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Calls for Mich. Governor's Arrest as Lead Poisoning Scandal Implicates Staffers

Calls for Mich. Governor's Arrest as Lead Poisoning Scandal Implicates Staffers

Sarah Lazare, staff writer

Calls for Michigan Governor Rick Snyder's ouster—and arrest—are growing after internal emails showed that his high-level staffers were aware of lead poisoning in Flint's public water supply six months before the administration declared a state of emergency.


Holding a governor who DOES HARM to account, and even present him with arrest would be a fabulous precedent… and long overdue:

“The source of the Flint Water Crisis leads directly to Gov. Rick Snyder and the fiscal austerity policies that he and his Republican colleagues have been pushing for years on Michigan residents,” said Lonnie Scott, executive director of Progress Michigan," in a statement released Thursday. “Families in Flint were forced to drink lead-tainted water while the administration scoffed at their concerns and cries for help. An entire generation of Michiganders now face an uncertain future because of Republican cuts to essential and life-giving services.”

Next up… Scott Walker.

Then, who should it be? Rick Scott? Chris Christie? Any one of the Republican imbeciles that insist that global warming is a hoax and leave their citizens both unprepared and increasingly at risk.


This could get REALLY interesting.


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It might be good to have Governor Rick Snyder and Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel share the same prison cell.


The last gasps of empire for sure; no money for clean water; endless billions for war.


Wow. Such things have happened in China and officials responsible were executed.

Now I certainly do not support the death penalty but I suspect that the officials responsible will get little more than a slap on the wrist which will demonstrate just how corrupt the Society has become.

Mr Snyder was doing something the Libertarian and “free market” crowd has demanded for decades, that is “Running Government like a business”. This is businessmen in charge.


“a fabulous precedent… and long overdue” Spot On.

And while we are at it, can we please place the “emergency manger” concept in the garbage where it belongs. I don’t care how may partisan judges have ruled in it’s favor, it is an invalid and illegal device for an elected government.

It is like reading the pathetic legal trash from John Yoo telling us that the Executive Branch may act unrestricted without counter balance from the Legislative and Judicial Branches.
It is pure illegality, plain and simple.

While the financial obligations of a government may become insolvent, the elected government may not be abdicated or replaced by any other method than election.

Further a government may not, and can not, decline to perform the duties as chartered in their constitutions.

Once the government exists outside the constitution’s of the states, these crimes naturally come into existence. A government acting outside it’s constitution is by definition illegal, hence the spawning of such subsequent crimes.

Yes…Like knowingly poisoning the progeny of the citizenry.

I don’t remember an election for Flint emergency manager Darnell Earley.
And I surely don’t remember the citizenry voting for lead in their children’s water.

Arrest Gov Snyder, and Mr Earley and Bring Them to Trial.
Let the Jury of their Flint Peers Speak.


How is that Brown’s fault? Does he own the company that was doing the drilling? This was a conscious effort by Snyder, and the manager he appointed, to switch water sources and do nothing, even after evidence surfaced that the water was unsafe to drink to begin with and the chemicals used to purify the water were corroding lead pipes and poisoning people.


Black lives matter, but not in Flint.


Following 9/11, those of us in the engineering community were tasked with assessing vulnerabilities in the nation’s infrastructure. It is no surprise that public water supply was among the top contenders. Gov. Snyder and company have proven themselves to be terrorists, as clearly their actions had political motivation. As they wear no uniforms, let’s call them what they are: enemy combatants.


I disagree. Jerry Brown did not know of this six months before and he acted as soon as he could. He remains one of the country’s best governors.


He and all his Cronies in the Legislature should have been arrested when they first passed that “Emergency Manager” law that stole entire cities’ rights to Govern themselves.

Turning the cities that refuse to Vote Republican into Dictatorships is a violation of both State & Federal Constitutions.


“can we please place the “emergency manger” concept in the garbage…”

I realize this is a typo, and you meant to write: emergency manager…" but it’s quite a coincidence that you wrote this to me since I am quite animated by the court cases and contentions raised by Barry Lynn. His group works to maintain what remains of the wall between church and state.

There are actually cases brought that involve things like mangers featuring the Baby Jesus being placed on public courthouse lawns, and such.


One could also say it’s the result of gravity.

Capitalism may be a rabid economic system that places profit above all other objectives; however, by ONLY identifying capitalism as the culprit, such things as racism are left out of the calculus.

Just because capitalism wreaks havoc doesn’t mean that issues quite relevant to Hispanics, Muslims, feminists, and Black citizens don’t hold merit with each group possessing very viable and unique needs, demands, and justice issues.


I just heard an NPR report that said that several states–my own, Florida, included–are redesigning the voting districts to prevent the kind of strategic gerrymandering that gave Republicans seats when they didn’t hold TRUE majorities.

It’s estimated this will help to rectify some of the current representational imbalance.


If the DOJ does the investigation and any prosecution I’m afraid a slap on the wrist is exactly correct. Remember what Street our Attorney General comes from (as well as the last one).


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Remember too that Holder actually told us that he couldn’t prosecute the banksters.
Too big to fail, too big to jail because, freedom.


At the very very least, Snyder needs to resign, effective immediately.

This is what you get Michiganders when a tyrant in charge and he appoints his unelected mini-czars in charge of cities. Time for him to go and its high time the people of Michigan got rid of him.


United States Department of Justice Memo HW-!2745

In order to lessen the number of Court cases that proceed to trial and thus lower costs for the Justice Department of the United States of America , the following guidelines are to be used when determining whether or not a suspect should be charged with a Crime.

Determining when a case should proceed to trial can be very difficult for law enforcement and for our Prosecuters and these guidelines will help streamline that process.

Answer the following questions when considering any case.

1>Does the suspect have an income of less then $40000 per annum.?

2>Is the suspect a person of color or a visible minority.?

3>Were any citzens harmed or killed by the suspects actions?

if the answer is yes to ANY two of these questions then proceed to lay Criminal charges.

US Department of Justice.


Time for the Maine gov to go too. One is a corrupt tyrant, the other is a racist.