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Campaigners Bid Harper Adieu While Vowing to Hold Liberals Accountable



Andrew you took the words right out of my mouth! If Harper was the Canadian George Bush, does that make Trudeau the Canadian Obama? Think about that! Time will tell and it will be interesting to see whether the Liberals (who do not need any coalition partners to which they must pander) will trot out the usual set of excuses for their compromise with organized money.


A definite improvement but I don't expect all that much from this kind of liberal. I'm glad Canada has a mass movement and I hope they continue to push and not be fooled by the "god cop vs bad cop" politics we see in the US.


Congrats to all above the 49th! You proved change can happen. Also congrats to each and everyone who did the political labor to bring out the voters. Hopefully, unlike the experience of those who supported and continue to support Pres. Obama, PM Trudeau will not have the bad fortune to have to deal with a Parliament fighting every positive action for the Canadian people

As per TPM this morning, a glowing bio of the new PM for those who aren't familiar with this well respected young man.



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Thank you for the info for we who are ignorant of the internal politics of our neighbor to the north. There will be time for the very pragmatic factors of
governing Canada. Just hoping all involved, workers, voters and the new PM,
will just take a moment to revel in the joy of the success, at last, of removing
Harper. It was a long time coming.


My comment from a previous post earlier today. there is good reason for Canadians to push Trudeau in a progressive direction.

Let's hope this great election victory actually represents real "change Canada can believe-in"!

We in the US were snookered by claims of "change" and "hope" but were largely betrayed IMO, and there are some issues with Trudeau's reported support for current "trade" deals and especially the tar-sands/XL pipeline environmental catastrophe........Hope is a terrible thing to lose...or to not have at all......



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Interesting information in the blog. Some I think my friend in Burlington,ON would appreciate and others would not make a lot of personal difference.
"All politics are local." noted by Tip O'Neill. And via C.Wright Mills, also are "personal." I also find it very interesting those in the US who feel betrayed by Obama, never seem to give much consideration to the other two branches of government. Then I tend to be one who believes small steps forward positive goals is progress.

Thank you for sharing both the article and opinion,.


Thank you. I do give great consideration to the "other two branches of government" Congress and the courts, especially SCOTUS. Congressional RepubliCons clearly have another seriously disturbed agenda and Dems have also shifted to the corporate right - partisan gerrymandering is some excuse for Dems on some issues in some districts. My seeming focus on Obama is his position and ability to use the "Bully Pulpit" which he has done little or none of on issues, informing the public even if he "couldn't get something passed" in Congress. Failure to lead and inform and push except on TTP, health care changes (I will not say "reform" as it is still dominated by a for-profit model, give-aways to profiteers and obscene costs.

My response to "small steps forward is progress" is - "You don't stick a knife in a man's back nine inches and then pull it out six inches and say you're making progress" - Malcolm X

Political oportunists, scammers, liars and shills for one thief or another say "we're making progress" (I am not referring to you) when they are really continuing to screw Americans and the world.......


Ah- so you're saying he sucks in advance. He isn't in office yet.Why not cut him a little slack. There will be plenty of time to trash him once he's made a few mistakes-or (can it be?) doesn't live up to his campaign promises.


I happen to think Justin sincere in his vision of Canada. While the son of an ex PM he was not involved in politics all of his life and was a school teacher until recently.

The problems will come from the party insiders and those that work the party apparatus in the background. These are the guys that will try to "guide" Justin along on their own desired course.

If he follows their lead and if he allows them that influence , it will be the same party it ever was one co opted by the Corporations.

I will give him the opportunity to display his mettle. At this early stage I have not seen any indication he will ignore the influence of those insiders


You may face one step forward and two steps back. Depends on Parliament as well. Though I fully realize we today in the US deal with what it was set up to be by the Founders, in a long lifetime IMHO the governmental circumstances have never been worse. When a former son-in-law, an atmospheric physicist, who still works for NOAA, talked about global warming back in the 1970s, I became a believer, but figured I wouldn't live long enough to experience it personally. Now all the hope I have for my grandchildren (now all young adults with two still in college ) is the few actions Obama has managed to accomplish by fiat, while wondering if they will live to see the equivalent of "Soilent Green."

Since I consider it most of all the primary issue all on this barely blue planet
what I hope for is your new PM will take more positive actions than Harper.
Our nations really don't end at the border nor the rest of the planet at the oceans.


Loved your MalcomX quote. Very much appreciate your clear understanding of my post. I'm not sure the "bully pulpit" would have done the job though it was clear Obama had not the personality and failed during the first years seeming to believe he could actually negotiate and work with the other Party and do what is supposed to occur in the political arena: compromise. The end result appears to have been in most major factor of possible change, half way measures. Just never tend to hold a POTUS for all the negatives or
half way measures that occur during their time in office.

I added more in a reply to saskatchistani. If you return to the thread suggest you check it out. No need to copy and paste it here, but it does explain a
bit more of my views.


Harper is out...what a HUGE relief. Another Trudeau is in...HOORAY! May Justin Trudeau's unassuming, charming demeanor serve him in enlisting the aid of the Green Party and NDP in forming needed coalitions to put in place progressive plans to undo all the economic and environmental harm caused by Harper and his henchmen. Say NO to TTP and CETA...these trade agreements are antithetical to the needs of the PEOPLE (including First Nations) and will serve any number of greedy, grasping corporations seeking to absolve themselves of any and all regulatory oversight; remove responsibility to their workers abroad and to all consumers of their products; increase the cost of pharmaceuticals worldwide; and to free them from adherence to established environmental and health standards (Canadian, e.g.) with operations in foreign lands...just to name a few bonuses for corporations. Shut down all tar sands extraction operations across the country; tether TransCanada; monitor mining to ensure safety and environmental laws are followed and so much more. Make the tar sands extractors responsible (financially and legally) for the clean up of all areas of their operations and compensate First Nations peoples whose lives and well-being are decimated/denigrated by the tar sands opns. And as for KXL pipeline, tell the Kochs "ils peuvent aller se faire voir."

Justin Trudeau will have his hands full when he assumes his PM mantle. May he be blessed with success, bonne santé, bon chance, and may he lead avec bonne grâce!


As my friend in the U.S. environmental movement said when discussing the Liberal Party in Canada, " they're not very liberal, really. " Of course, compared to Canada, Obama is no Trudeau, either. He'd be more like a Canadian Jim Webb. Axelrod is now 1 out of 2, having lost to Cameron's bunch, earlier this year. That's probably a good thing in the long run for progress in not so great Britain. Too bad the NDP got outflanked, and outsmarted, by Trudeau on deficit spending for infrastructure investment as someone noted here, earlier. This is equivalent to Hillary's left move on the gun issue and her back/closed door maneuvering on BLM, in our own Democratic primary. ( She'd, of course, adopt Bernie's position in the general and then " split the difference " some more if elected and we'd end up with armed rent-a-cops every where you can stick them. And, call it a jobs program. ) Well, at least that nutbag Harper has been desacked. In the words of another Trudeau supporter, " you can't always get what you want, but if you try sometimes you just might find, you get what you need. " The Rolling Stones


"The problems will come from the party insiders and those that work the party apparatus in the background. These are the guys that will try to "guide" Justin along on their own desired course."

That is exactly true SuspiraDeProfundis! I saw this myself with a non-politician elected to congress and the staffers given him by senior Senator - his clarity and vision of issues as candidate withered as he was "guided" to the party program, and that was the end of him and his promise. Hopeing Justin will/can resist the same fate and subversion of his integrity and hire independant experts on issues and can the party shills!


Trudeau favors the Keystone XL pipeline and seems to like the TPP and TTIP, yet expresses that he wants to do something about climate change, which is oxymoronic.


Why must we hear the negatives? So, a politician makes promises, and finds that times have changed and those promises don't make sense now. That should not be the news. The huge, very good news is that the Canadians have found their soul and have elected a smart, young person of great promise. So, at last, when there is a decision for Ottawa to make, it might be the sensible one that gets approved. Now maybe, in the United Nations the vote will be just Israel and the US against the rest of the planet, not with our little puppet in Canada joining in to make three no votes against 243 ayes. . Now maybe Canada can make real solid suggestions as the planet addresses global warming. This US citizen is happy today because of the good news from up north. And we need to understand that the Prime Minister can do nothing without continuous support from his people, those who elected him. So no more negative nonsense for today. Just open those beer bottles and enjoy!


Voters do not need to "hold elected officials accountable." We the People need to organize to exercise power, so we can face down the corruption and self-interest of the oligarchy and corporate state. What do we do if (when) an elected person does not fulfill their campaign rhetoric? Wait for the next election.

Elections and "representation" are not inherently corrupt, but what tools for "accountability of elected officials" do we have under the present system? Focusing on "accountability for elected officials" plays into the construct of "representative democracy" that has been so corrupted, spinning our focus to the NEXT election after the betrayals and corruption of the current cycle. "Lather, rinse, repeat."

We need to be honest with ourselves about what we are up against, and practice direct intervention in the economy. We need to build our own community capacity to literally meet our own basic needs, so that we can stand and face the corrupt political and economic powers that rule, without being trapped in dependency on those very powers.

This is hard, complex, and risky work, but far less risky than continuing on the path of "electoral accountability," which appears entirely insufficient for getting humanity and the Earth off the road to mass extinction, ecological and civilizational collapse.