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Can Afghans Convince Us That the Method of War Isn’t Effective?


Can Afghans Convince Us That the Method of War Isn’t Effective?

Dr. Hakim

Can Afghans convince us that the method of war doesn't work?

If we’re still quietly hoping that wars would end and people all over the world would get along peacefully, the dreams and demands of the Helmand Peace Convoy would give us courage and evidence.

When Amanullah Khateb joined the Convoy, now called the People’s Peace Movement (PPM), he didn’t know that he would not see his wife again. With poor access to healthcare services, she recently died of appendicitis, leaving behind Khateb and three children.


Unequivocally…NO! Because, on the contrary, if you are a war profiteer, America’s wars work quite well! This war in Afghanistan, has absolutely nothing to do with winning or losing because the MIC always wins!


“For them, war not only doesn’t work, it results in more war, verifying a report that in the ongoing ‘global war against terrorism’ from 2001 to 2015, terrorism increased nine fold”

War profits the oligarchy. The guns are pointed in the wrong direction.


The war in Afghanistan has nothing to do with winning or the plug would have been pulled, long ago. It’s about establishing and maintaining a military presence in the part of the world to act as a buffer to Russian and Chinese spheres of influence. It’s a key corner of the Empire that the Pentagon, the CIA and the defense industry want sustained, regardless of the cost. In that respect, the war in Afghanistan is no different than any other war currently being waged in other corners of the U.S. Empire. The notion of winning is a swindle used to keep the money and resources train rolling. These wars to sustain the empire have no expiration date.


Yes to this. The British Involvement in Afghanistan a century ago was about checking the power of Russia. The USA openly stated it wanted to draw Russia into a war in Afghanistan and they did so by arming Fundamentalists as The old USSR could not risk this movement gaining traction due to the number of Muslims living inside what was then the USSR.

It a fact of History that the British did the same thing in the Middle East as did Israel where BOTH trained and armed Fundamentalists to counter Nationalist movements. Israel, The USA and The United Kingdom armed these guys, trained these giys, set these guys loose and then claim the right to use project Military power into these same regions because of the presence of the very movements they started.