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Calls for More Relief Intensify as Puerto Rico Descends Into Humanitarian Crisis


Calls for More Relief Intensify as Puerto Rico Descends Into Humanitarian Crisis

Jessica Corbett, staff writer

As U.S.


Watch what happens when the seaside communities along the N and S Carolina coasts are leveled and flooded by Maria…the troops will swoop in along with FEMA and the predominantly white wealthy communities/homes will be rebuilt post-haste…and all will be declared a state of emergency bringing in wheelbarrows full of money.

It is all about the money, color of your skin, and income. And the current US lack of leadership perpetuates that sick behavior rife with hubris.


I just saw this Tweet from Hillary Clinton yesterday, re-posted at Huff Post:

President Trump, Sec. Mattis, and DOD should send the Navy, including the USNS Comfort, to Puerto Rico now. These are American citizens. https://t.co/J2FVg4II0n
— Hillary Clinton (@HillaryClinton) September 24, 2017

What?! I am shocked. I’d have thought these actions have commenced immediately in the aftermath, and am horrified if it’s true that they have not. Grave and immoral dereliction. While the U.S. allows Wall St. to make colonial prey of the commonwealth of Puerto Rico, it then ignores the humanitarian devastation of this natural disaster?

Call 202-224-3121 to be connected to your Senators and Representatives. I just did and left a message with one Senator’s office, spoke to a rep. at the other’s office, and also a rep. at my Representatives office, who, thankfully, told me that she’s been getting many calls on exactly this issue.


Where is America? Where the ginger chimp? off picking fights for his pathetic narcissist ego and ignoring the horrendous plight of Puerto Rican Americans! Men, women, and the children! This already IS a humanitarian crisis!

There should be massive aid deliveries and as colin561 wrote a navy hospital ship dispatched at once - should have been many days ago!

This is no mistake! This is blatant obvious racism from trump and his rich white male (almost all except DeVoid) scum for-profit regime!


To paraphrase W, “You’re doing a heckuva job Donnie!”


People often tell me, I don’t have my medication… Where, or why has not a massive effort been done to air-lift in full medical teams to include medical equipment, medications, and the whole nine yards ASAP to Puerto Rico? I have not read, or heard anywhere where this is happening. Cardiac drugs, insulin, x-ray machines, and all the rest of the medical machines, pulmonary drugs, MASH UNITS… For crying out loud, Puerto Rico is in a deep full trauma medical crisis. Cuba reportedly sent more then 750 medical personal in early September to aid neighboring islands after Irma, but the U.S.government, Washington D.C. where the F**K are you?


In Alabama, pontificating. In Mal y Loco golfing. In D.C., pouting, shouting, and terrorizing staffers. Anywhere but where help is needed and people are suffering (brown-skinned and poor). Not even Haedes will take his rancid remains when all is said and done.


I hope at some point in the near future Puerto Rico will divorce itself from the US and become an independent state. They can align themselves with other lefty Latin American Countries for mutual aid. Clearly the racism of the US is showing here. For now they need the help.


They should have launched the rescue freakin Last Week! It is not like this cat5 storm just popped over the horizon! Whada we expect, competency from a reality show host?


WTFU Trump!

Americans in Puerto Rico need help Now!


Furthermore, Puerto Rico also has to have psychiatric medical doctors, psychiatric nurses, case management team members, mental health field units, and centers and all the psych meds needed, and full field laboratories for blood draw med testing to go along with the medical doctors, nurses team members ASAP, PRONTO. The mental health pain has to unbearable for everyone, and needs to be addressed, now! I know, I am crying now, and when I look at the photos in this article, and that one sentence, “Are you FEMA?”


No help fromTrump (and criticism by him to boot) - would not be surprised if there is big push for independence for Puerto Rico. There is no advantage being connected to US.


Florida, Houston, Puerto Rico all show the calamitous dependency on fossil fuels which are precisely what is triggering these Climate Change extreme events. All these States have a lot of sun - where are the distributed solar panel
backups? There was an excellent podcast on Chris Martenson and Adam Taggart’s Featured Voices by Chaz Peling on backup power solutions. There are even portable units combining solar, lithium batteries and gas generators which
can backup basic needs for a house or building. Instead of wasting $700 Billion on the Endless Wars and more billions on Auto Addiction we need to invest in the Green Transition to distributed solar, wind and Green energy and Green Transit.
Yet the fossil fuel barons continue to waste money on gas and oil which will not be there. For example, a classic case was Gov Chris Christie - instead of investing in expanding New Jersey Green Transit Rail, buses, shuttles or a plan to
leverage school buses after Hurricane Sandy he wasted money on backups for gas stations!
That should have been invested in solar with battery backup on schools and public buildings.
NJ Transit IS funding independent electricity backups to run trains…


Your God will demand answers from you. Nor only has this country turned its back on its own citizens, but it has turned its back on humanity.


Imagine hilarious conservatives supporting regime change wars that require foreign nation building plus a bloated homeland government managing huge debts to pay for eternal war during global climate collapse.

Mere humans became a second rate concern when the US morphed into a heartless military empire occupied by Pentagonians and militarized police.


Trump tweets on while America crumbles, just as Nero played his lyre while Rome burned.


Successive legislatures in Puerto Rico borrowed all the money that they could and spent it in ways that made them politically popular and personally wealthy. Then Puerto Rico went bankrupt. Probably some amoral judge-appointed Republican creep is running the colony for maximum payback. No maintenance is why the electrical system was utterly destroyed. Just an educated guess, but no maintenance is why the 90 year old dam almost gave way.

God, please save us from successive U.S. Congresses who borrow every last dollar they can for wars of aggression against dirt farmers and for other corrupt purposes. Please don’t leave us with climate-enhanced category fives, sixes and sevens that destroy most of our food crops and economy, that leave almost all of us homeless, that leave us without disease-free water sources, that leave us baking and dying in horrid heat waves without any electricity for air conditioning.


Please, Democracy Now-9/26/2017-program has given us the most insightful information of what is currently going on in Puerto Rico today, please read the transcript, or watch the pod-cast. One major point I noticed was that the Merchant Marine Act of 1920, or the Jones Act is, and has been preventing non- U.S. ships from entering San Juan Harbor to bring water, food, medical supplies, everything. Canada, Europe everywhere can not help, and the Trump Punks refuse to offer a waiver to the Jones Act, saying basically we Washington D.C.,Trump has it taken care of. The evil is palpable from Trump, and from the District of Columbia! Mean while cadavers are floating in the streets, people are stuck in their homes with flood water all around them with no water, food, electrical power, medications, everything- dehydration 4 days then death-. Also, Trump has not shown his face at all in Puerto Rico while people are dying, suffering, and in total absolute misery on the island of Puerto Rico.


I think what you describe very well here is “unsustainable” practices. In that Puerto Rico is a symptom of a larger problem that mirrors the U.S. which is facing the same pressures in more ways than one.


How exactly would solar help with supplying power to areas affected by a hurricane? Solar cant work in the areas affected as their is a drastic reduction in solar production. Therefore you would be reliant on transmission and battery backup, but youre assuming that these systems would not have been affected by the hurricane’s flooding and wind speed. None of our solar infrastructure is made to withstand hurricane force events. This is very wishful thinking…