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'Callously Indifferent' BP Argued Oil Spills Would Provide 'Welcome Boost' to Coastal Economy


'Callously Indifferent' BP Argued Oil Spills Would Provide 'Welcome Boost' to Coastal Economy

Julia Conley, staff writer

When pitching a proposal to drill for oil in the Great Australian Bight of the southern coast of Australia in 2016, according to newly revealed documents, oil giant BP attempted to allay regulators' concerns by claiming that any future oil spill would actually be a 'welcome boost' to the local economy.


The sickness of modern minds zealously believing that economic gain is always the final determinant of social viability!!!
How ignorant, aggressive and brutal.
We must strive daily to take this almost omnipotent power away from these sociopathic ideologies.


Time to Boycott BP, for downright Stu-pid-ity!

The Elite class has officially, lost their minds.


Actually, its the people who vote for the elite class who “have lost their minds”…back when they elected Saint Ron for a second term in 1984, and in every subsequent election.

The elites play a a great “lost their minds” role while laughing all the way to the bank.


Of course BP thinks it’s socially acceptable…Let’s face it, it is…for the powers that be and their puppets.
Do you recall Obama’s and David Axelrod’s reaction at the time?
Obama reluctantly went to the Gulf for a photo-op and picked up a rock,
he looked like "when can I get out of here?..why do I have to do this?..(I don’t care)…
Axelrod was annoyed that the press kept asking what was going to be done about it, like why are you bothering me with this S.$#5T…
and the press was kept from taking any pictures by security hired by BP
who stood up to that? no one, .not Obama, the demoRATS, or the so-called major press…
they just took it…
Obama met with the BP officials behind closed doors, who seemed very
happy with whatever slight tap on the wrist they got…
and then Obama opened up more areas to drilling.
these are all DEAD SOULS all of them and it is absolutely acceptable that
life is destroyed in the process of exploitation for the almighty buck…they will destroy everything to get it…


I agree…
I hated Reagan from Day One., yet I have a friend who thinks Ronnie Baby was great…
I told her how he helped increase homelessness in the country…
and the next word out of her mouth was how "respectable’ Ronnie was on the
international scene…
I don’t get it…


Companies (or people responsible for such demented statements) as these should be censured or sanctioned or, better yet, nationalized.
As if Deepwater Horizon wasn’t sufficiently catastrophic.


Remind your friend of Ronnie’s speech in which he asked: “What are the nine most dangerous words in the English language? ‘I’m from the government, and I’m here to help.’”


BP is bigger than Obama and Axelrod, and any other politico for that matter. Far bigger.
Hence the boredom and frustration.


From the article:

“…BP’s destructive Deepwater Horizon disaster in the Gulf of Mexico, which sent an estimated 200 million gallons of oil gushing into the marine ecosystem…”

Not to mention how many gallons of the toxic “dispersant” Corexit, which mainly serves to get the slick below the surface—out of sight, out of mind, I suppose.

The EU, to its credit, has banned such “dispersants.” If Australian regulators move to allow its use, locals would be wise to sell domestic seafood short.


The upside to that predicament is you save money on olive oil, since less would be needed when sauteing that seafood.




I blame VP Bush Sr for running the White House badly, especially regarding oil rich nations foreign policy. For some obviously reason Reagan’s mind disintegrated during those years. The oil and armament Bush’s were never close to the Reagan’s. Though they were both pretentious spokespersons, Reagan’s rhetoric was more lofty than Bush’s dithering.


Oh yes, wonderful patriots all.   Rotten Ron, Bush, and The Shrub.  The latter also known as ‘The Lying
Son-of-a-Bush’.   Nonetheless, they all pale when compared to our current sociopathetic narcissist.



Welcome to 1984!


Forget about the environment, safety, other species, climate change- these morons just get more and more psycho and I hate them!


Not to comforting to those of us that live on the Gulf Coast.
We say you don’t need that olive oil, the seafood has it built right in.


Let us not forget this corp. paid to have a democratically elected president ousted.


BP oil spill was about saving some $$