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Can Democracy Survive Global Capitalism?


Can Democracy Survive Global Capitalism?

Robert Kuttner

The triumph of neo-fascists like Viktor Orban in Hungary, the rise of far-right parties elsewhere in Europe, increasing trade conflicts with China, and the appeal of our own President Trump have one thing in common: the failure of a naive faith that deeper globalization would spread both liberal capitalism and liberal democracy.

Clearly, globalization has done neither. Instead, it has incited profound backlash.


Only, if We the People “Demand” that legalized corruption be Stopped.

It will take nearly 10% of the population in the streets, demanding Resignations, demanding Legislative Reforms criminalizing Political Influence From Money Contributions, and demands to cut the Massive Military Budget.

Yes, it will require 1 in every 10 Americans, young and old to flood this nations streets and make these demands.

Ask yourself, “Am I committed to this?”


The far more pressing question at this point is whether the globe can survive capitalism.


To the headline question…the answer is No! Elections will continue as profit centers, but, as we are seeing more and more, the mythical “will of the people” is the last thing that they are intended to measure and respond to.


Money is a stupid entity in and of itself. It needs a strong nanny with a fig bucking stick.


Representative democracy is a type of democracy that has obviously failed.

If mammals really are going extinct, it is happening during representative democracy in service to corporatism.


The planet will be just fine. --George Carlin


Democracy hell, (as if we had it), can life on earth survive global capitalism?


The “democracy” in effect today with all its subversion of, or lack of, the critical aspects and mechanisms that make it even remotely beneficial, to a wider society, is designed to serve global capitalism - vulture capitalism!

Corrupted politicians and political mechanisms and two-party charade, big-money subversion of even that, complicit co-conspirator media (Fourth Estate), and vast wealth driving the war-machine serve wealth, not the people, or the needs of society - health care & for-profit insurance industry, public education, parasite financial system, communications, energy, .transportation, etc, etc, ALL exist to serve the wealthy, not the 99% and sustainable future!


“the failure of a naïve faith that deeper globalization would spread both liberal capitalism and liberal democracy”.
Where is this democracy the writer speaks of ? There is no liberal democracy in this country. You can’t spread something you don’t have.


For 30 years, the postwar system tightly regulated banks. It empowered trade unions. It used the state to sponsor great public works. It broadened democracy, both as an end in itself, and as a check on the political power of great wealth. And it delivered stunning prosperity.

This is pure mythology and unadorned propagandistic capitalist crap.


If only We the People had a direct line to every single American, I would vote for your comment to reach them all.


“When politics delivers broad prosperity, ugly nativism recedes”

If “ugly nativism” gets you elected, why would you want to deliver broad prosperity?

Why not instead get yourself an even larger share of the economic pie with tax cuts for yourself and the already bloated, and austerity and debt peonage for the masses. Makes sense if you can fool the masses with propaganda, like we’ve been submerged in for decades


Capitalism requires constant growth to be successful. You can’t have infinite growth on a finite planet. We already use 60% more of the planetary resources than is sustainable. The globe will survive, but capitalism will not.


There are multiple youtube videos of Peter Josephs talking about the lack of sustainability inherent to capitolism. He makes a TON of sense. His book is also noteworth.

The upshot: Capitolism has multiple issues: It’s built/dependent on inequity - capitalism is dependent upon unlimited resource extraction (unsustainable), It’s first priority is to amass capitol, so all other issues - safety, sustainiability, equal rights, environmental concerns - ALL take a back seat to the $.

According to Joseph’s, it’s one - if not THE major driver of most significant issues we face (inequality, gun control, prison overcrowding, ecological issues, etc. He talks at length about possible solutions during his talks and within his book.

Refreshingly clear Author - recommended.



“…the same naive faith in globalism…”
Not naive by a long shot. As David Harvey says “neoliberalism [globalization] is a project to restore [ruling] class power.” It has succeeded marvelously. The post WWII “democracy” was the result of a capitalist boom at the same time as unprecedented working class strength. The political project of neoliberalism had to destroy the working class to succeed. It did.