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Calls to "Abolish the Death Penalty" Grow as Trump's Last-Minute Execution Spree Kills Brandon Bernard

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2020/12/11/calls-abolish-death-penalty-grow-trumps-last-minute-execution-spree-kills-brandon

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Just a continuation of our policy outside of prison. We have been murdering as back as I can remember. That’s one reason we don’t ever hear of any remedy, just denials.


A psychopath kills on a whim, because he can, just for kicks. But, he, like a gang boss, need not personally do the deed. Now we know–were there ever any doubt–the caliber of the six “conservatives” jammed onto the Supreme Court by entities of similar sort. Plus, the willing needle-jabbers in Indiana. Nazis–OUR Nazis. Not killing the rest of us, just yet. Wait 'til we become really inconvenient to them. Think they will have any second thoughts, any…scruples? Hannibal Lector on Pennsylvania Ave.


The death penalty has always spoken of our national character. It says that we are a mean spirited, vengeful, racist nation. Always have been.
Maybe the next iteration of America will do better. I doubt it, but maybe.


We won’t become a real threat to the fascists until like the communist party, their political power and wealth is really threatened.

Again why didn’t Obama do this with his massive majority in the House and Senate? Just so people could bitch about something and blame the Reds?

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So a privileged mass murderer whose acts were deliberate in causing the death of close to 300,000 people from Covid-19 is in a hurry to spill yet even more blood. He must pray to the goddess Kali. Clearly, he and “christian” fascists are only “pro” life when it comes to fetuses.

“Brandon (Bernard) and everybody on death row is poor. Not a single person sentenced to death in this country or the 1,500 plus people who have been gassed, shot, electrocuted, and lethally injected ever had money.”

Let’s let that sink in.


The pro life conservatives on the supreme court wouldn’t re examine his case. He did not kill, he drove and burned the car after the murder. My newspaper described the victims as “a religious couple from Iowa.” The cons on the supreme court said churches can be open during Covid-19. In Virginia, and probably elsewhere, church goers are dying. Are not the Cons on the Supreme court accomplices to the deaths of religious people? Should they be subject to the death penalty?

And here are some of them:


Here are some of the disturbing tweets that I’ve seen:

Hope he has suffered over the past 20 years, and hope his death is painful as well. Why did we wait 20 years and let this piece of crap thug suck down our tax dollars all that time?Should have put a bullet in him the first night.

Brandon Bernard is scum who deserved to die. Those of you mourning his death would mourn Ted Bundy if the corporate press told you to.

Brandon Bernard deserved to die and he should have been executed a lot quicker than he was.

Human beings have a dangerous capacity to dehumanize others. I am not sure how we more beyond this, or keep it in check. Until we do, we will continue to see people taking pleasure in inflicting horrendous suffering and brutality.


Torrents of blood on tiny hands


My heart breaks for this poor fellow. What monster does this? Acts like this poison our whole society.


tRump just is mad and wants to kill someone. This shows he had the power to take someone’s life without actually getting his hands dirty.

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Very well said, and completely accurate.

It would not be at all unfair of us to inflict the death penalty on those who, under color of law, eagerly inflict it on others.

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State-sanctioned murder is still murder.
Abolish the death penalty,NOW!

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