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Calls for Obama Intervention as Detroit Threatens Water Shut-Off for Another 25,000 Residents


Calls for Obama Intervention as Detroit Threatens Water Shut-Off for Another 25,000 Residents

Lauren McCauley, staff writer

Despite international outcry over a previous push to shut off water to its poorest citizens, the city of Detroit on Monday will begin to hand out notices to as many as 25,000 residents, threatening once again to turn off the taps.

The warnings will be hung on the doors of households where water bills are at least 60 days late or exceed $150 in overdue payments. Residents will only be given 10 days to pay their bill or sign up for a payment assistance plan.


First redline to keep people in then blueline to chase them out.


I look at this, shake my head and think dissociative western “civilization” has its head so far up its *** that it has forgotten what the sunshine looks like.

So, this is an area that was sweet water rich. The greed of predatory capitalism in its circularly pathology of hoarding takes as much as it can and when it hits the point where what is known as a ‘profit margin’ no longer suits it, the infrastructure is shut down and greener pastures are sought. This in reference to the industrial revolution methodologies and the atavistic perspectives applied not to factories, but to human and natural life. Over hundreds of puffed-up proud years that is as far as its perspective on the scientifically proven nature of cyclical symbiosis has evolved. No wonder the rape of the land and pollution have had to have superfund sites, all too often failing to function due to application of the same premises.

This is a travesty of the legacy of institutionalized hording because fundamental health never was a foundational premise. Where fundamental health HAS managed to get a foothold people have had to fight tirelessly. Yet one is considered ‘radical’ to point to the bare butts of empire’s declassé clique.


Hey Koch Brothers…Instead of spending almost a billion dollars on the next Presidential campaign toss a few bucks towards these 25,000 households so they have the “luxury” of staying alive.
It’s a win-win… It is no skin off your back. You look like the good guys and these people get to stay alive.


This is what happens when greed and unregulated capitalism takes over every aspect of a society… We, as a nation, should define what are the basic needs of each citizen.
Food, shelter, clothing ,healthcare , education, income etc Once these are defined then “for Profit” entities cannot affect or get in the way. OR

Some will say we have no right to expect anything and we are all on our own. Privatize everything and the strong survive as the weak will perish. What type of country do we want to be?


Please translate the Latin for me


It’s what makes us exceptional.


It’s a bit tongue-tied, isn’t it. Or like walking through quicksand with galoshes,


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Just on 60% of the USA’s tax budget goes to the military. Is it not time that USAians remembered their duty and sacrificed their access to clean water to pay for their military. Who else will keep them safe?