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Campaigners Outraged After Top UK Court Overturns Ban on 'Climate-Wrecking' Third Runway at Heathrow

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2020/12/16/campaigners-outraged-after-top-uk-court-overturns-ban-climate-wrecking-third-runway

Noted, the UK Supreme Court is as out of step with the precarious position of humanity and all life on the planet as most of the SCOTUS.


Heathrow is one of the busiest airports in the world with four distinct terminals. Going through there as it is becomes an exercise in confusion and chaos. It is a good place to get lost, if you want to get lost.

These Port or Airport authorities need to realize that these expansion plans are not only climate destructive; but economically ill advised, as air travel absolutely needs to be reduced.


Unless I missed it, the article doesn’t mention the reasoning for expansion.
Volume? I thought travel was down in usage.
To accommodate private plane usage?

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Agree. Let’s hope this lot stay where they are:


Only 15% off people take 75% of the flights .

Carbon tax them off the scale those frequent flyers .

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Margaret Thatcher, “Let’s privatize British Airways and sell off government assets like Heathrow. It will be a win-win for everyone. What could go wrong?” Trickle-down trickling all over people again, and again, and again.


It is clearly absurd: not merely because of what has happened’ so much with this ‘ruling’ - I am hoping that it will not come to pass, the government has pledged too much emissions-reduction; but the legal-precedent it sets - that these lawyers can be so out of touch to not do the simple maths.

Instead of expanding airports, an insane action given the climate situation, we need to expand the Chunnel passages, expand high speed rail and replace as much air travel as we can’t eliminate.