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Calls for EPA Chief's Ouster Grow as Inspector General Launches New Probe of 'K Street B&B Patron' Scott Pruitt


Calls for EPA Chief's Ouster Grow as Inspector General Launches New Probe of 'K Street B&B Patron' Scott Pruitt

Jake Johnson, staff writer

With Scott Pruitt already struggling mightily—even on such favorable terrain as Fox News—to explain away the mountain of impropriety he has accumulated during his tenure as EPA chief, a White House ethics official made his problems even worse on Wednesday by


Getting rid of Pruitt is needed - I suppose - if for no other reason than to not let him get away with his graft. But the real “swamp” needs to be drained at its source, and these examples of corruption will NEVER end until that is done. Outlaw lobbyists. Repeal Citizens United. Outlaw the revolving door between government service and corporate boardrooms and the Quid Pro Quo. Enact meaningful campaign finance reform.

Then - and only then - will slimebags like Pruitt stop popping up.


Scott Pruitt is a highly valued asset to the Corporate Fascists. He is doing their business of deconstruction with a zeal. Yet many of his actions make him highly toxic to the public at large. They will do all they can to keep him in his position at the head of the EPA, but they know no such thing as real loyalty. If his drag becomes too great they will indeed discard him and simply replace him with someone else.


The only problem is none of your solutions can be done within the existing framework. In other words you would have to have a revolution and tear the system down in order to institute the actions we both desire. That my friend is the pickle…and why we are in the great calm before the terrible storm.


You’re right, but I can still rave about unicorns and leprechauns and fountains of beer. Let me have my little fantasies…


You know you are hated, when you’re a repug., and Fox News is attacking you.


lol right?? :slight_smile:


Pruitt is such an extremist, so very far removed from rational thought and/or stewardship, he is and has been, a clear danger to all he touches - All he was hired to destroy by trump & co, both serious mental cases who must be removed before they do any more lasting damage…which has been substantial.

Beside Pruitt’s overt corruption in service to trump, corporate polluters, and exploitation of The Wild, there is the extreme rejection of what must be accomplished to protect Americans health and safety, and our common environment.


Pruitt looks like a doppelganger for Porky the Pig.


Will you let ME have some of those fantasies (and some of those suds)?


It is a mistake to focus on Pruitt. Who cares what he says, thinks or does? The problem is not Pruitt, or DeVos or Mnuchin, or any of Don’s billionaire frauds. All of them (as we were told) are in place to deconstruct the agencies they (purport to) head. THAT is the issue. Having the IG waste time and money “probing” Pruitt plays exactly into Don’s hands.