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Calls for Diplomacy Not War as Scientist's Assassination, Trump Impede Biden's Path to Iran Engagement

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2020/11/30/calls-diplomacy-not-war-scientists-assassination-trump-impede-bidens-path-iran


Biden should bring the assassins to justice!
Oh wait, Biden cannot do that as it would upset AIPAC.


If Iran responds in kind in Israel, be prepared to take the war Trump will want to engage in, directly to the White House.


The Persians know patience. They know the stripes of Bibi and Donald. They know that Donald’s days are evaporating.


From Counterpoint:

The Planet Cannot Heal Until We Rip the Mask Off the West’s War Machine


From Democracynow:

A Trap? Why Assassination of Top Iranian Nuclear Scientist Could Tie Biden’s Hands in Future Talks


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There is no logical reason that Kerry and incoming sec’y of state cannot undo Pompeo’s murder of Iran’s nuclear executive.

My worry is Janet Yellen as Treasury Sec’y. She is a power grabber and had attempted to take oversight of insurance companies when Fed Chair. We do have real danger of concurrent inflation, high unemployment, massive homeless nation wide.


Biden and “diplomacy?”

Biden supports a reinforcing of sanctions against the innocent people of Iran.

The imposition of life-threatening sanctions which is based upon the unproven accusation

that Iran is a nuclear threat is an act of war and here we have liberal fools claiming that

this is “diplomacy.”

Trump’s corruption is of the same type of supposed “diplomacy” as Biden’s.


Ok, I know I’m asking alot, @Giovanna-Lepore has vital reading material for you already and now I’m asking to add 2 more articles to your homework. Maybe you read this one already, everybody CD should:


And I bet most of you caught this on CD but let’s refresh from '18:


So apply the tragic logic of Robert Freeman to the Neo-Lib machinations on Iran, all the way back to the Cro-Mag-Mo-ssadeq. Biden is rebuilding the born outdated Obomber 2.0 CusterCluster…FFF

Strip the glitzy Mad Men adverts,
don’t even follow the money,
follow the power.

Words come slow,
time goes fast,
gotta go. Never give up on peace and love.


Should read Cro-Mag Mossadeq solution.

The Iranians are chess players and Trump is playing checkers.


There is one reason: He is dead.


We don’t need no stinking proof. Remember Iraq.

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Well, the Russians have already stated that they are going to target all of the American command and control centers. So Washington DC is probably a place to stay away from.

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A dangerous one at that.

Chess/checkers is refreshing to consider, and appropriate, I think. But there might be a more profound distinction in temporal consciousness which applies to all interactions between the US of Amnesia and various vassals, past or future: Here in USA we inhabit an imperial universe with no history, no memory at all. Other places aren’t like that in general, and the Persians, in particular, will remember USA’s depredations long after our marble temples have crumbled to dust.


So far, save for those who initiated them, all the wars that have been started in the middle east have had Hellish rather than Heavenly consequences for all involved countries. Particularly their women and children suffered and many to now continue to suffer there. Knowing these are the bitter fruits of war, why are we contemplating yet another one? Are we Sadists?
To now, retribution has not been dealt to us but this time, if foolishly begun, War with Iran may let us feel the might of fresh, and not war weary and well equipped armies then arrayed against us. Surely negotiation and peace are wisdom’s choice over such a war.


Do you think we do not target similar areas in both Russia and China? In the event of WWIII, no one will get out their maps, unroll them and ask "Well, what should we target our missiles on?’ All those decisions are made well in advance for the obvious reason that 30-minutes after the first launch, command and control centers won’t exist.

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Ro Khanna and Murphy add to the misinformation the Americans citizens receive about the subject. They very well know the uranium Iran is enriching is not nuclear weapons grade, but nuclear energy grade, a much lower grade than for weapons. Both are willing to confuse the public on this fact, why?

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Well then, I suppose, if you find yourself in Russia when the balloon goes up, exit Moscow pronto.

Yes, the warmongers are sadists. They are well aware that war destroys homes, businesses, and populations horribly on both sides of a fight. That is the point in American backed violence in the Middle East and Central Asia.

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