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Campaign Reminds Voters: In General Election, Sanders Comes Out on Top


Campaign Reminds Voters: In General Election, Sanders Comes Out on Top

Deirdre Fulton, staff writer

With just weeks to go before the critical New Hampshire primary and Iowa caucuses, Bernie Sanders' campaign is trumpeting the fact that, in a head-to-head contest with any Republican candidate, he fares better than his Democratic rival Hillary Clinton.


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I agree with the headline. No doubt about it that Bernie would trounce any GOP candidate but the Democrats may be too stupid or too corrupt to care.


It not stupidity. It a calculated risk which the party establishment feels has no downsides .

If Clinton runs as candidate for President against a Trump or Cruz and loses, the party will still have its Corporate and Bankster friendly reputation intact.

They feel that in order to maintain this friendliness with the 1 percent , they can handle not being in the Presidency for four years and than coming back in 2020 to save the people from the Republicans , while keeping the same policy as the Republicans.

If Sanders prevails or it close the old guard, much like as happens in the Labor party in the UK , will try and sabatoge the campaign.


Corrupt yes, stupid no.
Dems have 2 priorities here; winning (and they know they'll win either way), and barring anyone with a progressive agenda to become dem. candidate.
I just hope that those rooting for Sanders do not deflate by refusing to vote when Clinton becomes the candidate. These are valuable votes sorely needed to lift 3rd parties out of obscurity.


Suspira, there will be no 2020.

Although the polls look good for Bernie, and as a supporter and contributor to his campaign, I applaud his efforts and standing, neither he nor we will get through this thing without exposing, publicly 'calling-out', and confronting the Empire --- the Disguised Global Capitalist Empire that has captured, controls, and now fully "Occupies" our former country as its nominal HQ, metropole, and disguise by merely 'posing' as a faux-democratic Republic.

The urgency for our 'body politic' is as a soldier with a sucking chest wound, which has not yet even been diagnosed.

If Americans are not educated to the existence of the Empire and do not become aware of the colossal extent to which this Disguised Global Capitalist Empire is setting people of the world against each other to protect the Empire from the people, then there will surely be massive violence and death simply to insure that this Empire can continue to exist at the cost of untold lives across many lands; both those lesser developed territories that the Empire has already bathed in chaos and death like; Iraq, Libya, Syria, Yemen, et al. and those advanced territories (AKA 'countries') like; America, UK, France, Germany, Japan, Israel, et al., which are already quietly controlled by the DGC Empire.

As Zygmunt Bauman hauntingly puts it, “In the case of an ailing social order, the absence of an adequate diagnosis…is a crucial, perhaps decisive, part of the disease.”

Berman, Morris 2011. "Dark Ages America; The Final Phase of Empire"


This article asks the wrong question, if Sanders is nominated more independents will vote for him, rather than "which candidate will attract more republican votes". For sure the rank and file republicans dislike Hillary to their very soul and feel Sanders is just a muckraker without leadership qualities pushing his ideas that he failed to implement when in the senate. I suggest the best thing for democrats would be a man does not generate disgust from either side, O'Malley.


I am pretty sure none of the polls have ever included O'Malley in a match-up. Supporters of the NRA dislike O'Malley, probably more than any other candidate. The NRA put him on the cover of their magazine once. Not surprising since Maryland now has the toughest gun laws in the country. Some blacks don't like O'Malley because of his policing policy when he was mayor of Baltimore. It is claimed the policy led to too many arrests for very minor crimes. I think the Democratic establishment believes Sanders would probably lose in the general election because of one word "socialism." I think they consider these match-up polls to be meaningless because the Republicans have not run any negative against Sanders. The last thing the Democratic establishment wants is a general election that is a referendum on socialism. My guess is that the establishment will continue to support Clinton and if her candidacy somehow implodes they would then switch to O'Malley. But Sanders has a lot of populist support so he might win.


Any major poltical leader that calls out that Empire will meet the same fate as Senator Wellstone.


The R's will manufacture soooo much dirt on Bill and Hill together. Nothing but trouble with her candidacy.

Think "swift-boating" times ten.

AND they already plan articles of impeachment for January 2017.

Get your feet on the ground, ring doorbells, make calls, email your Bernie pride! We've got to do this!


Both the Democrat Party and Republican Party have rigged the election process such that 3rd parties will remain obscure in every election cycle. Corporate media does their part to make that happen. Even if a minor political party managed to draw significant numbers of voters ( say perhaps 6% ), the Democrat Party will vilify them for helping throw the election to the radical rights candidate. ( Think Ralph Nader. ) After the 2000 election when we awoke to find out we had George Bush as our new President, Democrats demonized the Green Party for making it happen and never admitted the failures of their Party platform and what they had come to stand for.
Until we get rank voting/instant runoff voting, third parties will remain irrelevant. If Bernie fails to get the nomination, I will send a letter to the Federal Election Commission telling them that I cherish my right to vote but refuse to be part of their sham of an election process. Until they institute IRV in our elections I will choose to stay home and not waste my time.


Facial expression is media's animalistique favourite;
Cd perpetuates violent pics and attitudes.
Watch plutocracy's magique with polls!


Exactly, not stupid! Your post is exactly why I have called the Democratic party: THE FAKE OPPOSITION!


Any major leader that is perceived as a potential threat to step on the toes of the Amerikan Empire is eliminated like: JFK,MLK,RFK, Wellstone,Saddam Hussein, Khadaffi, and too many more to name here.


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Relevant here is a January 4th article on Counterpunch (.org), titled, "Why Sanders Will Not be the Democratic Nominee, No Matter What Happens in the Primaries". Look for the link at the bottom of the left-hand column of articles.


"Bernie as the nominee puts our party in a stronger position to defeat Republicans."

...and Blue Dogs and the DNC and conservative Wall Street Democrats too.


Don't forget Sen. Bulworth:


Bernie Sanders is an honest good man who has a lot to offer to all the people. All of the other candidates are full time representatives of the rich and powerful, and the only interest they have in us is getting our vote. They are all crooks, scoundrels, and people of low character. Bernie Sanders is the best thing to come along in a very long time. It is going to be a long and hard struggle to get Bernie elected. The media is owned by the same corporations that all the other candidates work for and serve. We need to become our own media. Sanders gives a wonderful talk to 10, 000 people, and gets not a peep from the media. Trump sputters, curses, and calls people names and he gets front page, and a TV special report. To win we have to do what the media does and pass the word, talk to our friends, post on face book. Tell people why it is so important that they vote. Say a little prayer for the survival of our country, and please, please, please Dump Trump