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Calls Grows in US to Make Indigenous Peoples' Day a Federal Holiday

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2020/10/12/calls-grows-us-make-indigenous-peoples-day-federal-holiday


Indigenous Peoples’ Day must be accompanied by a formal, official apology for the genocide of Native People committed by successive U.S. administrations, and expanded power and assistance to all Native Americans.

Also, as an Italian-American, I would like to see Columbus Day abolished, and replaced by an Italian-American Day or a Mother Cabrini Day, in honor of the humanitarian nun who did much to help the poor.


I would like to see Indigenous Peoples Day in November as the holiday which follows Thanksgiving. In American history ----the invading European colonists were saved by the native people. Without Squanto, those fleeing religious persecution would have died.

Why give 2 days to Thanksgiving when- the indigenous people need help too-- especially the horrible way that covid19 is affecting them. IF Congress doesn’t act for the indigenous people, then Congress will be guilty of waring upon their own nation’s FIRST PEOPLE!


Without the Indigenous People, there would not have been a Thanksgiving, so I suggest that Thanksgiving Day itself be considered Indigenous Peoples’ Day.

This plan would certainly get my vote!

This country can’t even find a way to ensure health care for everyone including and especially Native Americans. Native American women are being raped and disappearing and no one seems to really, really, care. Apologies, holidays, yeah, sure, it’s all token bs, let’s get down to the real problem. This country was founded on Imperialism which continues to this day (Chomsky), and no one is addressing the problem. In fact this election, drumpf vs Biden, is an affirmation the bs continues. Holidays, apologies, yeah, sure.

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Indigenous Peoples’ Day yes. Italian-American day, sorry, but, no. We don’t need an Italian American day any more than an Irish American day, French American Day, German American Day, Norwegian American Day, etc.

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All those you listed, along with Native Americans, and African Americans, can be celebrated with one Thanksgiving day. Celebrate all wars and their veterans on one day.
The Friday after Thanksgiving should be national election day with Saturday included as a two day event.
Are we having fun yet?

Yes, that’s right. Besides, let’s say you’re Italian, then everyday is Italian day.

Well, my goodness you are right. YES, let’s dump the pilgrims and have that 2 day weekend just for the Native People of the place that came to be called America!

I’m all for Indigenous People’s Day but I don’t recommend too many attacks on Columbus who is honored for being a pioneering intrepid explorer in the face of much danger. I’m also not too fond of insulting Italian-Americans who take some pride in celebrating Columbus Day established when they faced a lot of discrimination earlier in the 20th century