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Camp Bucca, Abu Ghraib and the Rise of Extremism in Iraq

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/views/2019/10/28/camp-bucca-abu-ghraib-and-rise-extremism-iraq


What a travesty! Kathy Kelley has never been nominated for our given the Nobel Peace Prize. This angel of peace is snubbed and not even mentioned, while people that are war criminals like Obama win this award.


“We need not choose ignorance, or the hatred that lets us be herded in fear.”

That sounds really nice, however, “America” the Empire has never really lived up to the “ideal” that the platitudes we keep spouting off to others in our sanctimonious, hubris filled mental fog that WE live in - practice. Even now, Americans barely remember “recent history” (last 2 years), let alone have any interest in the past or (gasp) international history. I forget who wrote that “one man’s freedom fighter is another man’s terrorist” - but it is extremely on target and shows how perspective works. Americans are terrified, hell, Americans are terrified of each other - let alone the rest of the world; yet because their IS no “collective memory” in our conscience that allows US to remember the atrocities that have been committed “in our name” both at home or abroad we continue to be “shocked/frightened/horrified” when those same atrocities are committed “at home” by the next generations of those that WE have treated so callously. Shame on US all!

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Thank you Kathy Kelly for this article. I know how unpopular it is to speak the truth about U.S. war crimes. No one can blame these innocent people for being “radicalized” after the cruel and unusual punishment they suffered under the invaders. The big decision makers in the corporate boardrooms knew that this type of immoral behaviour would breed blowback which is precisely why it was encouraged. Arms manufacturers, the Pentagon and anyone who was paying attention knew that the evil that America rained down on the innocent iraqis and ‘foreign nationals’ would eventually cause some of them to band together (ISIS) and retaliate for the inhumane and unjust treatment of them and their families. But when retaliation came, it was news that was never delivered in a fair and nuanced explanation, but rather hyped up as an unprovoked and ruthless attack with no justification given except to say that they “hate our freedom”. ISIS will get more recruits now after it is plain to see for all muslims that Trump is the greatest threat to the Arab world. The most unfortunate part of this, aside from the brutality inflicted upon these people, is that too many people will blame average Americans like you and me for the suffering because of the false belief that we live in a functioning democracy. Rarely do these victims understand that we the people (the 99.9%) have no control over this evil cabal of oligarchs that have highjacked our government, our press and our judiciary. I can only hope that one day Americans will be strong enough to subject these corporate nazis to the same kind of treatment they have demanded for decades for our imaginary enemies.