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Campus Battle Heats Up Over BDS


Campus Battle Heats Up Over BDS

Naomi Dann

On April 14, the Doctoral Students Council (DSC) at the City University of New York Graduate Center passed a resolution endorsing the boycott of Israeli academic institutions.


God favors the side with the heavy artillery.

-- Napoleon


Thanks, Naomi, for the update on some of the anti-BDS issues in the U.S. Up here in Canada, our federal government just passed by a large majority a resolution (on Feb 22) "condemning" the BDS movement and all those who participate in it. It looks like the CIJA (our version of AIPAC) is pressuring our elected officials to go the next step and actually outlaw BDS as France has recently done. If you're Canadian please contact your Member of Parliament and let him/her know how you feel about such a limitation on your rights of free speech and free association. How did your M.P. vote? Check here:
BDS is our most effective tool against the brutal and sadistic occupying regime in Palestine. Let's be vigilant that this tool is not taken away.


The boy who cried anti-Semitism.


Because many people now get their news from sources other than MSM, more people, and a preponderance of younger people, are getting news the isn't filtered through MSM's pro-Israel lens.

So instead of just hearing about Palestinians terrorists and rockets they're hearing about Israel soldiers executing Palestinian prisoners - and how much of the Israeli public thinks that's fine.

So the Zionists are panicking. They set up the Canary Mission website to try to prevent Palestinian activists on campus from getting jobs and they're trying to suppress free speech by claiming it's anti-Semitic. They're encouraging schools alumni and donors to tell the schools donations will stop unless they put a muzzle of pro-Palestinian groups on campus. They're pushing through anti-BDS legislation.

If Clinton is elected all of these efforts will be enthusiastically supported by the White House.

BDS: People powered economic diplomacy.