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Cameron Called Out for 'Cynically' Exploiting Refugee Plight to Escalate War



"Cameron is cynically using the refugee crisis to urge more war," the letter continues. "He should not be allowed to."!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


At least he is open about it. That is what it is all about - get the people favorably inclined towards war with Syria because of the refugee crises. Never mind that most refugees do not even come from Syria. The US and Britain want to do to Syria what they have done to Iraq, Afghanistan, Libya, Yemen - create total disaster. Puting has pointed that out and now the US is mad at Putin and Russia.


The hard liners like Cameron talk about Assad and ISIS but they fear a future where accepting refugees will become the norm. They want to avoid setting a precedent where they would be required to continually accept refugees as climate change and climate change caused conflicts and wars keep a steady stream of refugees seeking entry into Europe. Having failed to establish a 'no welcome' agenda since Germany and others in Europe opposed such a limitation, hard liners seek to forestall the envisioned constant stream of immigration ahead.

When it comes to refugees, it seems that the hard liners actually do believe that global warming is a serious issue.


Because of the dangers these leaders like Cameron pose when they say what could in fact lead to WW3 or thermonuclear war. They should all be arrested and locked into an insane asylum.


Cameron knows what white European colonialists have always known -- the deaths of non-whites in far-away lands is the path to great wealth. Cameron does not serve the interests of his country or its people -- he serves the interests of those who will line his pockets with the blood-soaked gold they took for themselves in the manufacture of arms and the resources stolen in the plundering of people around the globe.


Only cowards advocate wars in which they will not do any fighting.



These psychopaths are entrenched in very small, narrow frameworks and incapable of even comprehending other courses of action. I see a future where their hold on power becomes ever more tenuous and their fight to resist change ever more strident and violent.


Now,now, JohnnyJames - lets show some fundamental respect for pigs. They're intelligent, humorous and sociable. From that perspective do you really think it would be appropriate? :wink:


That video--that video--that video--Why independent thinkers are such a threat!


Except that he is serious, deadly serious.


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