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Can a Mass Movement Seize This Anti-Trump Moment?


Can a Mass Movement Seize This Anti-Trump Moment?

Shamus Cooke

Change is in the air. Millions of people in the U.S. woke up to the living nightmare of a Trump presidency. The threat and shock posed by Trump jolted hundreds of thousands off their couch and into the street. People of all ages now want to “do something,” joining protests nationwide that the Washington Post called “a roiling movement across the country.”


We have never had a riper moment or a better opportunity to build and coalesce a strong progressive movement. Doing so will require more than being anti-Trump. It will require building bridges and being FOR a sound program of economic and climate justice that speaks to and rallies the majority. This may be our greatest and last chance.


" it’s possible that Trump can be prevented from becoming president. The establishment will act to stop Trump before the masses achieve it themselves. Not only because most of the establishment doesn’t like Trump, but because they fear that a revolutionary movement will target the entire ruling class next, and capitalism after that."
Nope! Its not even remotely possible! The reasons are twofold, frankly, and all arrogance aside they are also quite irrefutable;
The two reasons why people like the author of the article and the New Left will not achieve some kind of 'halt' to Trump "Assuming power" let alone some sort of anti capitalist new left authoritarian utopia:
1) Whatever the answer is, if its going to work it cannot be based on a lie
This is very simple and it is also a truism. Its been very recently proven that almost literally 5 of every 10 Americans is sick to death of the New Left fake 'diversity' and the nightmare of 'PC' and its inherently anti-1st amendment platform as well as the authoritarian tax-surveille-coerce-control model of the fake "left". Unless the new left assumes an entirely new (or resumes their traditional 'freedom means the freedom to Not Conform') platform, then the reality is that like the article I'm responding to, their 'position' is a lie and thus cannot work.
2) Continued Payment = Approval (of everything, frankly)
This one is even simpler and equally irrefutable. If you Pay? You Approve! So to the author and anyone who actually agrees with him..are you still paying? Then Nothing....I repeat..Nothing...will change and too, your position is a false one. You cannot pretend to want radical change in America and yet be unwilling to make even the non-violent (on our end anyway) sacrifice of 'non-payment'. You cannot pretend to be for radical change yet continue to buy starbucks coffee and use google and pay taxes etc..etc..etc.. Cannot be done. Non payment is the Citizens Nuclear Option. And I Don't See This Irrefutable Truth Being Even Mentioned by Anyone In The 'Movement' Once again your 'Movement' is fake. Now, if "hundreds of thousands" (as the article states) were to tell congress that they are not only withholding their taxes but are also 'loaning' them to a slick progressive law firm to deal with their issues..and they created a genuine old-school Democratic platform foregoing PC and nannystate nightmares like 'lifestyle taxation' and anti 2nd amendment hatred...and they also created a BDS (boycott/divestment/sanctions) aspect and then maybe throw in FM-24 tactics...yeah..you could win..I'd join up. I'm ready with resources. But not if its a lie. Sorry, but as it stands your 'movement' is a joke...especially to guys like Trump and his minions.


Okay. I agree with that portion..so..bridge builder..you ready to lay off the rabid anti 1st amendment nightmare that Political Correctitude has become? Are you willing to lay off the 2nd amendment hate of the New Left and say to someone like myself "hey, you passed the background check..so frankly whatever gun you want to own is...none...of...my..business!" You ready to back off the increasingly nightmarish and never ending "Taxation Of Everything" that is being used to create a Bureaucratic "Class" (that now officially outnumbers manufacturing jobs 2-1) an seeks to use the "Surveillance - Coercion - Control" model running the gamut from 'soda taxes' (a genuinely vile notion of pure New Left arrogance and in reality contempt for others as it takes money from poor people and everyone else to set up a bureaucracy that exists solely to point the finger at people and tell them 'how bad their choices are') to straight-up mass surveillance in the form of RFID based 'everything' and the 'oh gosh how fabulous' nightmare of a 'cashless society'...are you willing to back off of that? Are you willing to build a bridge here and now with an old school liberal x-er who just wants SOME personal autonomy? I already believe and defend the big ones..Eco..(yes global warming is the real threat to all life) romantic and reproductive freedom are simply choice for me..again..I want...autonomy...the New Left "Progressives" do not. This is the Bridge. This is what it looks like. Get off my back...do not tell me how to speak or what to eat or how to live and the Bridge is Built. Otherwise its all just fake "Diversity" used as camouflage for a truly terrifying authoritarian nightmare. There it is. Bridge? Or No Bridge? Real freedom or more rhetoric?


Maybe you prefer the Obama/Hillary police state. By building bridges I do not mean capitulation to the right on key progressive issues. I mean reaching out beyond the bullshit partisan divide and building on common ground issues: corporate corruption, anti-racism, protecting our communities and planet from fossil fuel companies, demanding citizen representation . . . Some Trump voters are indeed neo-nazis. Most are not. If all you can do is stomp your feet and libel the "other side," do us all a favor and leave. What we need to build on is the working class anger at the corrupt monstrosity of capitalism which feeds on war, debt and social division. That is what defeated Hillary and the DNC, even in a dangerously misguided way. We can help the right tear this country into chaos or we can help each other confront what really threatens all of us.


Interesting, no protests opposing all Obama's wars. Also interesting is that there were no protests when Clinton and the DNC stole the election from Sanders. Has Soros funded the organizers to protest Trump, because he believes they can change the results of the election? It seems to me that people are being played and their energy is being diverted into efforts that are not useful. Perhaps it is all to take attention away from the battle within the Democracy Party - I don't know. I just know there is a reason the protests are being organized and funded. I guess we need to follow the money.


