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Can Bernie Sanders Be Less White?


Can Bernie Sanders Be Less White?

Barrett Holmes Pitner

A little over a decade ago, I met Bernie Sanders when I was a pimply-faced undergrad interning in his Washington office. I was attending college at a small liberal arts school in South Carolina, and I desperately needed a change of scenery, and his was the political voice I related to the most at the time.


Strike one against Bernie–he’s too white!!
Try to imagine some white guy who once worked for Obama writing an article with the title, “Can Barack Obama Be Less Black?”. I mean he’s okay, except his blackness makes him less appealing to Caucasian Americans.
Oh the self-righteous indignation! The serious venom. The clarion call for our society to be less racist and catch up with the rest of the world.
I seriously doubt that the brain trust at CD would have let an article with such a premise on their blog in 2008 or 2012. After all it was Barry or John McCain or Mitt Romney (and who in the world would name a kid Mitt anyway?)
Not to worry though, you have Hillary and Bill (again!!??) They both know how to stroke your racist fur so that you will just purr in contentment like some contented kitty cats!
Coming soon: a former Jewish colleague shareshis concern that Bernie is really anti Semitic.
But not quite yet–the dog days of August are approaching fast and we need something to get us between the doldrums of a congressional recess and the opening of the pro football season. For now it’s “Go Bernie Go!”–for soon enough you will be gone with the arrival of 2016.