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Calls for Pruitt to Resign After Reports of 'Sweetheart' Rental From Energy Lobbyist's Wife


Calls for Pruitt to Resign After Reports of 'Sweetheart' Rental From Energy Lobbyist's Wife

Jessica Corbett, staff writer

As key figures of the Trump administration face mounting concerns about conflicts of interest, a growing number of critics are calling for the resignation of Environmental Protection Agency Administrator Scott Pruitt after ABC News revealed that last year he rented a D.C.


This man has no sense of Ethics.

This is clearly an abuse of his office.

Resign or be Fired, or perhaps, Firing Squad.


As a former employee of the EPA back when the word “Protection” actually meant something I am beyond appalled at the installation of this deeply corrupt and shameless piece of shit as their new administrator. Pruitt is a contemptible Earth-raping gangster and he will undoubtedly go down as the very worst in EPA’s history, far worse than even Anne Gorsuch. I only wish there was some way to prosecute this miserable excuse for a man based on his environmental crimes. A former administrator, Carol Browner, has recently stated that it will take the EPA 20 to 30 years to recover from the damage done by Pruitt. Pruitt is typical of this anti-government wrecking crew that the Mango Mussolini has installed. They are the worst bunch of corrupt scoundrels and incompetents I have ever seen in the U.S. government. “MAGA” really stands for “Making America Grotesque Again”.


Pruitt is at least being consistent with the total lack of ethics of his boss, Donald Trump. Many of the foreign dignitaries that come to Washington DC to have discussions with the president are being accommodated at the nearby Trump Hotel. Guess who gets richer off of that deal.


The problem with Trump’s swamp draining during the past 14 plus months is that he drained it out beyond the DC Beltway thereby turning even more of the US into swamp, in addition to the swamp that already existed.


I call for pruitt’s resignation and/or firing mainly because he’s turned the EPA into the Environmental Pollution Agency. We’re all doomed


During the past 14 months Trump regime turnover has resulted in each appointee being worse than his or her predecessor. While dumping Pruitt and other Trump appointees may be a good strategy for undermining the regime, we are guaranteed that Pruitt’s successor will be worse than Pruitt, if for no reason other than competent candidates know that they can find better jobs elsewhere.