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Can Justice Finally Overtake Trump, Its Most Defiant Fugitive?

Thanks for this clarification.

Hey Ralphie, Did not hear a word from you about the criminal DNC rigging the primary for crooked Hillary. Again nothing about the rigged election for demented Joe.

They also label Nader supporters as retards , completely ignore what people that would support Nader would want and then assume that the vote that goes to people like Nader is somehow theirs by divine right. They are a pompous arrogant lot of assholes and are every bit as harmful to progress as are people like Donald Trump.

The people in the US that are on the left have to take back what little power they have and stop surrendering it to the Corporate Democrats by voting for them each and every election . They give them that vote even as those same Democrats openly mock them saying they have no place else to go or that if they lose a vote on the left they can get two on the right.


Impeached, and found guilty. The timing is irrelevant, so long as the crazed “leader” is kept away from the war option.


Well, I, an independent, voted for Nader. And, I still like the guy very much.


One person is holding the entire country hostage.



Kennedy was on his way to greatness-that’s why the CIA murdered him.


Thank You.
Saved us all the trouble to list all the reasons the dems fight Nader.
Unfortunately, not voting dem also does no good. We should stick to our progressive candidates. But the dems do not care. They will not bend to us. They represent the same coin as the repugs.
What can we do.
They also want us to believe that thousands of holocaust survivors voted for buchanon

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Too much “good intent” gets my vote. They talk big but do nothing in the end.

Carter too, very good man. Like many other Dem prez tho, ®s fought against him, & therefore all of us, the entire time he was President.
Maybe we need a law anout that shit?!


Yeah, but who else should they give it to? Seems our choice is “take it, or leave it” anymore.

It points to something truly ROTTEN in our country that tens of millions of people voted for Don The Conman–twice.–and yet, would NOT even consider Ralph Nader. I well understand feeling disillusioned with BOTH political parties. I voted for Nader in 1996 and 2000–& will never apologize for those votes. I understand the desire for someone who “isn’t a typical politician”–but, WHY was Donald Trump, Billionaire Bigot so appealing to so many, while Nader’s life of integrity and public service to the common good, was so often DISMISSED by simply saying “he can’t win.” It’s as if tens of millions of Americans pre-dated Trump’s zero-sum world-view, “I like winners!” never realzing that a candidate you won’t vote for has no chance to win. I fear that Americans’ ignorance, worship of wealth to the exclusion of any other value and, for too many white people, white suremacy–makes true democracy & ethical leadership, an impossible dream

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I agree completely!


Yeah you and I are culpable for costing Gore the election!

He should have been immediately* removed* from his office last week with his call asking 'give me xxxxxx votes!
Just imagine if this guy was black!?
It beggars belief what hold this man has, when he is extremely mentally ill!
Go figure!

I also like the softly, they-do-not-know-what-they-do/just-leave-‘em-be’ kinda approach in more ‘normal times’; but sometimes life is just outrageous and we need to radically act. And almost act so hard that our better natures aren’t sure, but afterwards, we can relax. We have all experienced that?

Trump’s supporters are another extreme problem! :frowning: