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Calls for Impeachment Grow as Trump's Bizarre Helsinki Performance Draws Epic Backlash


Calls for Impeachment Grow as Trump's Bizarre Helsinki Performance Draws Epic Backlash

Jon Queally, staff writer

Lots of people—across the political spectrum—are seriously upset with President Donald Trump for the "embarrassing spectacle" and his "bizarre" performance in Helsinki with Russian President Vladimir Putin on Monday, but will anything actually come of the president's latest display of buffoonery and his inexplicable deference to the Russian le


This has always been my reaction to Trump:


Cold Warriors on both right and left are deeply frustrated. They have been busy manufacturing threats to America for decades, and have presided over American foreign policy ever since Truman (and yes, well before). War and fear–and the weaponry profits derived therefrom–are America’s Holy Grail. If we are concerned about threats to our “democracy” we should turn our attention to Citizens United and the militarization of American life–look at ourselves, not outward.


R U kidding me? This imbecile should have been removed from day one. Now… people are thinking about it???


Don’t know which is more phony: a Democratic party that helped Trump increase government surveillance now screaming about democracy and patriotism or a Republican party telling Trump he was naughty and then doing nothing to stop him, yet again? It’s all theatre.

No one has any right to expect Trump to have behaved, differently. He’s done the same toxic song and dance all his life. He’s been known quantity for decades. This little number will be forgotten in a few days, just like all the others. Trump is simply too useful an idiot for the power elite, including establishment Democrats, to discard anytime, soon. They need him to have something to vote against in November.


Let’s not forget, if we impeach Trump, we get Pence. (frustration galore!!)


As horrible as dems are frothing, this, given that a documented duopoly dynamic is playing out, looks more and more like a feint before a pass - not even a hail mary pass. This looks like the grinding of the big gears with the grease of media facilitating the grist to utterly pulverize comprehensibility essential to human and civil rights; cement a judicial, economic and governance attenuation so that the swings all coincide for crash grabs; and fuel levels of violence the likes of which we have seen fomented along racial lines.

Confused on a personal level? The media wants your knuckles not only white but bleeding.


“I just got back from Helsinki and, boy, are my knees and throat sore! Believe me. Believe me.” Donald “deep throat” Drumpf


Everyone knows why so many Republicans cannot take on Trump. He is backed by a racist personality cult that includes millions of voters. It is strongest in the South and is basically a revival of the culture of the Old South. The Old South may be gone at lest in most places but the culture of white supremacy apparently is still thriving. Trumps supporters don’t care about foreign policy. Their goal is return to a country where white Christians are again clearly dominant. Candidates who support Trump have won primary after primary. I would have to assume most of the people who voted for him had some sense that he was not competent to be a president in the traditional sense. He doesn’t read books or long texts, doesn’t prepare for meetings, doesn’t have basic knowledge of the Constitution or many important issues. But unlike the other candidates for president he was willing to freely attack non-whites with lies and half-truths. So he now has what appears to be a stronger following of any politician in the US and the same phenomenon is occurring throughout Europe where politicians who are speaking out against non-white crossing borders into their countries have attracted strong political movements. Tribalism is on the rise and open democracy is being threatened.


yes, that too, But don’t take your eyes off Russia or you would be a gullible idiot. Just imagine, all else being equal, if Obama had behaved the way has been doing with Putin. Obama was severely rebuked for bowing in fornt of the Saudi King. LOL. Where does that put Trump? Putin’s toilet paper?? So stop it with the pathetic defense of the indefensible.


Ahh, I expected no less from this bunch here-I waited a day and have read through the comments and was not disappointed.

Before I get this cranked up, where the heck were you guys when Obama was whispering to Medvedev about more flexibility? Or when he backed off on our commitment to a missile defense system in Poland?


It’s amusing to watch the screamfest from both sides of the aisle – including on Drudge which claimed that “Puntn Dominates in Hell”.

Oh please; I watched the presser, as did everyone else who wanted some fodder to slam the President.

I find it especially amusing that former CIA people claim that this rises to “Treason”. May I remind everyone that treason is a very specific criminal offense and requires certain specific predicates (e.g. a declared war for instance) that simply do not exist?

McCain, for his part, ought to shut the **** up – or take his last nap – already. That miserable son of a bitch knows more about committing actual treason (since in his case there was a at least a shooting “conflict” going on) than any sitting Senator or House member.

As for comments about autocrats, perhaps these jackasses could all go get up, look in the mirror, and then they’d see one; Putin at least admits it. It’s pretty easy to deal with someone who admits what and who they are, as there’s very little to leave to the imagination when it comes to what their viewpoint on the world is.

For those who simply ignore the law and allow the screwing blind of the American people through their willful and intentional malfeasance and misfeasance – but who claim to be for “representative government” and “the rule of law” – not so much.

Is Putin an *******? Yes.

Is John McCain a worse *******? Absolutely. I’d rather do a deal with Putin than McCain as Putin might actually keep his word. With McCain there’s no chance of that happening – ever.

As for spying and hacking, well, gee, we have this thing called the NSA I believe. Their job is the spy and hack other nations – including the political processes there. They’re responsible for a huge percentage of all the cyber-attack tools ever written and used against anyone. We’ve used them to destroy physical equipment (in Iran, for example), not just steal secrets too.

Then there’s the so-called disruption of our 2016 elections. May I remind everyone that even if Russia was actually officially involved (that is, all the indictments leveled against the GRU are factual and eventually proved) the fact remains that the “damage” occurred, almost-exclusively, due to the release of information from the DNC that documented that they had rigged their primary.

