ...just an idea


Here's one: How much do we hear about the tribal people who have been here for thousands of years, and have had their rights and land trampled on for over five hundred years by white people.


I agree. Nothing more important than our planet.


HB2 Does not stop those who have transitioned from using the restroom that their genitals dictate they use. It however does prevent dangling penises from entering into the female restrooms where they don't belong.

I'm all for fighting for ones rights so I would have to ask, what about the rights of those real females that are made uncomfortable by having men in the women's restrooms?

I remember a short while ago while traveling I mistakenly venture into the female restroom quickly realizing my error I turned to leave only to be met at the door by a startled female. So I ask why should real females have to be made uncomfortable just because a small portion of our population have a very specific mental illness.

Which leads me to my next question. Why would you drop out of school. If someone is going to break the law and assault you that would be (equally probably more so) likely to happen regardless of any self imposed liberal bill. It's my experience that men are far more protective over their women then they are themselves. They will be far more likely to assault you if their women is anyway disturbed by your presence in the bathroom.

So if the one thing that will give you a sense of happiness is being legally allowed into the women's restroom you have far bigger issues then any HB2.


You are dead wrong about transgender women or men, and your nasty references to "penises hanging" shows both your ignorance and your bigoted hostility. You need to take off your hate lenses and do some basic reading about in utero phenomena, genetic and hormone-based, and sexual identity development. Those answers, btw, are not found in bibles. Then you need to attend meetings of trans people and their families, hear their stories, and do more reading about what happens to trans people in hateful, ignorant, closed-minded societies. Maybe it would help you to read about societies that honor people such as Two-Spirits. If you still then cannot summon compassion and tolerance and understanding, then I'll admit I wasted my time and efforts on a nasty person.

Have you ever heard of intersexism? The pejorative old term was hermaphroditism. There are myriad genetic causes and manifestations of that condition. And its people so afflicted usually suffer the hells of the damned. Where do you want them to conduct their necessary excretory functions? In the backyard? For god's sake, do some scientific research before shooting off your mouth.


I live a little over an hour south of the dam, but my office is in one of the areas that had to evacuate. It was a crazy situation and affected a ton of my colleagues directly. Evacuation is over now, my office is open, but people are being asked to stay on alert.

Just so you know, Department of Water Resources has dropped rip rap in areas of the emergency spillway that were being eaten away by water. The situation has "steadied" for now but is not over. They are releasing a ton of water from the broken main spillway to keep the lake level lower, but it is raining right now too. We'll have to just see what happens, hopefully nothing and we make it fine.


Interesting comments-I guess its ok to hate the most vulnerable--the Fuhrer lives-----and I'm referring more to the off subject comments-----just like the corporate media,lets ignore the subject and it will go away---