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Can Inequality Be Hardwired into Our DNA?

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/views/2019/08/03/can-inequality-be-hardwired-our-dna

With America’s history of eugenics and genocide, giving free rein to scientists’ good intentions seems like a possibly disastrous idea. This technology needs to be tightly regulated.

What’s to stop China from editing their DNA?

Unless regulations are based on scientific evidence, they will be made by the rich, the priests and their politicians. How will that turn out?

Oh, it most definitely is hardwired into our DNA or at least our genes. The challenge for humans is to practice conscious evolution so that we are not slaves to our outdated evolutionary programming. For example: in times of plenty you don’t have to behave as if it’s survival of the fittest even if that is what your programming is telling you. You don’t have to see the other tribe as the enemy whose resources you need to steal. You don’t need to be greedy when you have plenty.


Well, no.

People are already genetically non-identical, and we each prefer certain traits in the people around us. In that sense, we have never been equal and have no need to be. Rights are not inherited, so there’s not much messing with that directly.

I don’t put genetic manipulation past people. It’s sure to happen. And the 1.0 crop probably will not look so good. But I do not think that the worry is that the rich will suddenly all become tall and good-looking and intelligent, but that they will sell something to the poor and middle classes to make children quiet and obsequious on the basis of its making them employable.

You can see where this becomes convenient to the organ farming, domestics, and sex-trafficking trades that are already a large though largely unacknowledged part of the current economy.

For more than a century the creature from Jekyll island has ruled this nation. The politicians are puppets to the kabuki theatre we watch daily. Google modern monetary theory and the creature from Jekyll island. Enlighten yourself to the two separate topics it’s worth knowing when you are progressive. We must abolish the federal reserve and the usury charged for creating our own currency the whole system is so ass backwards it’s beyond comprehension. Henry Ford said if the citizens ever wake up and realize what’s going on they will be in the streets by morning. The Fed handed out 29 trillion dollars to the criminals that caused the global crisis back in 2008 (that’s the latest info we have). These are unelected people that decided this instead of giving on average about $90,000 per citizen to the people. They decided to enrich themselves as the crooks and the banking system have a heavy hand in the Fed. This is the real reason for the extreme inequality that exists today. When you understand the above there can be no excuse for any politician to say we can’t afford health care or infrastructure etc. etc. But if the warmongers want a war will anyone ask can we afford it ? It’s past time to end the bullshit nonsense and it starts with the single most common denominator money and it’s creation.


We all simply been brainwashed and as capitalism destroying planet earth’s climate.We must end it or it will be the end of all but the elite cadre means escape DUMB and or space fleet reason all wars designed remain current so elites fund space fleet at our expense.

Yes sir, as soon as there is a buck to be made a certain type of animal appears from the dark alleys.

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As a no scientist I have no idea but spouse is a trained biologist ( though now has shifted fields slightly over course of career) and says absolutely but would phrase it differently , to say, if I have it rightly paraphrased - many genes so far thoroughly researched in the genome have expressions that promote dominance.
And my daughter’s bestie is an early childhood development researcher says babies from six months begin to express dominance over other babies of the same age.
Is that the same as encoding inequality? Dominance over others is what promotes inequality doesn’t it? Interesting topic.
I agree with the author that gene editing to produce smarter children is pretty dangerous…

They don’t teach a thing about the Federal Reserve in any classroom I ever sat in…from high school to graduate school. I learned that on my own. It’s quite obvious why they don’t, once you understand the Federal Reserve System. If folks understood, there would be mobs in the streets with pitchforks, storming the banks and the feds.

Hi natureboy:
How will that turn out? Probably like the story of Atlantis, where once everything became perfect—imperfection became the rage! : )



Change is the only constant in life.

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Actually equality is hard wired into our brains ,but we are living against our inherent nature through our Cultures programming .

Our basic instinct is not survival if it was you would run away from a burning building when you hear a baby crying .But acting from instinct without thinking you would move and run into that building to try and save that child.Why because in that moment survival is not the issue.If survival was your basic instinct you would step away from someone holding a gun on your beloved .But you don’t you move between the gun holder and your beloved.
It’s something deep inside at the cellular level that motivates this better angel of our nature .
But what is our true nature …Oneness,Fairness and love now can we just stop all this nonsense and overlay this on our society’s our culture our politics, economics and spirituality .
Time for conscious evolution based on our highest understanding.
Perhaps it comes down to this to guarantee species survival and evolution of the human race on spaceship Earth.

Are we temporary physical beings ,or Spiritual Beings Manifesting Physically ?

Are we completely separate entities, or One Essence Manifesting Individually ?


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At this point, I"m wondering if the best play for those of us in the peasant class is just to root on climate change to end this ridiculous species once and for all. Yeah, it’s misanthropic probably to an extreme, but I’m sick to effing death of the rich. Of course they’ll do this. And every other shenanigan to increase their wealth and power.

Roll out the guillotines or just cheer on the heat. Either way.

The human species: Big brains. Limited wisdom.

On the other hand - let the rich order improvements for their children. As they multiply, costs go down, and improvements become commonplace.
Like medicines that are expensive at the beginning of the road and become cheap as time goes on and demand grows up…

What is going to happen, if it has not already, is that the obscenely rich psychopaths that make up the 0.1% will simply “privatize” the entire industry both publicly and covertly.
No amount of regulations will stop their private facilities from making the(ir) nazi wet dream of ubermenschen a reality.

Not sure where you are from, but here on earth medicine costs have been skyrocketing for decades.

Humanity has not evolved uniformly.
There are those who would giggle at the sound of said baby, or the “fools” that rush in to save it, and not because of any cultural programming.