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'Can Anybody Still Deny That We Are Facing a Dramatic Emergency?' Asks UN Chief at Climate Summit

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2020/12/12/can-anybody-still-deny-we-are-facing-dramatic-emergency-asks-un-chief-climate-summit

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what the worry, we have a whole century?? this kind of message is useless . .we ain’t got a decade . .


Not sure exactly how much time is left, but most Americans are starting to sign on. What are the Chinese thinking?

A good number of Americans are thinking that covid19 is a conspiracy and not a real pandemic. They think aliens are living among us, that scientists worldwide have conspired to steal grant money by inventing a fake climate crisis, and that they have done this because they are lazy and unable to get real jobs. Americans think that Jesus will come and take us all to heaven in the next few years, (except for liberals and democrats). They believe that the best government America has had in the last 100 years is the one they have now, and that it just got worse because of the conspiracy to steal the election. They think that the contrails left by jets flying over is some sort of special gas designed to eliminate the capacity for free and independent thought and make us all slaves to the state. They are largely convinced that the vaccines for Covid are chip implants and will also eliminate the human ability to reproduce and thereby control population. The problem with the UN Chief is that he thinks that because in his country there is a modicum of intelligence, that somehow Americans also must have some - he’s wrong!


LOL!!! Congrats.


Hi Adam:
Didn’t the Jesus character in the Biblical say that" Heaven is on Earth, but men do not see it?"

Sounds like we have to fix Earth/ Heaven to the way it’s designed to be----healthy and alive —until the sun burns out.


Their doing more that the US. Data from IRENA shows that, in 2018, China was the leader in renewable energy generation (1,844,073.561 GWh for the year). That was more than twice the amount generated by the US.

h ttps://www.irena.org/Statistics/View-Data-by-Topic/Capacity-and-Generation/Country-Rankings

China is also the world leader in solar panel manufacturing.

h ttps://www.csis.org/east-green-chinas-global-leadership-renewable-energy#:~:text=China%20has%20ambitious%20goals%20in%20promoting%20renewable%20energy&text=Its%2013th%20Five%20Year,to%2039%20percent%20by%202020.&text=By%202030%2C%20one%2Dfifth%20of,from%20non%2Dfossil%20fuel%20sources.


Yes, and the solar cells are for control by the individual, rather than the corporation.


If you want the sorrow to go away in a reasonable time, force your politicians to start the time-critical engineering research and development now.

If you want humanity’s pain to keep mounting and the otherwise preventable deaths to keep mounting, chant “Drill Baby Drill”. Or, you can accept the centrist Democratic climate thing hand-wavers and that will also cause the pain to keep mounting.


Can we find any denial in sight?

“Technology is on our side. Sound economic analysis is our ally. Renewable energy is getting less expensive with every passing day,” the U.N. chief continued. “Climate action can be the catalyst for millions of new jobs, better health, and resilient infrastructure. But let us remember that this transition must be just.”

This style of rap boosts subscription in green-growth delusions (also John Kerry’s main theme) that “this transition” could possibly be painless. Guterres acknowledges that Earth is now at +1.2C, but affects ignorance of findings that +3C is already baked in – This terrible fate he describes as “or else” is actually inevitable. Well I’m sorry, that somewhat resembles denial. So when Guterres inquires whether anyone can still deny, he ought to practice his speech in front of a mirror. And open his eyes.

We can’t get anywhere because we can’t ever grow up and grapple with the full gravity of our global ecological situation. Speechifying out of such conferences always sounds to me like vacuous “virtue signalling” because it’s nowhere close to the scale of appropriate discussion – about shutting down fossil fuel extraction immediately, as necessary, for instance.


Few people are genuinely denying Anthropogenic Climate Disruption. Many people, including the writer of this article, are still in denial that the world capitalist system is run by sociopaths who couldn’t care less. These people are forcing kids and teachers back to school during a pandemic just so it frees their parents to return to work in virus-infested workplaces. How can anyone think they give a tinker’s damn about the environment unless they can profit from its destruction?


Most conspiracy theories are based on something real, but then at some point many of them took a left turn at Albuquerque. Dragons seem to be based on lava rivers flowing down from active volcanoes. Noah’s flood may be related to the formerly dry Black Sea area suddenly flooding out, plus a huge volcanic explosion in the Mediterranean Sea.

I can’t tell you whether aliens, angels or little people are living among us, but lots of people have made various claims of firsthand contact.

“Contrails” seems straight-up crazy supposition, with the understanding that everybody can see the water vapor contrails in the sky.

Chip implants in dogs are real. Unwanted human sterilization has apparently been carried out on Central American refugees quite recently, and I hope the guys who did it go to court on felony charges.

Congress appropriated $25 billion for nuclear power. It sounds like (scientists?) corporations conspiring to steal grant money and calling it a cure for the climate crisis.

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What is wrong with these scientists who always seem to way underestimate the timing and severity of the environmental crisis? I remember about 10 years ago when the main consensus was mostly predicting several centuries into the future when global warming would be a problem. There was even a show about how our world would appear with each degree rise up to a six degree rise in temperatures. What’s happening today at a 1.2 degree rise I think matches some of the shows 4 to 5 degree rise in temperature.


nobody in the world is doing anything like whats needed. in the usa nobody is even trying. all anybody does in make pronouncements or demonstrating but the disaster keeps getting worse- more extraction, more heavy industry bigger cars not even controlled.
ok Indigenous peoples are doing whats right, but capitalists with guns are always present to try to stop them


Hi Godless. I’d say that capitalism is a system that ensures sociopathic conduct regardless of who s at the top level of decision making.

Whose the most selfless person one can imagine? The Dalai Lama, Nelson Mandela, Harriet Tubman, Skennenrahawi, Mother Teresa? Put any of them in the leadership of a large capitalist corporation, and they’d end up promoting commodification, extraction, and oppression.


You can’t fix stupid!

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So, in a capitalist system, acting like a sociopath or being a sociopath leads to the same results.

If you’ve read anything about her “charity work” in India, Mother Teresa was a sociopath in a sociopathic system, the Catholic church.


The Brazilian Liberation Theologist, Hélder Câmara, said:

“Quando dou comida aos pobres, chamam-me de santo. Quando pergunto por que eles são pobres, chamam-me de comunista.”
(When I give food to the poor, they call me a Saint. When I ask why they are poor, they call me a communist.)

Mother Teresa gave to the poor, but she did not question why there is poverty. Hélder Câmara worked, extensively with impoverished people in Brazil. He questioned why there was such poverty. The Catholic Church calls Mother Teresa a Saint. They do not call Hélder Câmara a Saint.


China is heavily installed with metros, trains, buses–mass transportation in all cities They are using a lot of electric transportation such as small cars, motorbikes, and all trains. I have seen streetlights with solar panels and in one city there were little windmills on the streetlights! Many many rooftops have solar for hot water.
Coal is still being used for heating and industry but some old plants have been closed.
Many nuclear plants…

I have no figures, just traveled and moved around a lot all over China in the last ten years.


They’ve been blah, blah, blah about this issue now for at least 20 years. In the interim, virtually all of the permanent arctic ice has been lost, among other systemic climate changes. They talk and talk about ‘reducing emissions,’ but the CO2 level keeps rising. Anyone see a trend? In the meantime, the climate snowball continues to gather momentum. I’ll believe in ‘climate action’ when I see it.

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