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Can COVID-19 Positively Change Perceptions on Migration?

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/views/2020/05/08/can-covid-19-positively-change-perceptions-migration

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Once you remove racism and xenophobia all you have left is economic exploitation that is far more universal easily identified.


COVID-19 certanly does make us realize we all have so much at stake and really, all want the same things… That especially means the stability needed to start and raise families. However that stability is under attack.

For us all!

Human migration and immigration (and especially refugees, who are usually poor) are in danger of being squeezed out by a huge scheme to extract more profits from human labor on a global scale. And turn migration into a corporate entitlement, displacing other migration bit by bit.

“movement of natural persons” which is a new form of what is essentially bonded labor, its sole purpose is to create a new underclass or precariat of often highly skilled workers whose residence in countries depends on the existence of a work relationship for multinational corporations. In order to join the WTO countries must accept this system, and the US and EU are heavily invested into it. It is being touted as the solution to high labor and educational costs everywhere. Basically, its bad for everybody, because its intent is to lower wages and all labor standards and working conditions all around the world. (Replacing universal public education with corporate chains using very low wage workers, drawn from an international pool of people who must travel to find work, and be disempowered of key rights - such as the right to switch jobs and receive decent pay, be a member of a union, etc. - lose these rights in order to get these jobs-

And when a country has made a change they silently ratchet in and invariably there are a plethora of one way changes that become insanely expensive to reverse to get democracy/regulatory freedom back.

Make no mistake about it, these programs will eventually squeeze out real refugees and immigration. Don’t trust politicians, because the lure of these deals which set up something thatsoften been compared to modern slavery is very powerful. The system needs to be eliminated and replaced. Note that I am not talking about immigration, I am talking about temporary movement of natural persons to provide services, which is a form of intracorporate trasfer, a foreign company gets to set up in a host country and use their workers from back home.

Often paying them very little (and sometimes bribery is a factor, in some kinds of jobs and involving some countries, where there is a perception the jobs may lead to permanent residency).

(technically they are not supposed to be permanent.) The plan is that these programs expand tremendously, on a global scale funneling profits now spent on middle class workers to the owners of both host country and labor supplying country firms.

Many current workers including many immigrants will be displaced in order so they can be replaced by much lower cost workers. The WTO, not countries, will manage these “non-immigrant” labor flows. A great many domestic laws, including rules that limit such jobs to only when a domestic worker is not available will be illegal for countries to maintain. Even any requirements that foreign firms pay their workers at least a minimum wage in the host country are on shaky legal ground because these jobs are framed as the repayment of a debt. This will be a world wide change binding on all WTO members and it could mean big shifts, and basically the end of the large middle class we grew up with. Its going to be very hard to stop because the planning goes back >32 years.

The imminent creation of this system is also whats been preventing the creation of a single payer healthcare system, and expansion of other public services such as higher education and postal banking, all this time. But we need to know that it could and should work, but if we wait much longer it will become impossibly costly to buy our freedom back.

actually turning services free and noncommercial in a procedure sort of like a divorce where we declare our intent to leave the deal and countries making claims have to bring them up and settle them with us, currently is the only way to avoid this large scale outsourcing of a sectors jobs without dumping these agreements entirely.

Thats a very important thing to know. Services that remain as they are today - if they are subsidized, and not completely noncommercial and lacking all competition, are on a fast track to global outsourcing. And existing subsidies have to be temporary and greatly limited in scope. This is why so many services are being subjected to a death of 1000 cuts.

We need to break out of our trance or more and more good jobs will be lost by the millions within a few years. Via this horrid system. It needs to be said that the reason why people often feel compelled to migrate is lack of opportunity elsewhere, often driven by corruption. This system is expressly set up to preseve that corruption by giving corrupt countries biggest and wealthiest firms patronage jobs to give to insiders - at the expense of those who do them now. If we dumped this entire system the entire world would breathe a sigh of relief. Also as its in many ways tied to the insanely high prices of drugs, we should dump it and the ‘agreement’ that forces drugs prices higher at the same time. Ending the jobs- IP-and-drug price+patent linkage. That would be real free trade, not the slave trade we’re flirting with today. Then and only then can we say “Refugees welcome” - otherwise it will become Only rich people and their children welcome. (Because in the poorest countries, only the rich get to go to college. And soon it will be that way here too, because it will not be economically feasible for people to go to college when they are priced out of jobs unless they literally the best in the world at that one thing, or close to it. Which is what could easily happen. Thats why its so important we forgive college debt, so our young people are not left with huge debts they can never repay.)

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