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Can Bernie Beat February's Massive Fundraising Haul?


Can Bernie Beat February's Massive Fundraising Haul?

Andrea Germanos, staff writer

Can the Bernie Sanders campaign beat the record fundraising haul it pulled in last month?

That's the campaign's goal, it announced Thursday, saying that it's already brought in over $39 million this month from donations of around $27 apiece.

In Feb. his campaign brought in a record $43.5 million—out-raising Democratic rival Hillary Clinton by more than $10 million.


I am going to send Bernie another contribution. I love Dr. Jill Stein, but this year I feel that it is pragmatic to support Bernie, but if HRC gets the nomination, Jill will get my support.

This year, it is not about the lesser evil or the more effective evil, it is about a partial antidote for the miasma of this horrible disease that are the alternatives to the healing of our democracy that Bernie will help bring as POTUS.


Best guess, Hillary Clinton has tapped out her few big supporters long ago. She has canceled all Wisconsin visits for the rest of the Wisconsin primary because she needs to stay close to Wall Street in order to fundraise more, in order to keep her campaign going.


I also read somewhere, and don't otherwise know if it's true, that the more she campaigns the less people like her, so her game is to hope that her 'machine' works and that time goes by fast. The pattern has been the same pretty much everywhere: at first surveys show a huge advantage to Hillary in the various states, but when the primary or caucus date comes close the advantage either gets reduced or flips altogether. It's almost comical.


Another thing that the establishment probably isn't bargaining for is the potential response correlates to integrity, inclusion and the priorities characterized by the Sanders campaign. As shown in Arizona, people are fed up with being ignored, lied to and manipulated to be pitted against anyone with tangential differences that are ACTUALLY OPPORTUNITIES FOR CHANGE AND GROWTH and possibilities for long-term bridging of FALSE divides. People engaging for the long haul to save a society so soaked in perversions of governance that even the "cultural" divides begin to dissolve because the core concerns are finally beginning to be aired.


Obama's 2008 message was "YES WE CAN". Bernie's 2016 message is "WE CAN _________ ________ ________, the list goes on, while Clinton's 2016 message is "NO WE CAN'T".

Not surprising that the more she campaigns, the more voters shy away from her. Looks like they figure the bast strategy is for the media to intensify the ant-iBernie efforts and let Clinton do what SHE DOES BEST...solicit boatloads of money from the 1% and corporations.


A shameless wall street/AIPAC whore


I knew a stripper and a shot boy from a gay club. These guys and the illegal sex workers don't need to be associated with politicians.


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I am hoping for Sanders/Stein as well. This would give the Green Party the power to become a major player,
it will bring in more independent votes, and stop the Clinton camp playing the gender card.


Of course they've noticed. They're not stupid, just corrupt and insane. However conscious or unconscious they are of their own and others' motives, they report according the dictates of the empire, and reporting on any revolution against an unjust empire makes it more popular.


First off, I voted for Jill Stein last time and will again if it is not Bernie. But in the interviews and statements I've seen with Jill, she seems very ill at ease. So despite her creds, she may not be the best running mate for Bernie, I believe she would cost him votes.


If millions of us Bernie acolytes send him what we can, Bernie may just pull this off! Thanks.


WOW! That would be something.


Democrats get out and VOTE!


It speaks volumes that this article and many others just like it focus on the money being wasted on these elections rather than what is important, the salvage of our country from the cold grip of the multinational corporate entities who use us for profit and return nothing to support the nation that feeds them. Even Common Dreams reports on this as if it is a normal healthy situation.


I totally resent MSM, establishment "expert" analysts and the Clinton Campaign's mindset that Bernie is just a warm-up act for SHRILLary. I and the millions of others who've donated and continue to donate to Bernie aren't giving up lunches, Starbucks coffee, and whatever else to fund a warm-up act for the 2008 also-ran. We are, like Bernie, in it to WIN. Period.


I have thought that several times during this historic Bernie Sanders campaign: what various progressive leaders who are now gone would have thought about our Bernie. Paul Wellstone for sure. Just this morning I was thinking about Studs Terkel and how much he would have loved this people-powered campaign.