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Can Iran Sue the US for Coup and Supporting Saddam in Iran-Iraq War?


Can Iran Sue the US for Coup and Supporting Saddam in Iran-Iraq War?

Juan Cole

Iranian members of parliament have approved the details of a bill that insists US compensate Iran for its crimes against that country.

The bill comes as a result of a $2 billion judgment against Iran entered by a US court and backed by an act of the US Congress, on behalf of the families of Marines killed in a Beirut bombing in 1983. Iran was allegedly behind the attack, though responsibility for it was attributed to a fundamentalist Lebanese Shiite splinter group that was a predecessor of Hizbullah.


Another great piece of important info regarding the history and interactions between the US and Iran from Professor Cole, as usual.
Reparations for past actions, alleged or actual, are a thorny issue. If nations treat each other according to the Golden Rule none would be demanded or warranted, but such is clearly not the case.
When people choose their leaders they must be far-more educated and truthfully informed to not be hoodwinked by corrupt, unprincipled, psychopath warmongers that gain power one way or another.
As far as the Beirut Marine Barracks Bombing, it is alleged by ex-Mossad operative Victor Ostrovsky in his book "By Way of Deception", that they (Israel) knew the Marine barracks would be bombed (killing 241 Americans), when and how, but did not inform the US to continue their agenda to "get the US into their fight" - not the first time or the last time Israeli extremism/terrorism and pathological self-interest killed Americans to further their expansionist agenda!


Thank you, Professor Cole for not framing the matter under the usual generic rubric of We, a/k/a all Americans/voters/sheeple, etc.

The following is far more accurate:

"Washington’s list of crimes is so long that sooner or later it will boomerang on the US elites."


I get the point, but the claim that the CIA was the driving force behind the 1953 coup just is plain wrong. The order to remove Mossadeq came from Iran's shi'ite clerics...the same body that runs the country to this day.


Well, maybe we can settle with the Saudis and have them pay off their debt to US for financing 9/11 by paying Iran for US screwing them over. I'm sure that will go down just fine.


There is an wealth of documentation, including in US government records, that Mossadegh was the victim of a CIA operation. For starters, read Stephen Kinzer's "All the Shah's Men". William Blum's "Killing Hope: US Military and CIA Interventions Since WWII" also covers the 1953 Iran coup in detail. In fact, in that book, Blum mentions the book that Kermit Roosevelt wrote twenty-six years after the fact, "Countercoup", in which he details how he and the CIA carried out the coup.


I"m not denying the CIA wasn't there trying to overthrow him. I'm saying that the final decision was made by the Mullahs.


I'd have to disagree, given everything I've read about the situation. The CIA, upon overthrowing Mossadegh, went to Rome to bring back the Shah, where he was living in exile. He then began a 25 year reign of terror in Iran, ending with the 1979 revolution, when he hightailed it to the US in order to save his skin.

Are you saying that the mullahs wanted the Shah back in power? That they wanted to continue to see Britain control Iran's oil resources? Seems unlikely, since it didn't benefit them in any way.

Britain was freaked out that Mossadegh meant to nationalize the oil industry, and asked the US for help in getting rid of him, which the CIA was happy to do.