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Can It Happen Here?

Can It Happen Here?

Laura Flanders

Can it happen here? Absolutely it can. Even in a liberal bastion. A few weeks ago, a handful of white supremacists marched into a bookstore in Washington D.C., temporarily disrupting a talk by Jonathan Metzl, the author of Dying of Whiteness: How the Politics of Racial Resentment is Killing America’s Heartland.

To put this in context, this was in Politics and Prose, in hip DuPont Circle, during an Antiracist Book Festival, on the same day that a 19-year-old white supremacist shot up a California synagogue, killing one person and injuring three others.


Can it happen here?

White Supremacy in the USA was part and parcel of the “Ideals” on which the United States of America founded. Racial hatreds saw those “God fearing Pilgrims” commence the slaughter of the First Nations peoples almost as soon as they got off the boats. The slave owner Thomas Jefferson himself spoke of the day that they would be eliminated from the Americas and the Anglo Saxons ( the superior race) rule from sea to sea.

The entire doctrine on which the nations in the Americas were birthed was based on the “Doctrine of Discovery” which in essence stated the peoples that had populated the Americas long before the Europeans arrived , did not count as persons as they were primitives and savages. That sense of entitlement goes back a LONG ways.


Of course “President Trump…sees no problem”…his years at the helm of the birther movement and concurrent campaign that pandered to white supremacy are the ground upon which his presidency and administration are founded on.

Trump has given all racists a license to steal and kill while Congressional Republicans and the courts they are stacking are making sure that license has no expiration date.


So how is this any different than antifa disrupting speakers they don’t like? Both ends of the spectrum have become foul.

I guess the difference is that the antifa “movement” barely exists except in the imagination of right wing conspiracy theorists, whereas the white supremacists and neo-Nazis hold rallies and marches, conduct terrorist attacks and mass murders, and generally corrupt social media. For every “antifa” who advocates “punching them in the face” there are a thousand white supremacists ready and able to commit mass murder, burn a black church, bomb a mosque, or at least condone it as necessary.

Your “bad people on both sides” argument, like Trump stating the opposite, is fantasy.


Deplatforming is bad practice on either side. Violence is bad practice on either side. The article was specifically on deplatforming. I see far more examples in the media of the right being deplatformed than the left.

Now is the perfect opportunity to bring this to the surface and use our history as a starting point for discussions on a personal and community level. Besides oosa history is not unique. All through the ages, one tribe conquered another in order to rape and steal from the other. This has been the scene forever.

Every opportunity during displays of hate should be used as examples to what has happened in the past even using the hate of Hitler regime, how it was organized and used not just for genocide but for slave labor to build armaments for Hitler’s dream of world domination.

Every opportunity to expose the cause of hate as being one of ignorance and fear of what is not common to those proponents of hate. We as individuals need to reach out to people who are in essence the same but slightly different because of their faith or whatever. We need to teach youth the basics of humanity again as it is absent in our media and schools.

PS instead of repeating our history, I would prefer hearing about some action toward what needs to be done today.

To see how liberalism and their appeal to “moderation and open-mindedness in all things” facilitates the descent into fascism - both in the days of the Weimar liberals and the current day, In an outrageously hilarious way, go here (and subscribe and check out all of her (formerly his) absolutely spot-on vids:

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Gee, I wonder why that would be.


Ant this… oh god and this!!! Who could have ever thought that anti-fascism could be presented in such a hilarious manner. This is the funniest thing since the great fist in Richard Spencer’s face!

I love you Natalie!

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Well, of course, the most egregious cases of deplatforming - sometimes at great hardship to the deplatformee have happened on the left - from Chomsky, to Zinn to Ward Churchill to Norman Finkelstein to Steven Saliata and many others on the way. This is because

But to say that fascists should not be deplatforned is typical liberal false-equivalency bullshit that practically buys-into their racist hate. This may come as a surprise to you gut guess, fascists do not debate in good faith - they hide their arguments in deceit. Follow the filth spewed by the great guru of the Young Male White Right Jordan Peterson to see how it is done. Platforms are only for those for the intellectually honest, not the fascist.


The problem is that the past is what has shaped the present and our present will shape our futures. I do not think we can move forwards unless we understand what got us here in the first place. Those myths have to be discarded and all of those myths and in particular that of one group of peoples being superior to another and more deserved or chosen by some god is what causes todays hatreds and prejudices to flourish.

There a book series I recall reading called Mythago Woods. In this series the author goes far back into the past in order to come to grips with the present. In essence it uses elements of Jungian Psychology which premises that much of our actions and beahaviours is based upon racial memory and archetypes from the subconcious. These memories are distinct from our personal experiences but act to affect our behaviour even when we not aware of it. In order to understand this it suggested we have to understand the root causes, thus the importance of the past.

