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Campaign Was Not Radical, Says Sanders, Just 'What Most Americans' Want


Campaign Was Not Radical, Says Sanders, Just 'What Most Americans' Want

Lauren McCauley, staff writer

Bernie Sanders' presidential campaign proved to the corporate media and political elite that the progressive ideas he championed—healthcare for all, free college tuition, progressive taxation, a living wage—are not fringe ideas. In fact, as the senator explained in an exclusive interview with The Nation magazine, this is what most Americans want.


If even Bernie were elected, it would take his full force, as President, to man the Bully Pulpit on a continuous basis, as much as the Captured Media would allow a President to do, and to, through its use, mobilize the millions of Citizens who agree with him to effect the changes needed for our country to once again belong to Us.

That Hillary would accomplish any of this through Prodding of any kind would be great, but absolutely not likely.


Bernie did stand for what most Americans want. However, his endorsement of and campaigning for corporate tool and militaristic oligarch Hillary Clinton fatally cripples his message. The only Party and candidate who continues to stand for the things that the American people want is Green Party candidate Jill Stein. With Trump at near zero support among minorities and historically low support for a Republican from married women, there is no doubt that Hillary Clinton will become the next President. So, ignore the fear-mongering from the Clinton campaign and corporate media. If your conscience tells you that you should support the Greens and the Stein/Baraka Presidential ticket, then please vote for them. Getting the Greens to 5% of the national vote will help make them a viable alternative party for future elections at all levels. It will make them a real challenger to the Democrats - which have become the real center-right party in the U. S., while the Republicans have slid off the right-wing cliff to becoming a regional/minority fringe party. The establishment Democrats absolutely fear the rise of a truly progressive party that gives voice to average working and poor people. It is essential that that voice get your support to rise to challenge the hegemony of the establishment. Taking power is the only way we will ever get it. So, ignore Hillary and the fear-mongers. Bravely make a stand and vote for the Greens in November. Stein/Baraka 2016!


Once Hillary is the president, and she will be the president, she will be trapped in a gilded cage with little room to move in any direction.
That's when Progressives will have the upper hand.
Hillary will succeed or fail at the whim of Progressives. On that score Bernie is right.
Millions of Progressives mobilized to fight tooth and nail for or against Hillary is a good idea. On that score Bernie is right.
What Progressives need to know is that the Left will fight to bring Hillary's presidency down from day one.
Bernie and the Progressives can either join with the Left or not. That's up to them.


"Bernie and the progressives can either join with the left or not" They are the Left.


Sanders did his job, which was to make plausible the lie that you can have Predator Drones, F35's & Permanent War and still have money leftover for free college and healthcare for all. But it's a lie, you have to choose between quality of life and militarism. And it was obvious from the start that Sanders, like every other Democrat, was just another Pentagon Puppet.


Yes, she wouldn’t be that bird at Bernie’s rally but a ferocious vulture.


No they're not. The Left is much further to the left then Bernie and the Progressives are.
For example, the Left would never make the argument that any war that has been fought by the USA in the past 60 years was justifiable. Bernie has.


Don’t think he was ever a democrat with a big D: he did just what he thought he could do under the present political situation. He’s wrong but certainly not evil - surely that’s obvious.


The United States isn't the world.
There are forces lose in the world who will see to it that Hillary is crushed politically unless she bends a knee.


What pictures of partying?


Hillary has been found out before she's sworn in.
Hillary brings little Hope, and a mountain of distrust to the table.
Obama hoodwinked the Progressives with his empty promises long enough to make them all look like fools.


Thank you. I've seen that one and others of the Clintons and Trump but I thought by your statement,

you meant that Bernie was also in the photos. I haven't seen any of Bernie partying with the Clintons or Trump.


One thing you can count as the past as shown, is they take of themselves quite well.. In they I mean the Washington,DC crowd. The revolving door between congress and the corporations is spinning and spinning.
And you and I out in the "real world" suffering the consequences of neo-liberal capitalist policies are left to fend for ourselves..
Politics are a circus show for the elites as they pull the strings and watch us dance.


Have you not changed any of your thinking since the 60s? I sure have. It's called maturing. And of course the country has changed since then.


If Trump is elected, he will not be able to pass a lot of his "crazy ideas", too much opposition from the US and the world at large. If Clinton is elected, her and those behind her will do as they please, we have seen this from the democratic party a few months ago.
Electing Trump would get rid of Clinton and then the world would get rid of Trump.
Just saying...from an outsider.


Just. not. true. Read the words of his speech at the convention; not at all "loving." Read the words of this interview with The Nation, or even the excerpts in this OP; none of what you claim to "know" is supported or supportable.

The third school of thought is to take Bernie at his word and work for these same purposes under the real conditions of our country this year and going forward.


I have no idea what you mean by this. You call yourself "an outsider" and seem to have no understanding of how the US political system works.


Thank you, redravensounds.

I hope you are right...


" Sanders did his job."

Yes, he conned; he lied; he sold out to Hilliary!