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Calls Grow for Investigation Into Homan Square 'Gestapo Tactics'


Calls Grow for Investigation Into Homan Square 'Gestapo Tactics'

Nadia Prupis, staff writer

Cook County commissioner Richard Boykin and U.S. Representative Danny Davis on Wednesday stepped up their demand for the federal Department of Justice to investigate the secret detention and torture of American citizens that took place for years in Chicago's Homan Square compound.


Young Turks covered the story in the Guardian of this’‘secure’ site - apparently has been around for quite a while


If ever a government building cried out for a truck bombing, this place does. Make sure it’s done when the place is full of abusive pigs (in Chi-town that would be most of them) when you do it.


But surely this Homan Square activity is illegal in the US? I would be totally shocked if doing what these police officers have been doing is appropriate and lawful activity. Should an investigation prove the accusations true then the first head to fall must be the police chief’s!


Hmm, I wonder if Jose Padilla was held and tortured here?