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Calls for NC Boycott In Wake of Anti-Democratic GOP Maneuvers


Calls for NC Boycott In Wake of Anti-Democratic GOP Maneuvers

Nika Knight, staff writer

In the wake of the North Carolina Republican Party's anti-democratic grab for power and refusal to repeal the anti-LGBTQ HB2 earlier this month, calls are mounting for an economic boycott of the state.


Reverend Barber: " Their actions will signal to other would-be- tyrants that they can get away with non-democratic power grabs with impunity."

And will this emboldened the next GOP tyrant, to get away with non-democratic power grabs with impunity, when he takes over on January 20?


As a resident of North Carolina, I gladly welcome a boycott. Given what Tim Moore and the other repub zealots have done to this state in their mad grab for power, I honestly don't know if there is anything that will stop them. But let's try hitting them and the corporations in the pocket book big time.

Guys like Moore are so blind with power they cannot even see that what they are doing is exactly the opposite of what they say they stand for.


Absolutely, we can be sure that the Trumpian GOP is working feverishly behind closed doors, on plans to do precisely that.

Look for every form of outrage, rolled out as if it were the new normal, in removing all pseudo-democratic obstacles from the path of absolute draconian hegemony.

They will surely be working on a slate of Constitutional amendments to deliver the coup de grâce to our poor suffering democracy...


ALL Trump products should be boycotted too: https://www.facebook.com/notes/ryan-mack/boycott-trump-list-of-of-companies-to-refuse-to-support/10150222197459365/


The right winged corporate interests and their political toadies should be dealt with through boycotts. They are ultimately about money and power. Both of these things may well respond to all out boycotts above all.


In case anyone cares Bank of America is HQ in North Carolina.


While I need to look up the actual procedure, I believe if the GOP is able to win two more state legislatures they can force a constitutional convention, and basically rewrite the bill of rights. And all without a majority of the votes for any branch of government
Scary stuff


Yes, I agree that's scary but I believe that all he** would break out first, with people in the streets en masse.


Of course, it's what DJT does. It's what he lives for and that's what got him elected...the state level enablers. Is Wisconsin being boycotted? Is Michigan being boycotted? Both these latter states and several more have written unconstitutional laws that disenfranchise a vast number of voters. Make a list....check it twice and don't patronize these states' commercial enterprises. Arizona has lost a lot.of $$$$ due to its regressive legislators. Bring it on....Hit 'em where it hurts...and keep on hitting until these bassackwards blowhards get their heads screwed on right.


Yes! And no loss there. Trump products are probably all crap anyway.


Yeah, we are in for a nightmare and what you say would not surprise me at all!


Most are probably made in foreign countries.


I used to have accounts with them & didn't like that bank.If their bigwigs like Trump, they can change their name to Bank of North Carolina.:male_couple_with_heart::female_couple_with_heart::male_couplekiss::female_couplekiss::money_mouth:


Your last sentence, straight out of the 1984 George Orwell playbook. However, I'd be a little skeptical about them not knowing what they're doing.



Yes, and people should move out of the tower.


Good grief- maybe the South should really secede. We really do not want them. How 's this for an idea? All the plutocrats including the Wall Streeters can move to Texas, all the theocrats can move to the Carolinas and Alabama, and we will have to debate about any other non blue states.


No desire to go to N Carolina - ever.