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Can Bean Counters Save the World from Trump?

Can Bean Counters Save the World from Trump?

Rebecca Gordon

They call people like us “bean counters”—the soulless ones beavering away in some windowless accounting department, the living calculators who don’t care about desperation or aspirations, who just want you to turn in your expense report on time and explain those perfectly legitimate charges on the company credit card. We’re the ones whose demands are mere distractions from any organization’s or government agency’s true mission.

“We have all the funding we need out of Russia.”

No collusion.


I would add that we are desperately in need of unveiling the network of mercenary corporations that, like the brother of the “Secretary of “Education””, change names, move in and out of the country. These are NEVER REPORTED ON unless someone leaks a travesty of abuse among the illegal and unconstitutional ties to administrative bodies that use their nefarious methods to climb over the backs of others, to grab advantages and increase the twisted power and undermining of societal balances.

I am reminded that the oft used ‘Faustian bargain’ metaphor rarely if ever notes that, in the end, Faust came around to the lessons he was being taught about the reality of the demonic nature of his actions and, in recompense, worked to drain a swamp and house and feed the poor. In other words, he learned that to love and base actions on the ‘agape’ form was in no way a weakness, but to connect with the most powerful and beneficent structure in the universe.

Progessives might benefit from wrapping heads around this veiled treasure.

Thank you Rebecca Gordon … we all count something.