As Santayana observed “those who can not remember the past are doomed to repeat it” When we create myths about our past and invent a reality that was never there we are equally as doomed. The whole mantra of the Trump Campaign of “Making America great Again” shows where that can lead us.

I firmly believe that the way to moving forwards is by looking back and understanding how the lie has become so pervasive .


Mainstream broadcast media is largely right wing, based on national and local news programs as ‘infotainment’ rather than honestly informative and balanced. TV ad revenue is led by car sales first, then car insurance and pharmaceutical. No city government in the nation can fairly be called liberal. City decisions are determined by conservative chambers of commerce and formal business alliance groups.

Trump is the Adolph Hitler of our time. Judged by his belligerently hateful attitude and actions, his intent is to instigate World War III. Of course he’s backed by the ruling class of monarchs and business oligarchs world wide, who have no intention of supporting a world population of 10 billion by 2040. What is denial of global warming but a declaration of war with the same grisly results: death, destruction, suffering and misery while the ruling class retreat to reclusive estates to survive and reorder society according to the dictates of theocracy and a police state. Trump is a ruling class misanthrope with a “final solution” to over-population.


We got to a point with police brutality that on occasion police are gunned down. Will we get to a point where people walking around with military uniforms on start to get popped out of frustration that little can or will be done by us or our representatives to reel in our aggressive overlords?

Yes, because the whole MAGA thing is based on that lie.

The U.S. is considered “great” because throughout its history it has been a bully—going back to the settlers before this was even a country. They came here to find a more primitive people who were easily duped, conquered, and destroyed by the superior weaponry and unheard of diseases of the invaders.

In time, due mostly to the ingenuity of various immigrants from various places, the U.S. became a manufacturing powerhouse, but never let go of the one thing that is constant throughout its history—the U.S. has always been at war; with indigenous tribes, with the mother country, with itself or its near neighbors, and then and now, with the rest of the world.

Today, our economy would collapse overnight if the wars stopped, the aggression stopped, and there was no longer a need for a world-wide, heavily armed, occupational army.

Another great lie is that the U.S. single-handedly defeated its enemies because its innate superiority, when in fact they could not have defeated the British if not for the French and the French navy; The U.S. was merely and ally in the great world wars and never would have defeated Hitler on their own, especially since so many conservative industrialists of the time wanted him to succeed in the first place.

The U.S. is “great” because it is the most brutal and incomprehensibly greedy country in history. Like all the other empires throughout history, ours is coming to an end, arguably much sooner that those of ancient history which lasted for millennia.


The entire colonial period from 1400 till present consists of genocide and enslavement of the indigenous peoples. The Jesuit forced indians to live their entire life span in mines since so many lost their life during the ascent and descent. The topic remains alive in our culture for example the indigenous peoples of Australia continue to fight for their rights. Descendants of Slaves carried from Africa to the Americas are fighting for reparation and equal rights. Women continue our fight for equal rights. There are many examples and books written about the historic fight for civil and basic human rights. And yes citizens should learn from history however being academic while trying to educate to make changes without some basic community work is not worth as much as action within the community. To sit around and pontificate without interaction is not worth much in my experience.


The most obvious hint of a coming police state is the ubiquitous presence of security guards everywhere. This sort of security presence will gradually increase until “wars and rumors of wars” make an armed police state inevitable. Why has homelessness and its degrading societal impact worsened? I’d say it’s because the ruling class want the middle class and working poor to continually be faced with the prospect of becoming homeless. Why do municipalities resort to the most expensive solutions that indoctrinate the homeless into the so-called system? I’d say it’s because those methods further degrade the homeless as criminals to be surveilled, while raiding the public treasury.

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That one points out all of the lies that have led to the present state of affairs hardly means one is sitting around pontificating without interaction. The two are not mutually exclusive.

If it not worth it to you do not do it. I happen to feel it worth it.

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Can it happen here?

It is already in process.
One of the key elements is that media focuses on Dump,
avoiding the why millions of voters who think his presidency is a good thing.
Until we understand how it is we are so easily propagandized, the process will continue.

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It’s here—we live in a CORPORATE MILITARY POLICE STATE-----the past few months we have heard threats of aggression against Venezuela and Iran and almost NO discussion of how this is so against the US Constitution .

Its easy to hate----it is hard to truly love. But the issue here is ALIENATION ----we need COMMUNITY HEALTHCARE CENTERS in every neighborhood-----and we don’t need more pills-----we need open space------and a real focus on mental health----because we are one sick country! SUPPORT INDIVIDUAL FREEDOM—SUPPORT THE COMMONS!