Maybe the "Left owns the streets" where the author lives, but it sure as hell doesn't own the streets out here in rural Trumpland. Maybe there are Left groups and coalitions to make demands on local municipalities where the author lives, but there are none, here, nor are there in much of rural and suburban America. The only people you'll see "taking it to the streets" in these areas for the next month are holiday shoppers. The hard fact is that very few people have either the interest or the resources to take down the establishment because they are very much a part of it.

Attempting to change the same old, business as usual, order by the same old, business as usual, forms of working within the system to effect change isn't working or Trump wouldn't be about to step in the in White House. Perhaps most salient of all, the historic revolutions the author lists as successes were some of the most brutal and bloody episodes in modern history. If the Left is willing to play with fire by taking it to the streets as the author recommends, it should fully expect to get burned. True revolutions of the kind needed to bring down an entrenched established order are seldom peaceful. Riot police are not there to sing Kumbya.


Well, the answer to Cooke's title question here is probably "Yes," and that's interesting. If we assume a mass movement, then the odds of some measure of success are pretty good. Trump will be unpopular, and there will be a response. There already is, it seems, though that word movement seems to imply some direction.

The questions include what sort of movement and what might be involved in the seizure, including who seizes what from whom and how: it is never just a moment that is seized. However, the fact that much of this response only came in response to Trump's election casts the motivations of protesters very deeply into question. Neither the corporatist agenda of the Clinton wing nor the broad insider collusion to steal the party nomination, nor the acceptance of foreign money to bribe the United States further into war were enough of the right sort of evil to prompt a like response, though they were apparently enough to cost the Democrats in the election itself, finally.

Unfortunately, is such a broad range of reasons both personal and political to dislike Donald Trump that the response against his presidency is not helpful in typing the people who respond against him. That's no reason to not move against Trump or his policies. But that does not mean that being against Trump gets the rest of us out of reworking the rot that has sunk the Democratic Party over the last quarter century.

So, here's to change. What sort did you have in mind?


A mass movement will have to go far beyond protests and elections to achieve its goals. Both resistance and resilience will be needed.

On the resistance side it will take a lot of civil disobedience and boycott (which can be accomplished indirectly by supporting local economies and fair trade partners below under Resilience)

On the resilience side, much of the effort involves building the alternative. This is the really exciting, though challenging side of the solution. It means organizing and supporting the local economy and social fabric and enhancing networks of mutual exchange and support beyond the local communities.


Bro Shamus and all that buy into his argument should google "Occupy Wall Street". His pipe dream will not happen.


Here in Portland Oregon I can testify to the fact that the protests appeared to be supported by a large contingent of crises actors. The masked "Anarchists" that broke windows during one of the demonstrations appeared to be highly supported by the media, the police and even the politicians. The new group "Portland Protest" listed a grab bag of PC positions failing completely to mention the wars. Lame.


Really like what you have to say. It is very intelligent and guided, and I am all in. Building bridges means listening. Even professionals who work with children say that. I believe that when manufacturing jobs were outsourced, and even worse when automation replaced people so much was lost. So yes.....let's build those bridges. In the 1960s ( yes I was there) we had quite a few movements that came together. However, the labor movements seemed to be left out of a lot of it. This is what we need I feel, the social conscious, education, environmental and labor movements coming together and working against corruption and big money in politics. We are not for sale. And please remember our combt soldiers and veterans who need reintegration in society not homelessness.


Didn't mention the wars? Talk about hypocritical. Shows how disconnect some people are.


Exciting? There is nothing exciting nor entertaining about this, Also, please note that we need a common purpose not a fight. What about our soldiers? How about the ones who come home to " Thank you for your service, but you can't get a job."


PS. I know you mean well, and I agree that we all have to work together. However, what is your platform? Will you include the working class, veterans, and even those who might have some different views? I would like to say this for anyone who does not believe it cannot get violent: How about Kent State? Unarmed college students were killed when protesting against the war in VietNam. This is what fear and crazyness do. To say that Trump will be the most powerful man in the world is an understatement. May I suggest something ? Let's listen to what people are angry about. Are they angry about the governement, the world, lack of opportunity, envy, jealousy, Wall Street, low wages, fear in general or fear of change in general or all of the above?


Obama did not start the wars. However, how much mention do we give to soldiers ( except on Veterans Day)? There is a huge disconnect . Huge. How many people here even think about the wars not only our soldiers but also the hundreds of thousands and more civilians in their own countries. How do the soldiers and veterans feel? My late dad served in WW2. They served the country, but war is still war. Now, let's give our veterans more than a handshake . Let's give them jobs.


Meanwhile we have a huge disconnect. While Wall Street and others crashed the economy, hundreds of thousands of soldiers ( probably much more) were fighting in wars. Imagine coming home to a country where the richest of the rich only cared about getting richer ? Maybe we need to ask more of them how they feel.


Even now, all of the hysteria around Trump, no one is proposing a rational set of positions to work for, instead it is all about demonizing Trump supporters. On KBOO community radio, they are really pushing the meme that Trump equals Hitler blah blah and therefore he must be stopped! But stopped from doing what? Making peace with Russia, ending the wars in the Middle East? The opposition seems very ideologically confused kind of like someone who might be working for George Soros.


There are people working on positions, but we certainly do not hear them in congress ( bought and paid for).