The funny thing about government espionage is that there are two kinds of it – one particularly ugly and the other that really is not much more than taking advantage of self-inflicted gun-in-mouth incidents. When some foreign agent cons a person with a clearance or other sensitive information into sleeping with them, for example, or simply hacks in and steals valuable material, the former happens.

That’s ugly and, I remind you, as old as governments themselves; it’s a time-honored game to stick a cute chick in front of a balding man with power and money and convince him (frequently with a bit of booze involved) that “she really likes him.”

The second is another matter entirely; exposing someone who likes to **** little boys may well be espionage in the formal sense but isn’t the real problem with the foreign government getting ahold of that information that said politician likes to **** little boys?

In this case Russia exposed that the DNC rigged the Democrat primary. Now it happens to be true that other than through common-law fraud there’s no crime there. In other words primaries are not actual binding votes; the very name is a Presidential PREFERENCE primary.

But you guys are still loving you some Bernie. Why is that?

But if you represent that it’s a fair contest, and it’s not, well now that’s at least civil and arguably criminal fraud, especially when there are people who spend or give money on that basis.

That’s what happened here if you remember - the entire “DNC Hack” narrative is all about the exposure of a fraudulent, and therefore criminal, series of acts taken BY THE DNC against the American people who supported Bernie Sanders!

Was that quite-possibly damaging enough to change the outcome? Maybe. But exactly who’s fault is that?

Did Russia corrupt the primaries? No, the DNC did! The responsible parties were all Americans who engaged in a series of systematic frauds for the specific purpose of tampering with the election of our President and every one of them was an American citizen acting within one of our two major political parties with said party leadership’s explicit consent, complicity and active involvement!

Never mind that the summit also confirmed long-suspected belief that the Clinton Foundation got some $400 million from Russia. What did they get in return? If you want to talk about “political interference” where the hell are the indictments against Bill and Hillary for that load of crap?

And if you’re wondering who the culprit was in that, Putin says it’s Browder – google that and sit down before reading any of it, because this is a guy who both sides of the aisle have implicated repeatedly (including Feinstein, I might note.) Oh, and if you really want to get mad, look at Senator Ben Cardin and where his money has come from – and what legislation he rammed through.

So cry me a river folks. Espionage is never something one should cheer but let me draw a big fat distinction between a foreign government’s spies and intelligence services stealing actual state secrets and the very same foreign government and/or its spies exposing corruption within the existing government structure in the United States.

I’m quite cranked off about the former in every case.

The latter? Not so much.

I find it hard to be all that cranked off when Germany, which I might remind you is a part of the EU is continuing and in fact increasing reliance on Russian natural gas, including building new and larger pipes to carry it! After all if the EU’s formal and information “seat” of control over the common area government is and has continued to increase reliance on Russian energy supplies.

In short, to McCain and others: Stop crying and shut the **** up. If politicians would just stop corrupting our own elections from within our own political parties you would all have much less to fear from so-called “State sponsored” election-related hacks.

And I’m actually getting tired of President Trump calling out the Mueller farce as a witch hunt. I say he should order the release all of the docs requested by Congress, UNREDACTED. Fire Rosenstein and Mueller and call the dem’s bluff in Congress and make the midterms explicitly about impeachment.

h/t Karl Denninger


This truly shallow, hysterical, red-baiting article in a supposed “progressive” news/opinion outlet has become the norm, proving the U.S.-created Cold War never died and McCarthyism is a central aspect of the U.S. collective character. I especially love it when the “left” embraces the National Security State to bail us out from abominations like Trump.

For a thoughtful debate on the issue, see below:

And to see why CD features such tripe, look at this:

There’s no bigger problem in the United States today than the citizenry’s widespread mis-education into political gullibility, not to say stupidity, and it’s the height of foolishness to think this is only a problem of Republicans and rightists, of those who read Breitbart and not those who read The New Yorker, or of those who finish their education at high school and not those who get it finished off at one of the higher academies of the empire.

– Jim Kavanagh



I admit I won’t cry if Trump gets impeached from this, thought I still doubt he will be with the Republicans still as a buffer to him. Still though between Pence being our new overlord and the possible dangerous precedent this could set, impeaching a sitting president for a meeting with a foreign power, I am not going to celebrate it either.


Except the 30% of his “true believers”. These are the craziest of the craziest ass holes and would have been laughed at and ridiculed as recently as the “W” Bush era. These are all the perverts, child molesters, pill popper/alcoholics and brain damaged morons mostly from the “confederate” states. As I like to tell people, listen to C Span Washington Journal at 7am est 7 days a week for a sample. You will either laugh or cry at some of these poor excuses for human beings. You may think me cruel, but just listen in one day and you will see the truly sad state of this country.


And he’s more dangerous. He SEEMS sane and reasonable, but is anything but.


That was a thousand word POS. I can answer you in just two words; “ass hole”.


He has failed to protect America. As Commander in Chief he should be tried in a military court for treason.


He is Hair Hitler The Flaming Orange Satan Chump trump! And nothing more. His supporters are some of the dumbest pieces of shit on Earth.


And Fox bent News (aka the Trump Channel) is totally oblivious of reality. To them and a few Repugnant politicians, this was the greatest summit since the birth of Abe Lincoln. How this mental cancer has metastasized in my once party is really a mystery.


Last week it was kids in cages, before that supporting pedophile candidates, before that supporting Nazis.

Before that it was, oh I forget.

Meanwhile the ice caps are melting.