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Can Bloomberg Buy the Election for $12 Billion? If So, He Can Write the Check Today

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/views/2019/11/09/can-bloomberg-buy-election-12-billion-if-so-he-can-write-check-today

Better way to spend your billions, Mike; give a few to Trump on the condition that he permanently vacate the White House. Bet you won’t do that. Instead, we’ll get your pro-fracking b.s.

“Bloomberg was a Democrat, became a Republican, and is now a Democrat again”.

Disagree, the dem party insiders might embrace members like Bloomberg for their money, but the 99% should never except or vote for DINO’s like him, they never put the citizens interest above the 1%'s interests.

I guess Bloomberg doesn’t think Biden or Buttigieg or Harris or Klobuchar are bland enough. You show them, Michael.

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There really should be a new classification for the wealthy like him that go into politics…or fund politicians. Maybe invent a new party? Possibly call it the ‘WAWAYN’ Party (pronounced wah-wah ya nnn):

We Are Wealthy And Your’re Not

Mandatory inclusion over a certain wealth threshold perhaps. Pelosi needs to be this party at $123 million, Bloomberg, the Clintons, Adelson, Koch brother, Prince-De Vos family, Waltons, Gates, oh there are SO many that I can think that absolutely need to be in this new party! I’m sure anyone reading this can think of TONS worth of elite MFs that would fit together nicely.

Since democrats are now neoliberal 1980 Republicans (with a dash of Joe McCarthy mixed in, and a sprinkle of identity politics for sweetener), and Republicans have fallen off the cliff into…well, whatever they are; mixed with their neoliberal/neocon & KKK values so there isn’t any point in adding any kind of sweetener since it wouldn’t work anyway and they seem to like it that way…

This way these kinds of people would be visible to those that aren’t paying attention instead of hiding under fluffy bunny costumes pretending to be who they aren’t…Yep, let’s get all these sociopaths in one place where we can watch them. Maybe a better use for Trump’s immigrant concentration camps?

Maybe I’ll go listen to an old George Carlin dvd tonight.

Just saying…


I’ll buy your program if it includes barring them from running for any elective office in this country, period.

I actually welcome Bloomberg into the race.

He’ll dilute the centrist vote partially away from the ByeDone/MayoPeteBog/Slobuchar/Kambama cohort.
He’ll probably even nab a few centrist votes away from that cheerleader for capitalism, Liz.
His brand of imperious wealthy overlordism will stand in ugly contrast to Steyer and Yang’s.
And he’ll be a sweet punching bag for Bernie, none of whose voters will never switch to “Mike.”

He wants to join the race specifically because of her gaining traction against Biden, right?

CNBC, with amazing pre-visionary timing, has already run a Bloomberg poll for us " uneducated hordes " in the hinterlands of Not New York, Not Los Angeles, Not San Francisco and Not on The Corporate Board of (__________) ( your favorite 1%er savior here ).
Bloomberg is at 6% with Democratic Party rank-and-filers. In Manhattan, Chicago’s Gold Coast ( N.Shore ) Hollywood/Malibu and (________) (those zip codes with servant’s quarters on every estate ) he’s polling at 99%.
Incidentally, Bloomberg has the highest " unfavorables " of all potential nominees. Which caused Sen. Chuck Schumer and Nancy Pelosi to remark, " For every million votes we lose in the federal general elections of 2020, we will gain a $ 100 million large in contributions to our personal Super Paks. Trump will crush us, of course, but the DNC/UniParty Establishment will be shitting gold bricks for a decade. Fxck 'em all, right Mike? ".
Same 'ol Oligarchs, different election cycle.


I have to post this quote from a NYTimes article about how demographics is changing states like Virginia and how it bodes well for Democrats. I post it it, because I’ve responded with virtually the exact words to members of CD’s Democratic Apologizer Forever Team (DAFT):

“People are just sick and appalled at this president,” said Dr. Charles Huh, a gastroenterologist, as he waited for takeout at the food court in Lotte Plaza Market, a Korean grocery store. “He’s the best thing Republicans have done for Democrats in a long time.”

Of course, the NYTimes has to sneak in a comment about how these immigrants won’t vote for a candidate who’s too progressive – I’m sure they’d love Bloomberg, though…

People think because they have money they are entitled to power.
We must change from a power and possessions economy to a Use and Access Economy.
Get all money our of politics, money is not speech.
Only the electorate should be able to fund political systems, an equal amount per person.
Power must be held in a line not a pyramid.
We must end this now.

What a Idiot !!! Only helps Bernie and Us!!!