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Calls to Abolish ICE Get Cold Shoulder on Newspaper Opinion Pages


Calls to Abolish ICE Get Cold Shoulder on Newspaper Opinion Pages

Jordan Holycross

“Abolish ICE,” once a rallying cry for a small number of leftists and activists, has become a national slogan of dissent against the Trump administration and policies that target Latino communities. Tens of thousands of people have taken to the streets in cities across the US to call for an end to family separation, detention and deportation.

"Of the 90 opinion pieces on the subject of ICE that were published in papers across the US from June 28 to July 18, 85 were explicitly against abolishing ICE, while only five were supportive."


Another good article from a FAIR associate.

ICE was never needed, and should never have been created. Once created, this and other post-9/11 gargoyles have embedded themselves and metastasized. They have become an
indispensable and reliable source of the human raw material for the private detention and incarceration industries, insuring obscenely high profits (paid for by Uncle Sam). The removal
of Trump will not change this in any substantive way. There are too many enjoying very good returns on their investment.

The only real solution to this cancerous tumor of an agency is to excise it. In other words, ICE should be abolished, immediately. It does not make us any safer. As long as it exists
it can and will be mis-used, whether y Trump or any successor. Follow the money!


None of the agencies created after the false flag attack we call 9/11 were needed. The people are asleep. I’ll give everyone an example, now everybody flying has to remove their shoes because a “terrorist” tried to destroy a plane with a shoe bomb.
I’ll tell you there’s a 99.99% chance it never happened. I say this because anyone who has worked with C-4 will tell you, a lit fuse will not detonate this product. The “terrorist” had just been to terrorist school in the M.E., and we’re supposed to believe he didn’t know this fact about C-4. I call BS. This is just one of the many, many lies forced onto the American people. If we had a real 4th estate, they would have reported what I wrote above, when it happened. This info. is not a secret, but we haven’t had a free press for many years.


Well, not unless there’s a detonator at the end of the fuse.:grinning:


Our USAn newspapers and MSM are devices which have seriously failed our citizens by being subsumed under a single banner on most issues presented to us. ICE does NOT EXIST TO PROTECT US. Parents aren’t taking their children and leaving everything else and everyone else they’ve ever known to walk, raft, swim, hide in vehicles, etc for ~2,000 miles to get to our border and request refugee or asylum status just to “get free hand outs” and “take our jobs.” Most face communities who have embraced 289(g) agreements with ICE and live in fear while here.

“Mexico” (And we’ve already established it mostly isn’t Mexico) is NOT sending their worst (no one is sending these people). It is utterly false that they are “murderers, drug dealers, rapists” and you shouldn’t be worried about one of these people taking your job! There are several countries south of Mexico before you get to Panama: Guatemala, Belize, El Salvador, Honduras, Nicaragua and Costa Rica. Most are beautiful tropical lands with mountains and volcanos. Most have many folks who speak English. Harden not your hearts. Life is almost always better here than where they have come from, despite their fear and mistreatment. Why is it bad there? Way more is the fault of USA’s money, guns, destabilizing covert actions, etc. than our media tells us about.

A large number of people will include a few bad folks. But there’s a reason you’ve never been shown actual statistics that demonstrate that someone coming here as a refugee or seeking asylum is any more likely to commit a crime than anyone else.
Because it isn’t true.

MOST are doing it for the same reasons people evacuate.
They’re doing it to protect their loved ones.

MSM includes the movies and television series sliding into our homes and minds. When characters portray Latins as bad folks, we tend to conclude that we’d better watch out and guard against them. It’s totally unfair. Be fair. Make friends with Latinos. Ask them to tell their stories. Listen carefully. After 45 years of living amongst them, I’m eager to befriend them and learn about their homelands and how they got here. And I do not ask them for their papers or take their pics when they don’t want me to. I do not insist that they speak to me in English.


Most Americans don’t want to abolish ICE.


Detonators are not used with fuses.


I don’t know man, i stuck a lot of fuses with a detonator at the end in TNT sticks. They always went boom really nice.