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Can One Union Save the Post Office?


Can One Union Save the Post Office?

David Morris

Let’s begin with the bad news. The U.S. Post Office, the oldest, most respected and ubiquitous of all public institutions is fast disappearing. In recent years management has shuttered half the nation's mail processing plants and put 10 percent of all local post offices up for sale. A third of all post offices, most of them in rural areas, have had their hours slashed. Hundreds of full time, highly experienced postmasters knowledgeable about the people and the communities they serve have been dumped unceremoniously, often replaced by part timers.


Excellent, accurate, and comprehensive analysis. Thank you for putting so much (data) together, Mr. Morris.


I thoroughly agree – would that I could uptick your post 100X!

Any ideas about how to raise people’s consciousness in the street about the situation?