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Cambridge Analytica as the Matrix: Information Dominance and the Next Level of Fake News

Cambridge Analytica as the Matrix: Information Dominance and the Next Level of Fake News

Juan Cole

The 1999 film “The Matrix,” written by Lana Wachowski (formerly Laurence “Larry” Wachowski and Lilly Wachowski (formerly Andrew Paul “Andy” Wachowski), depicts a future in which human beings have been imprisoned by machines in capsules that siphon off their heat and energy and which create the illusion of everyday life to fool them into thinking they are at liberty.

The film falls into the genre of cyberpunk, begun by Canadian author William Gibson with his “Neuromancer” in 1984, and ironically enough written on a mechanical typewriter.

Here I thought Trump made up the phrase, “Fake News.”

He paid for it to be tailored to his own agenda.

C’mon, Juan. Do you mean to tell me the American people are stupid enough to be led around by the nose like this? If I were a patriotic US American, I’d resemble that remark!

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Prof. Cole calls it “propaganda” when someone accurately characterizes the neoliberal, entitlement slashing, mass-incarcerating, NAFTA/TPP-championing Clintons as “anti-labor.”

But this bit of liberal gaslighting is akin to labeling someone a propagandist for “misrepresenting” Donald Trump as a racist.

Because sometimes the record speaks for itself, Professor, so clearly that no amount of partisan hackery can obfuscate the truth.

With “Democrats” like these in charge, even slave-labor economies like Malaysia’s are given America’s blessing (not that the U.S. has room to talk, with more African-Americans in cages, laboring for pennies an hour, than at the height of Antebellum slavery – per Michelle Alexander’s deservedly acclaimed and indispensable “The New Jim Crow”).

Good liberals need to stop trying to put lipstick on the disease-ridden and debased pig that is the modern, primary-rigging, left-silencing Democratic Party. Post-1970s Democrats are nothing more than the other far-right, warmongering, environment-destroying, systemic racists obliterating the rule of law, normalizing torture/assassination/spying, and crushing dissent on behalf of omnicidal plutocrats.

Neo-fascist, “moderate,” radically conservative, or whatever you want to label the Clintons and their ilk, the last thing you could call them is “pro-labor.”

Please stop lying to the left.


Who gets the top prize for fake news—Fox “News”. The corporate media wanted a Clinton vs.Bush in 2016. And the people said NO! What people don’t seem to grasp is that Bernie was the MODERATE candidate running in 2016.

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The Democratic Party Establishment, the DNC, and Hillary Clinton herself grasped it, and then threw it in the trash.

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Interesting. And thank you Juan Cole for continuing to write. You are obviously putting a lot of effort in, I imagine because you sense the danger.

There are very few people on top of the news, and many still have cable TV.

I think what we have here is tried and true propaganda brought to the next logical level. It will not fool everyone, that is not expected. The expectation is to influence public opinion and sentiment, much like both the tobacco lobby and then the oil and coal industry manufactured a disinformation campaign which appears to have been very effective in the climate wars.

No - we have a new threat obviously, to add to the already extensive list.

If a well educated electorate is not the very first priority - we suffer - and we are suffering - and as no ready remedy suggests itself - we will continue down this road until the signal of climate change and resource scarcity, and of the many existential threats which accompany these two rise above the noise of these orchestrated disinformation campaigns and absolutely demand solid answers to real threats.

Juan, there is another issue here. To what degree is FB & Zuckerberg or are They responsible for Trump winning and for misleading voters in general? To what degree is Zuckerberg responsible for genocide in Burma? Should he be charged with War crimes? Clearly the new media and the Old have failed since the fairness doctrine died. But these are crimes and if so the holy grail of profit is not enough to immunize them against facing charges for treason and genocide at the worst and stealing the election at the least.