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Campaigns End on Election Day. Revolutions Don't


Campaigns End on Election Day. Revolutions Don't.

Jim Hightower

The fervent prayer of old-line Democratic operatives and corporate funders is that the Sanders Storm will dissipate now that Hillary Clinton will get the nomination, thus allowing politics — as — usual to reestablish its grip on the system. Here's why I think they're dead wrong:


If Hillary wants to make a true legacy beyond that of the first female president she should pick up Sanders' platform and run like hell with it. Doubt she will do so, but that would be her best position. The movement would need to constantly push her hard on reform.


"Far from wishing away the energetic millions who "Feel the Bern,"
entrenched Democratic elders should beg these hot—blooded activists to
revitalize the party."

Exactly right; that's what they should do.
What they will do, however, is continue to insult and repel the left, preferring to court disaffected Republicans. It's happening right now, and it's been going on for years.
If you liked war and the financial sector and giving Henry Kissinger a big ol' hug, what would you be most likely to do?


As usual Jim Hightower puts it down in great style.

Hillary "adjusted her wings to try riding some of the powerful thermals rising from America's grassroots" that "sprang in part from people's anger at being run over, then ignored, by the corporate and political elites" Clinton has been a "career-long corporate Democrat - but - began sounding more and more like Sanders, sympathizing with the rising fury of working-class families and becoming at least Bernie-lite on several populist proposals".

That supposed "shift" was all BS and smarmy political calculation from Clinton with ZERO truth or morality behind it! Hillary, like partner Bill, and Obama, and numerous other DINO Dem criminals, works for wealth and power and only gives to the 99% when there is no other choice or threat to their client 1% banker/wall street/corporate war-machine patrons. She is not a leader, or politician, of moral conviction - but an empty schemer that will do or say anything to deceive to gain the Oval Office.

The refusal by the Dem establishment and Clinton herself, in her arrogance to adopt, articulate, and support openly without qualifications or dissembling, the issues critical to Bernie and the Sandernistas - the 99% and our republic, may cost her the "election" and stick America with Trump's pathology and stupidity, and the nutters he will bring along with him - including nominating and confirming several Supremes.

"She is a Wall Street flunky and a liberal imperialist with pronounced neocon predilections, who is shamelessly obeisant to all the usual suspects – from the fracking lobby to AIPAC" - A.L.

"While Bernie was the oldest candidate running for president, in heart, soul, vigor, and vision he is by far the youngest" - and the one with a functional moral compass!


Thank you Jim Hightower for not recommending Sanders supporters vote for Clinton, and for pointing out what was accomplished by Sanders' campaign. He may not be our next president, but he has done what no recent politician has been able to do and that was wake many people up to their own personal power and the power of collective action. I for one am truly grateful for that. It's more than most of our presidents have been able to do for We the People. Vive la revolution!


Walk away from Hillary as fast as you can, towards the Greens and Jill Stein in the Fall. We need to send an unmistakable message to Shillary and her ilk that we WILL take you down in the Fall. She should lose by the margin that Stein gets, so she knows where her defeat came from, and why. Then we will finish kicking them out of the party and take it over for The People. #NeverHillary. Jill Stein 2016!


The only issue I have with this missive, and I may have simply read it wrong, is that he seems to think this movement is going to remain inside the D. party. It's not, Some may remain in an attempt to help Bernie reform a corrupt party, but the majority will find other, independent, outlets to further the revolution.


Bernie showed, among other things, that the Democratic Party is ripe for a democratic socialist takeover. I view both parties as empty shells, without portfolio, and like the hermit crab whomever occupies the shells determines the agendas. Bernie came very close even with the cheating and shenanagans of the DNC, and Clinton's breathtaking overwhelming support of America's minorities. The American Socialist Michael Harrington recommended this approach, "Reasoning that the socialist vote had declined from a peak of approximately one million in the years around World War I to a few thousand by the 1950s, Harrington believed that if socialists were ever going to leave their mark on the country, it would have to be done through the Democratic Party..."Wikipedia.


