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Campaigners Put Forth 'Cabinet Climate Test' for President-Elect Biden

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2020/12/03/campaigners-put-forth-cabinet-climate-test-president-elect-biden

Joe Biden’s BlackRock Cabinet Picks Show the President-Elect Is Ready and Eager to Serve the Rich

Joe Biden’s choice to install two former BlackRock execs in his cabinet is a major signal of his deference to Wall Street and the superrich. But it’s also a sign of the times: the world’s largest asset management company is revolutionizing finance by investing in capitalism itself.


It’s Joe Biden’s Swamp Now

So far, Joe Biden’s transition has hired liberally from Wall Street and corporate America, chosen appointees who have made multiple trips through the revolving door, and recruited fans of fossil fuels in the middle of a climate crisis. It’s little different than what we saw under Donald Trump.

Longtime Biden Adviser Lobbied on Behalf of Trump’s Corporate Tax Cut

Cynthia Hogan worked as a top lobbyist for Apple and led the NFL’s lobbying division during a high-profile domestic violence scandal.


It is notable that with 9 months of major USA shut down and in Europe, Brazil, etc, we are not reducing pollution. Yesterday, a steel mill on Lake Michigan’s southern shore spewed out dense visable dust into the air. The horizontal red-gray cloud was over 6 miles west to east.

The EPA, Chicago office, has 1,000 do nothing employees. Suggest we RIF the lot and hire chemists, engineers, biologists, and lab personnel. The current group was involved in Flint drinking water contamination. Not fixed yet.


On a positive note, the spewed crap from the steel mill actually blocked the Sun some for as long as it lasted in the air. Otherwise known as the aerosol masking effect. Stopping the pollution will warm Earth considerably. Most folks are unaware of this vital phenomena.

There’s no way any action that will actually matter in reducing GHG’s will come from the Biden administration. Sorry to be so pessimistic. Stopping deforestation, meat production, and curtailing the military drastically, along with air travel and unneeded transport may actually help. And we know that’s never gonna happen with any political regime in the Executive Branch of the US government. Turning most of the lights off too will help.

Open hearths in my hometown spewed orange rainbows.
We breathed that in.
Wondering how we have survived that and now we
hear for two days DC saying we’ve stayed ‘too long’.

By golly, secular consumerism wins.

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Maybe the title should be
Its Biden’s Titanic now.

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We will have a better idea of where Biden is coming from when he is confronted with raising tax rates on the rich.
Notably the over $400,000 suggestion.

Remember the Alamo, I mean the senate.

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