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Calls for Diplomacy Unheard as Saudi-Led Assault Pummels Yemen


Calls for Diplomacy Unheard as Saudi-Led Assault Pummels Yemen

Lauren McCauley, staff writer


“The attack, launched on Wednesday by Saudi Arabia with backing from the U.S.-allied Gulf Cooperation Council…”

With “backing,” seriously? This is another war of aggression, orchestrated and led by the U.S. Specifically, we have our Nobel Peace Laureate to thank for this latest massacre of innocents. The title of this article should be changed. This is not a Saudi-led assault.


This goes on even as the US and its NATO allies condemn Russia for meddling in the Ukraine. The sanctions against Russia are advanced with the rhetoric that the Ukraine a sovereign nation and should be left to deal with its problems internally without other countries meddling.

I wait on the EU to stop buying Oil from the Saudi’s. I suspect it will be a LONG wait.


How dare those rebels overthrow a brutal dictator that we and the Saudis have paid perfectly good money propping up?
The nerve of some people!


Unfortunately more innocent people will lose their lives and Yemen turned into another Iraq, for what reason?



26 million sitting in the dark with food suddenly 4 prices since it must be imported. Congratulations Grand Chessboard Members, you’ve done it again: Liberated a whole region from electric power and running water.


It is amazing all the mercenary class has to do to make sure their product is sold is have congress and the President start more wars. Politicians help create the demand and payoff and the people can then be ignored. If 10s of millions in the streets world wide couldn’t stop the invasion and occupation of Iraq a call for diplomacy sure the hell isn’t. Military hardware producers do not need the demand of citizen to sell goods they have congress and the president create the demand this is a vicious and very profitable circle that is destroying our nation.


Does everybody understand now?
When a Shiite nation attacks a Sunni monarchy, it’s terrorism.
When a Sunni monarchy bombs the shit out of a Shiite neighbor, it’s just business.