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Calls to #StopBetsy After Education Secretary Takes 'Horrific Step Back' on Title IX


Calls to #StopBetsy After Education Secretary Takes 'Horrific Step Back' on Title IX

Jessica Corbett, staff writer

"Today, Betsy DeVos and the Trump administration chose to tip the scales in favor of rapists and perpetrators."


DeVoid (of brains/intellect/sanity)…go back to what you know best: shopping at Bergdorf Gooman or Bloomingdales, attending GOP fundraisers, and lunching with your snarky sisters…the Kardashians await you. Get out, move on, and never, never come back, bee-ahtch.


How can anyone who identifies as a woman be defending the misogyny of so-called “men’s rights”???


Photo of a greed-driven cipher with contempt for others - Yeah, laugh you hideous creature, De Void of common decency (along with your depraved brother) ! The tide is turning and will become a tidal wave to wash the trump regime scum away - and you will find yourself out of your position and a pariah among students and parents! I would use obscenities, but will control my anger…


Finally figured out what is going on with she and the codpiece mercenary: permanently caught in a self-reinforcing hormonal fetish loop


I said it the first day: Betsy DeVos must be stopped. Why is the country so damn inattentive to what this woman is? She’s already pushed millions back into a poverty script with her instant dismantling of the student loan repayment program that took DECADES to get and yank control from the predators.
And now this. What will it take for this country to realize DeVos is potentially as threatening as any Cabinet member Trump chose. We cannot afford her evil idiocy for four years, and our kids are going to be harmed no matter what, she is a total weasel with lots of cash. The youth and the environment are two things we can’t do over.


codpiece…too funny…:joy:


Well, we now know at least one sheltered person in the current admin that has never been sexually assaulted, or been the target of misogyny, and has never been raped, nor has she ever known about someone in her own family who has suffered such.

But man, she’s on her knees before djt right now.


“Men’s Rights” are a cornerstone of the perverted version of funny-dementalist “Christianity” that DeVos & Co. want to impose on all of us when their Dominionist Theocracy replaces our Constitution.*  She has been brain­washed with this bullshit all her life, just as she wants to brainwash all of our children by destroying public edu­cation and turning our kids over to her church-affiliated charter schools.  As Wereflea pointed out a couple of days ago, DeVos version of “Christianity” is the diametric opposite of the philosophy of Jesus – a return to the Old Testament values of Patriarchy, strict rules & harsh judgement in place of brotherly love and forgiveness.  IMHO, it’s a corp­orate wet-dream of survival of the fittest and anything goes – or Ayn Rand on steroids.

* IIRC, the RePooplicans control roughly thirty state legislatures and/or governorships.  Just a few more, and they’ll be able to convene a Constitutional Convention – for which there aren’t any rules – so a “Christian” Theocracy in place of our pseudo-Democracy is a real possibility.  And you can forget the First Amendment, that’s for sure . . .

She’s every bit as dangerous as Pruitt, maybe more so.  What will become of our children – the future of our nation – if our public schools are destroyed and replaced with right-wing “religious” brainwashing that Global Warming is God’s Will and punishment for our “sins” (along with a lot of other crap)?

The Proselytizers and the Privatizers

What would you expect from the queen of pyramid schemes? Can’t eat cake, let them sell Amway.


Somebody needs to slap some sense into that slack-jawed bimbo. Or fire her. God! I despise her to the core.


I am fighting to get Betsy Devos out of office as quickly as possible for many reasons. HOwever, I support her position on this. After applauding friends of my college age daughter who effectively heightened awareness and demanded classmates not allow, partake in, promote or ignore sexual misconduct amongst their peers, something awful happened to my son’s best friend on another campus. He was accused of making a girl feel sexually threatened on campus 3 years after what he claims was an act of mutual consent freshman year with 3 years of amiable acquaintanceship and no further intimacy or desire for intimacy on his part in all that time. Without a shred of evidence, he was not deemed guilty of anything, but considered a Title IX risk and kicked off campus for a semester. Life path and relationships very disrupted. I believe him innocent. . It was awful and unfair. I know there are many stories of victims on both sides of this question and probably more of women not seeing perpetrators get their just desserts, but after this incident, having more of a preponderance of evidence seems wise and just. Two wrongs don’t make anything right.


OK, I was reluctant to state this, but maybe Devos herself needs to be raped so she can see if she likes it…


So people are mad that she rescinded a policy that effectively stripped the accused of due process, significantly lowered the burden of proof allowing the accuser’s word be enough to get a student expelled?



Ya. What the f has become of the left? It’s calamitous.


Anyone, male or female, enabling, encouraging, and empowering such horrendous actions to go unaddressed deserves to be assaulted themselves. It is the only way they can learn compassion for others pain.


My fear right now is at a point there just won’t BE schools in some areas. Kansas is sort of an test case on this, for reasons other than DeVos, but related to the entire coup, as it were. A couple of years of DeVos will potentially destabilize regions where there are problems, whether it’s Kansas or Detroit.
Which adds to DeVos’ smiley evil-worse than just what she does daily. The big picture is purposeful destabilization and don’t think for a minute she is not consciously doing it. Like Trump, just under a different ruse.
It’s unprecedented. But with Trump and co. they will come up with an excuse for ANYTHING. Schools not opening in September? "It’s because you socially decadent libtards “won’t do what we say!”


I agree that it’s quite possible that there won’t be any PUBLIC schools, but the funny-dementalists have enough influence in Kansas to violate the 1st Amendment with impunity and shift all taxes intended for public schools to charter schools that are affiliated with religious organizations.  The Department of Justice under Sessions won’t lift a finger to stop this.  If it is challenged, and the case somehow does get before the SCOTUS, their 5-4 tilt to the right will declared religious schools are “in the public’s interest”, just like korporations are “people” now.


Fester, you are so right! This is the most frightening thing about the policies of the current Administration and its supporters, and many of us saw it coming. I have the book, “American Fascists” by Chris Hedges on my bookshelf right now. I bought it about 10 years ago, right after reading about it right here on Common Dreams. In it, Chris warns of the ultimate goals of Dominionists. Time and history are proving him to be right. I highly recommend the book to everyone here. It will help you read between the lines and connect the dots which lead to a very scary place!


" Title IX, the federal law barring sex-based discrimination in schools"
“enable schools to increase standards of proof when disciplining students accused of sexual misconduct”

Title IX was supposed stop discrimination, but somehow got turned into a carte blanche to expel anyone accused of “sexual misconduct”. No proof required. My guess is that’s what is being stopped with these new rules.

Feel free to search “title IX lawsuits” and see what really goes on.