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Calls for Vote-by-Mail Intensify After At Least 19 Cases of Coronavirus Are Linked to Wisconsin Primary Election

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2020/04/22/calls-vote-mail-intensify-after-least-19-cases-coronavirus-are-linked-wisconsin

Wisconsin deserves partial credit. They had 740 new confirmed cases in the past 5 days. 19 could have been a lot worse. The state is still #39 out of the 50 states plus DC in terms of new cases per capita. Given the disaster, absolutely made a bit worse by the Republican-dominated legislature, the governor and the people did the best they could.

My daily statistics updates are at *ttp://quakerworks.net/statecoronavirusstatistics.htm

Pennsylvania and New Jersey already have a vote-by-mail option available with no reason required. Voters must request a mail-in ballot; start the process at the state’s website and watch out for deadlines and the value of postmarks.

New York and Connecticut do not offer no-reason mail-in voting, AFAIK.

In Maryland, it’s “Vote by mail per tutti!” The state will mail a mail-in ballot to each registered person, no request needed.

GOP homicidal manics hard at work killing as many opponents as possible rather than getting PPEs, feeding people, making them possible to survive this crisis. A now, new threats against a nation ravaged by COVID-19.

Wisconsin went from very bad with Scott Walker, to just a plain mess with the in place republican majorities in the assembly, and senate, and the SCOTUS.
Can’t even get medical marijuana or voting conditions addressed.

Personal opinion: the so-called “justices” on the Wisconsin and U. S. Supreme Courts who chose to override the Wisconsin governor’s call to postpone elections all deserve the death penalty for murder in the first degree. They can join the tangerine terrorist on death row.

Elections are the cornerstone of our democracy, we should be taking swift action to ensure America has safe & secure elections.

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Call your Congressperson?!

The Legislature and State Supreme Court literally decided that we should die from Coronavirus if we wished to vote.

It’s past “call your congressperson”. It’s time for military revolution to oust these killers from office. They kill us with coronavirus, we kill them with shotguns.