As much as I am likely to vote Green for president this fall, the Greens themselves don't look to be the long term solution to lead the movement. I think we need a new progressive entity, one that includes ALL left organizations in some sort of formal or informal coalition. IMHO.


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I worry (edit: or more to the point - 'wonder') about the identity politics implied in "American Socialist". Much of what needs to be done is grassroots implementation of DEMOCRATIC restoration of balances by legislation. It seems the quote about "American Socialist Michael Harrington" is playing right into the hands of a power bloc that is just salivating for a new target that continues to deflect attention from the fact that it has so far managed to scramble the focus.


If I understand you correctly, it seems you are recommending an ad hoc approach and I see great value in that. Ultimately, it seems to me, the idea of party is important, as long as it means something, and is not changeable, in its principles, with each new election cycle. Yes, I think it is important to have real political parties.


The main goal for the rest of the campaign is to make sure Hillary NEVER becomes POTUS. After that we eject her, and her owners from control of the Democratic Party and take it over for The People. It won't happen in one cycle. It took the Clintons several years, and the oligarchs over a decade to take it away from the traditional coalition, and it will take time and walking in the wilderness to get it back. Don't be stampeded into backing down by the fear-mongering like we have in the past. Stand firm and stand with Jill Stein in the Fall. Make Hillary lose by the margin that the Greens get! #NeverHillary. Jill Stein 2016!


One of the most effective ways they accomplished this was by "primary-ing" people, mostly in the House members in safe districts. They lost a lot of the time, but didn't quit.


Good points. Gnarly stuff isn't it?


The progressive 'revolution' is still trying to dry out after having cold water dumped on their heads by Jim Hightower's and Bernie Sanders' support for Hillary Clinton.


This just was not going to be my favorite Jim Hightower moment, now was it?

I know that he is not trying to run apologia for Clinton. However, he is trying to usher people like me back into the party.

Jim: no go. Jim, this is wrong and wrong and wrong and bent badly in a number of places. I am shipping this thought back to you, Jim, and I want you to fix it.

Just look at all the places where it is broken:

  • Sure Clinton is smart. So are wolves. She is not with us; she is against us.
  • Clinton only sounds like Sanders when he caved in and endorsed her
  • Cynical? Clinton publicly rewarded Wasserman-Schulz for fraud and theft in aborting small-d democracy within the big-D party.
  • Cynical? Clinton's minions kept language against the TPP from the platform.
  • Cynical? Clinton has made an obvious public show of giving nothing to Sanders.
  • Cynical? What about the supposed 11th-hour conversion of her VP against TPP while her party engine maintains it in place?
  • Cynical? "We came, we saw, he died"? Was Jeffrey Daumer "cynical"?
  • Of course Sanders brought energy and vision to the party. That is why the DNC, banksters, false-"news" media, and a sitting president had to collude against his candidacy and against his followers. They moved to blind that vision, to poison that energy, to kill it.

Of course the movement is organic, and of course it is not over. Punning is not proving, but I do not regard the following as altogether arbitrary:

  • We did not want the Kool-Aid,
  • I do not want the DNC-Clinton pesticide
  • I am resisting the Roundup, Jim, and I think you ought to do so clearly
  • That which is organic is going to be Green.


Thank you Jim, you are correct. There is no way in hell the revolution will end if HRC is crowned. Especially after warning all through the race that Bernie was being cheated and now to have proof.
For me, though I'm sad it happened, I'm also mad as hell and not going to take it anymore. I'm ready to fight now more than ever. Party unity is a poke in my eye. They can't even acknowledge the election was tampered with how can they go on with this lie now and try to unify Democrats? Wishful thinking.
I will vote for Jill Stein, work for Bernie's new groups and any others that share my values.
They have poked the bear and now they can live with constant threats of rebellion, resistance and protests along with an up and coming third party.
Let's make Hillary a one term president. (That's if she doesn't lose to Trump, which I think is a strong possibility.)
Jill Stein for a new party of the people.


That's what I've been saying for a long time. Obviously there are lots of protest groups out there that share the same values. All of those groups under one banner would instantly create a power bloc. They can still fight for their cause but be under one banner for voting and pushing progressive candidates whether they are Green or not, into the government.