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Can an Unequal Earth Beat Climate Change?


Can an Unequal Earth Beat Climate Change?

Sam Pizzigati

We either keep fossil fuels in the ground, or all of us are going to fry. So essentially posits still another new blockbuster study on climate change, this one just published in the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences. Our fossil-fuel industrial economy, the study details, has made for the fastest climate changes our Earth has ever seen.


Addressing climate change effectively and justly,” sums up Sen, “requires us to transform the unjust social and economic systems that gave us climate change in the first place.”

This is impossible as those holding power will do everything they can to deny the social, economic and political changes demanded for this kind of evolution. Their hope is that they will survive in their fortified bunkers and inherit the earth. Survival of the fittest you know.


Eliminate the Rich and watch equality bloom.


Vegetables too, I bet they make great fertilizer.


They die, or we all do. Nothing complicated about it.
Unfortunately, those among us who is not on their payroll and are willing to kill are too busy shooting up schools or public venues to do something positive.
You would think by now at least 1 of those homicidal psychopaths would realize that they would get 100x more press coverage and even be called a hero if they just took a trip to wallstreet.


My dog stands at the ready to “recycle” them.


Let’s let the worms do that dirty work WiseOwl.

Your pooch deserves better.


We cannot afford wealthy people.

Unequal distribution puts most control in the hands of people with different vested interest than people in general.

I don’t think that means that we have to compost them just yet, though they seem determined to force such a decision upon us.


I’ve always felt that the “rich” NEVER even considered – or cared – how their “selfish” & often, ‘excessive’ SPENDING HABITS, THEIR decisions & actions that have ADVERSELY affected the poor – those of us who are literally, POWERLESS to actually DO much more than ‘survive’! With the predictions of the inevitability of ‘climate change-related’ catastrophes; the “poor” will NOT even be able to ‘survive’ anymore! I envision that the “rich” are currently building various kinds of ‘BUNKERS’ or planning to go into Space, or to another planet (to ‘terraform’ it) – in order to, NOT ONLY ‘survive’, but to continue to THRIVE in a much-changed world! However, IF all of the ‘poor people’ do die; then the “rich” would have ONLY each other to ‘push around’. That could ‘interesting’ to watch …


“People will tolerate these disruptions…only if they believe…”

Only while they believe their own comforts will not be disturbed.

People are primarily feeling beings when it comes to taking action.