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Can Democrats Catch a Wave in 2018?


Can Democrats Catch a Wave in 2018?

Robert Borosage

As both parties gear up for the 2018 elections, Democrats harbor high hopes for a wave election that will take back the Congress, put the Senate in play, and revive their party’s fortunes in state legislatures across the country.

All Democrats agree a clear statement of what the party stands for is vital for success. The question is whether their candidates will carry the populist agenda and message they need and the times demand, in spite of the same old big-money politics the party pros insist they cannot do without.

A Tantalizing Possibility


Ironically, it’s these progressive challengers – win or lose – who will help Democrats find their voice. They will push the party to adopt a bolder agenda and a clearer argument. They will upset some, and improve others in ways that are both both necessary and long overdue.

Wishful thinking, at best. This at a time when the party establishment is trying to purge the ranks of progressives. The party elite don’t need to find their voice. They’re quite content to speak on behalf of corporations, the military, the surveillance state and their big money donors. Many of them regard Bernie Sanders as an enemy, instead of an ally.

The November elections are important, but it is naive int the extreme to believe that any degree of success on the part of the Democrats will do anything more than slow down Trump’s agenda. He’ll still be in the White House and his fascist pig administration will be fully intact. Far more importantly, the very pay-to-play political system that produced him will remain fully operational and, in fact, become even more entrenched as the corporate Dems turn it all into another battle of the billionaires.

How many lessons does it take for progressives to learn that the Democrats are not our friends? Until this lesson is learned, progressives have no right to insult the intelligence of Trump supporters.


The hostility to Sanders does not exist among Democrats. It is displayed by “progressive” leftists here who regard Sanders as a sellout at best for not spending his time attacking Democrats instead of Trump and Co.


“Despite a strong economy and low unemployment…”

Including such disingenuous tropes in the beginning of an argument just makes the rest even more suspect. This is the kind of stuff they need to avoid if (to extend the surfing metaphor) they don’t want to end up on the rocks yet again. Chances are slim to none.


That might be the most counterfactual assertion you’ve ever typed.


The Democratic establishment will NEVER alter course to represent the 99% rather than the uber-wealthy, banker/wall st/corporate greed/piracy and war machine! They are utterly complicit to vulture capitalism and the debt/interest wage-slavery/serf political/economic model of life on earth! Those politicians didn’t really fight for anything, just go thru the motions.They would rather lose and betray the 99% as they have over the last two (at least) Dem sellout presidents. They didn’t build a strong progressive/left/independent base, they sabotaged it! They would rather serve wealth than reform the issues Sanders champions (as a basic start) - the DP establishment sellouts empowered their own corrupt power, profit and wealth thru complicity!

The problem is the DP is the only other viable game in town (at this point) given our two-party charade, the only viable mechanism to challenge the R’Cons, but those in control in the DP will not because their own arrogance, greed, positions and self interest ox will be gored!
A mechanism/vehicle is driven by people that in this case must be removed, overthrown, banished and stripped of power to chart a course to destroy trump & co crime family!


What was the point of all that blathering other then to waste five minutes of my time? Just exactly what the fuck is a democrat these days? Catch a wave of bullshit more like.

People can you see how normalized this has all become? We are so surely fucked to the max…


You wrote it much better then I did.


:You see the truth clearly my friend.


The subtitle: “Democrats won’t build an enduring majority for the profound reforms we need without a clear explanation of why we are in the mess we are in, who did it to us, how we get out, and how the country and the vast majority of working people will benefit.”

Some thoughts:

“…why we are in the mess we are in…”

Because Democrats, in response to Reagan, jumped on the neoliberal bandwagon and, shoulder to shoulder with Republicans, became wholly dependent upon and answerable only to wealthy, corporate donors and PACs. Because, rather than attempting to roll back the right-wing surge of Reagan, the Democrats lurched entirely to the right and have paid nothing but lip service to the progressive left ever since (lip service at best; mostly, the left is denigrated by the centrists). In short, we are in this mess because greed rules.

“…who did it to us…”

American citizens. We did it to ourselves, by not standing up to the transfer of wealth to the top, or the endless expansion of the MIC and its permanent state of war, or the endless exploitation of our lives (working and private) and environment. By letting religion attempt to kill science and attack the separation of church and state. By letting Madison Avenue take over childrens’ minds and warp them into isolated consumers instead of engaged citizens. By condoning the war on drugs. By falling for the delusion that, after the civil rights movement, we are beyond our fundamental racism. I could go on…

“…how we get out…”

We don’t. We just hope to survive the on-rushing collapse.

“…how the country and the vast majority of working people will benefit…”

Hard to imaging how anyone will benefit from the sixth extinction and collapse of civilization.

So, anyway, what’s on TV?


You nailed it.


The bottom line is this, with everything the 99% have been through in the past year, the Dem’s should sweep every election in 2018. But they will not. Some of this is due to vote suppression, the remainder is on the Dem party.
Both arms of our political party are dying, and they don’t even know it.


Couldn’t have said it any better - perfect summation of the dollar-drenched Dumbocrats. I’d also add that even if they had every single seat in Congress, they still would not impeach Trump or even censure him, or in any way hold him accountable for the crimes and horrors he has committed against the Constitution, thus normalizing his behavior and setting even more dangerous authoritarian precedents for future Presidents of both wings of the Corporatist Party.


Or perhaps they do know it and just want to rob the treasury as much as they can before the country burns down.


Then perhaps you have been writing more comments here than you read. Pay just a little more attention.

A sample: Bernie is a sheepdog for the Democrats. Variations repeated endlessly.


You’ve mistaken those who encourage Sanders to be more authentic with those who conspired to torpedo his presidential campaign—that would be the Clinton machine and its deluded minions.


Oh yeah, the rigged primaries. Calling someone a sheepdog, or shill, or a sellout (other variations) is hardly “encouraging greater authenticity”. Those are insults. You obviously don’t hear them from Democratic minions such as myself.


I encourage Sanders to think beyond the D-Party instead of sheep-dogging progressives into it.

Because for a guy who labels his movement “Our Revolution,” he ends up looking pretty status quo.


Thank you for your assistance.

Ah yes “Bernie a useful tool” of the Democrats. Another variation that just pop up on another CD thread.


Well written. I totally agree.