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Can a War of Words Become a World of War?


Can a War of Words Become a World of War?

Bill Moyers, Andrew Bacevich

There is no saner, seasoned or sensible voice on American foreign policy today than Andrew Bacevich.


Very informative analysis of the current Korea imbroglio. Thank you to two good minds and their productive discussion. Sadly missing from our D.C. leadership.


Good discussion and I generally like him, but here Bacevich seems to want his cake and eat it too. Why the low bar of keeping the status quo? How about the USA get the hell out of there after over 50 years and stop threatening N Korea.
Many people in the region on both sides would be happy to work towards unification.

This is in an article on counterpunch.org but no source; “Defense Secretary and former Marine Corps General James Mattis proposed the use of tactical nuclear weapons with his South Korean counterparts”


Agreed. The obvious first step is to invite North and South to negotiate and sign a treaty formally ending hostilities on the Korean peninsula—even after more than six decades, it’s not yet too late—and give the keys to our bases to the government in Seoul, and repatriate all US troops.


“It’s all crude. It’s all unsophisticated.”

True from our current leaders to their pathetic followers.

Good God, when did Stupidity become the Proud American Goal of so Many?


Bill Moyers is too polite to call the posturing by the US and the president the bullies that they are. They’ve been beating up on North Korea for over 60 years including killing around 20% of their populating between 1950-53. There has been a shaky armistice ever since. I think it’s time the bullies in Washington broker a peace treaty and stop hassling the North. Sure the North is essentially a brainwashed cult with one leader in an extremely oppressive regime but is it really the US’s duty to destroy this nations sovereignty? We support Saudi Arabia and they are in the same league with N Korea, so what’s different? Oh yeah, the Saudis have oil and N Korea not much of anything except that both Russia and China share borders with them and they are the designated enemies di jour, for now. Just one more point; how about a new US policy of promoting peace instead of war and helping people, here at home and abroad,the world would be so much better for it.


The issue is of NK’s nuclear threat and it is that which is what most generates a hostility that draws support from Trump’s base and gets redirected as anger directed at Kim! There is little point in refighting (arguing) the Korean War again but the same thing applies to Kim and his base of supporters hostility to Trump!

Oh yeah… the nuclear missiles. Kind of the opposite of supposedly surgical drone strikes… genocide in huge numbers per each bomb or missile used. An odd irony that. That two less than stabile mentalities hold the fate of millions in their hand is finding ‘irony at the end of the world’ …if we are not careful!


Bacevich would make a great Secretary of State, or any other Department. Such sanity and gravitas are rare these days.


Not sure, but it sure seemed to coincide with the appearance of Limbaugh, O’Reilly, Hannity, Coulter, and Fox News generally. Coincidence? I think not.

Woops, forgot to include Pat Robertson, Jerry Falwell, and the like.


By describing our current relationship with North Korea as two long time enemies baiting each other like they were in a schoolyard might be a bit on the less sinister way of putting it. To me this trash talk could unintentionally cross the invisible line and the other believes that an all out attack is eminent.


Honestly, does the Kim Dynasty really want rapprochement with the south? Isn’t much of their power with the military and a regressive governing system? While it isn’t America’s business to mess with the internal operations of any nation we are committed to protect South Korea. It would be best for all for Trump to deescalate his attitude or be muzzled.


Taking Trump into account-I think Bacevich would make A good President…


I agree 100%


Happy to “hear” an in-depth discussion of the pros and cons of the North Korean situation and about some theories of how the US might proceed. This discussion includes some history of the yesterday, today and tomorrows of the matter. Glad to see reference of President Eisenhower’s view regarding the military-industrial complex and a rereading or reading, as the case may be, of his farewell address upon his retiring from presidency might do us well in preparing for the day after tomorrow in this country. Thanks for listening. Richard Clark


Thanks for reminding me, you’re right

I have to throw up now…


I like Andrew Bacevich but I’d like to hear him explain why he considers the allegations about Syria’s use of chemical weapons before Trump’s cruise missiles attack of them to be credible. There have been some quite credible people who have cast serious doubt on those allegations.


Peace instead of war? The military contractors will not be happy about that. The South Korean government may be hooked on the fifteen U.S. military bases there, too. However, we are said to be the ones standing in the way of a treaty.


That needs editing but it must be too late.


They could be reassigned to start fixing what they have already destroyed and planned migration of climate refugees.